Ham Bonding

Bonding over HAM.

Welcome to another review. Today I'm reviewing "Who Can You Trust?" written by Alex Nussbaum. I denounced him in "Dodgebrawl" and praised him in "Up the Creek", so what will I think about him now? I guess we're about to find out! As always, the review makes more sense if you're watching the episode while reading it.

Chris called Heather "one chilly momma" in the recap. Just why. Also we see Heather's awkward neck positioning toward Beth in the recap.

Chef decides to talk in this beginning of this episode.

Why do Gwen and Heather hate each other now? They didn't talk in the last epiosde. It should be LeShawna arguing with Heather, not Gwen.


"Because it's cool-looking and I didn't have one!"

IT'S A BROWN MUG, HOW DOES IT LOOK COOL. Also, I like the realism with teens drinking coffee.

The music during Chris' PSA was legit.

Gwen's still mad about the Trent burying her alive thing. You'd think she'd let that go after the canoe challenge, being with him in the woods, and bonding over ham. Oh well.

This is the episode was Chris becomes sadistic.

"Now spread 'em!"


Because the nails are attached to the cliff, they really don't pose much of a threat in the challenge.

"Come on Gwen! You don't want to fall... BEHIND!"

Heather's puns were glorious.


I liked that intern XD.

"It's cooking! How bad could she screw it up?"

Trent, Chris almost died yesterday because of smart people screwing up cooking. Now we're talking about Lindsay.

"Fishes, meet your MAKER!"

All of Chef's lines just come out of nowhere.

"You have taken biology, right?"

WHAT GOOD WOULD HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY DO. ALL YOU DO IS TALK ABOUT MITOCHONDRIA AND ATP AND AMISH PEOPLE (wait, that was only my class). I went to Indiana for vacation this past summer and saw 50 Amish people at a Dairy Queen. What was I talking about again?

I do NOT ship G-Bunny. Only D-Bunny.

Trent's reaction was nice.

Two people turned blue in two days.

Trent also died twice in two days.

How is mouth-to-mouth going to help in this situation?

"Last one in is a rotten blowfish!"


Was Geoff keeping Bunny in his pocket this whole time?

I would've preferred Gwen and Trent on the dock, since they're probably the greatest relationship in TD history (well, prior to TDA...) Geoff and Bridgette are OK, though. How come we never see Bridgette surfing? She's supposed to be a stereotypical surfer girl, but we never see it. At least show that she's bad at math or something. AND OMG CONTINUITY ERROR, BRIDGETTE KILLED A FISH WITHOUT CRYING. ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT?

The Geoff-Bridgette music is sexual. Although once again, we have a sense of realism in this scene. Then it just randomly cuts to Chef about to rape Trent, and then Geoff and Bridgette return.

Bridgette gets turned on by Geoff shaking.

TDI Bridgette was the best Bridgette. Unlike TDWT Bridgette, her lines didn't suck. Unlike TDA Bridgette, her mouth didn't suck on Geoff (OHHH).

"Ooh, let me shoot! I'm a good shot!"

Hey, there's Sadie's first line in 4 episodes!

Sadie goes on a terrorist rampage.

Who names their child "Sadie" anyway? What kind of name is that? Just name then Stacy. On the other hand, somebody had the nerve to name their child "Beardo".

Sad DJ

That face you make when you learned that 6 episodes of RR were leaked online and you were really excited for the elimination game blog.

"My little bunny... we were such good friends... BUNNY! WHY DID YOU DO ME LIKE THIS-IS-IS-S-IS-SI-SI-SIS-IS-IS-ISI--SI-SI-SI-S"

RIP D-BUNNY. YOU WERE THE GRATEST COUPLE IN TD HISTORY. FORGET WHAT I SAID ABOUT GWEN AND TRENT. (Read this line with "Someone Like You" playing; it makes it more dramatic).

When did Harold become a trapeze artist?

