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That moment when you publish a poem in El Nacional that causes a political uprising and nobody knows it's you (only people who took the PSAT this week get that joke).

Welcome one and all to my review on X-Tream Torture written by Erika Strobel, who is generally regarded as a great TD writer. I'm Whoops6, and every night I am still looking for a Jo-McArthur fanfiction.

Instead of skipping the theme song like usual, today I actually watched the whole thing and it was so nostologic.

The bear is one of my favorite TD characters.

OK legit, this episode is very nostolgic.

You know that moment when somebody swears that you wouldn't expect to swear? LIke when your 6th grade teaecher said "crap" and that wierd tingling thing went through you? That's how I felt when Trent said "hell".

I'd like to join LeShawna on laundry day.

I'll admit, it was a good idea to have a reward at the end of this episode, it gives the campers some incentive (unlike Paintball Deer Hunter).

"Trent probably doesn't even write his own songs!"

Ohh snap, she went there.

"Do you think maybe Trent is doing this as a form of self-expression? LIke haiku?"

Gwen, just shut up.

"Writing somebody's name in the snow with your pee?"

I have a joke about that actually: Mickey Mouse walked out one day, and noticed that someobody peed the words "Mickey sucks" in the snow. The investigator said, "I have bad news and worse news. The bad news is that it's Goofy's pee. The worse news is that it's Minnie's handwriting!"

Why is Duncan so intriged to see the tattoo on Geoff's butt?

Why is Gwen always so pissed about the buried alive thing? Trent had a full body cast and he's not complaining.

"I hope you got a moose burger recipe!"

That quote, along with her moose riding during Gwen-Bridgette conversation, makes LeShawna my bae.

"Hello........ DIRTY HAROLD."

Why can't there be more references in this show?

What exactly is an alpha-geek?

Two days of pure mud for Harold? That sucks.

Why is Harold so determined? What's his motivation? To become "Dirty Harold?"

Why does Heather bother cutting the rope? Does she not think anybody will notice?

Can't help but admit that I got a rush seeing Lindsay in that swimsuit.

wtf did Duncan just have an attempted suicide or something

I wouldn't mind seeing Duncan and Lindsay together.

"Do you know anyone else here with a booty as luscious as an apple?"


"But who wrote it?"

I would've died if DJ or Owen wrote poems about Leshawna's butt XD

Where did Harold get a keyboard?

"Farewell, Total Drama Island! I loved, I lost, and I saw boobies! What more could a man ask for?"

Best line of season 1, hands down!!! People will argue with that statement, but this was honestly my favorite.

"You're a man?"

So Harold was writing pornographic love poems to LeShawna. I wonder how this show got past the "modern feminists".



So as you probably know by now, Harold and LeShawna are my favorite characters (well, this season isn't why I love Harold. You'll learn more in my TDA reviews). So of course I support the two of them together. They are the couple that no one expected, and I love it.

"But you didn't read the letters! Ooh... spicy!"

Ah, Chef.

"Noo-uh. Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh. You missed with the wrong sista!"

Ooh, Heather is in for a world of pain.

The ending was sorta awkward. It just ends with Gwen and Bridgette saying good night.

So what happens to Trent? Everybody made a such a fuss in TDA about Owen's broken jaw, but nobody cares that Trent is in a FULL BODY CAST?!?!

All righty, time for my analysis. This episode, for whatever reason, is the most nostoligic in my opinion. The scenery makes it feel like a legit summer camp, especially with the mention of desserts and Gwen and Bridgette sitting by the picnic tables. Idk why, but this episode was really relaxing, and I honestly found nothing annoying. It almost feels like everything I hated about the last couple of episodes was gone. Leshawna-Harold is one of my favorite couples, because they are two of my favorite characters. Also, this episode explored a more risque topic: breasts. Strobel handeled it quite well, and made it in a way that wasn't ridiculous, but it helped kids better understand relationships without getting too inappropriate (when I first watched this, I was wondering what "boobies" really were. This episode explained that without getting into too much detail or too little detail). Overall, very nostologic episode, one of the best of the season, and I wish Erika Strobel would reutrn to write more episodes.

My favorite character in this episode was Harold, all because of the line "Give daddy some sugar".

My least favorite character in this episode was Gwen, because she was just out of character in this episode. She was girly-girling over Trent, which isn't what goths are supposed to do.

This episode recieves five out of five Sugars. You may think that this rating is high, but I personally believe that this episode best reflects TDI. It emphasizes that the characters are teenagers at summer camp, and it probably had the most beautiful Dock of Shame moments.