Seeing Heather get shocked by jellyfish was oddly satisfying after everything she did the last 2 episodes.

"You're in the infirmary."

Dang Heather, you don't have to be so mean about it.

"What's Duncan doing with a rabbit?"

Ahh, Courtney. Didn't you know that Duncan has a fetish for these kinds of things?

"Just lubing them up. Get a little more speeeeed going."

I think I know what Chef means ;).

"Girl, we are flying now!"

I like LeShawna.


DJ just got legit.

When Owen and Lindsay are cheering, why does Bridgette look so depressed?

"I'm not nice, OK? Just to set the record straight."

This is why TDI Duncan is great. When Duncan says that he isn't nice in TDAS, it's a complete fail. Unfortunatly, that was his main plot.  In TDI, his "not nice" act was actually good, and it's nice to see that Duncan has moral values despite what he's going to do in the next episode.

"Oh yeah baby, that's how WE roll!"

That came out of nowhere.

I like this running-gag of people telling Chris to hurry-up. It wasn't overused, yet it was still used enough for me not to complain. Anyway, he campers eat marshmallows like seals. Okay.

"You know what? That's fine with me you... marshmallow eating FREAKS!!! (Sadie dry heaves in the woods)"

Why doesn't anyone like Sadie?

When Sadie sees Katie she makes a "hang loose" motion. 'Cause that makes sense in this situation.

The Katie-Sadie reunification was sweet yet annoying at the same time. Mostly annoying. Okay, all annoying.

So this was a pretty decent episode. The best we've seen since Up the Creek. If you've been reading my reviews, you know that the most important thing to me is realism in the series. This episode was good at that; you had people at the beach, drinking coffee, NOT FIGHTING A MUTANT BEAVER, etc. It's almost impossible to watch this episode and then watch "The Enchanted Frankenforest" and believe that it's the same show. Considering this was a trust episode, I would've liked more Gwen-Trent interactions. Between Up the Creek and No Pain, No Game, there's basically no interaction between the two. However, what we did get was nice. Very good development between Geoff and Bridgette. I'm actually shocked that they didn't have their first kiss in this episode, it would've been perfect. Duncan-DJ-Geoff ws nice in this episode, and we were introduced to a side of Duncan that we never saw before (until that's all tossed in the trash and Duncan becomes an a-hole in the next episode). Personally, I like seeing Duncan nice once and then see him act like an a-hole. When I watched Basic Straining, I'm thinking, "Duncan really sucks, but I know deep now he's good". In conclusion, Alex Nussbaum is one of the best writers when it comes to interactions, as I pointed out in Up the Creek.

My problem with this episode was the elimination, and my problem with the past 4 episodes was Sadie in general. Let me start with the elimination. It wasn't built-up. All Sadie did was beat the s**t out of Courtney with apples (that's a strange sentence), which she deserved anyway. However, it wasn't enough for me. I felt like Sadie didn't do anything bad enough to lose $100,000. However, she was the only member of team to mess up in this episode, so that's the excuse. I just wished there was more of a build-up. Courtney just had a sudden grudge against Sadie. This was about to happen to Harold in Basic Straining too, but thankfully it didn't.

Here's the thing about Sadie: she was wasted potential. In my very first review Sadie was my favorite character of the episode. She had the potential to be a funny fat girl character or something, I don't know. After Katie's elilmination Sadie should've got more screentime. We could've seen her develop as a character and learn to make new friends. But no, instead we're left with her remaining to be labled "the sweet girls friend" and nothing more. I've always been one to support a Katie-only or Sadie-only season, because being seperated gives each of them potiential. Anyway, next review is Basic Straining, which is a review I've been waiting to do since Phobia Factor. See you then!

My favorite character in this episode was Bunny, because D-BUNNY WAS MY EVERYTHING.

My least favorite character in this episode was Chris, because this is the point where he became a sadist, which is a trait not welcomed by me. I don't like evil Chris. This is why I prefer Don.

This episode gets four out of five Sugars.

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