This used to be the reason I watched this show... still sort of is...

Yes, I have returned from my hiatus! I don't think I posted a blog since last October, and lots have happened since then:

- I finished my sophomore year of high school

- I got my driver's liscense

- I managed to survive Algebra II and Chemistry

- Jeb! Bush is irrelevant

- Hillary Clinton has been arres... wait, that still hasn't happened yet?

But who cares about my life? The reason you read these blogs are for the TDI reviews! Today's episode is "Brunch of Disgustingness" by Alex Nusbaum, who seems to be a pretty meh writer so far. He's written good episodes, he's written bad episodes, y'know... Anyway, let's see how this episode will go! As always, the summary part of my review usually goes best if you're watching the episode online or something. I'm watching this video:

The recap was pretty stupid. Sorry Chris, but I don't care that "DJ accidentally knocked his boy Trent off the airplane, sending him deep into the Earth's crust". Oh well. At least he mentioned the canoodling between LeShawna and Harold.

I just realized that I'm the same age as Trent now. When this show first came out, he was twice as old as me. These kids look a lot older than 16 now that I think about it.

"Watch it with this one, she's TROUBLE!"

Ahhh, I never realized how bad the acting is in this show.

"I'm glad we got to know each other on a deep level and all..."

This whole time Geoff just wanted to be in a deep level inside of you. Ok, even I think my own jokes are disgusting now.

This episode is pretty much all based off Bridgette switching to the girl's team. It's a nice plot, provided it's done right.

"Nobody's leaving until I find out who ate my PUDDIN' POCKETS!"

That, my friends, is done right.

If you're watching the video I am, currently I'm at 4:42. Heather says "THAT is bugging me". I could've sworn she said "THAT is f---ing me".

"Yeah, it'd bug me too if I didn't have anything in the front or in the back to SHAKE!" "Yeah, well you've got so much junk in you're trunk, you're jeans should come with a TRASH COMPACTOR!" 

Ahh, I missed these episodes.

Owen's laugh is creepy.

"Rock that soda pop, brotha'!"

Trent's dancing is horrible. At least the music is nostolgic.

After Geoff finishes his speech and all the guys cheer, I have no idea what DJ is saying. This whole episode I'm not quite sure what DJ is saying actually.

"And my momma told me ain't nothing free in this world!"

Ooh, LeShawna's on FIRE!

I loved Heather's freakout XD. Besides that Heather sucked this episode.

"Let's build bridges, not walls!"

Bridgette, now you're starting to sound like a liberal.

"Or else the guys are going to CREAM us!"

My dirty mind is up to old tricks ;)

So LeShawna asks, "where's breakfast at". Did she not see the freaking nine-course meal on the tables?

Hey, Chef said something that wasn't a fail.

"The losing team will go hungry today. And will spend the next two days here... on Total Drama Island... with Chef..."

Jesus Christ, I never understood the full meaning of that joke until now.

"I mean, I'll try anything once."

This is the third time I interpreted a Bridgette quote as sexual. I should probably get that checked out.

"I'll eat anything! Even my drawers if I have to!"

Who says "drawers"?

Chef says "meatballs" (wierdly) while mouthing "testicles". Good Lord.

Heather doesn't have any problem eating balls. Tells you a lot.

"I'm a lesbian vegetarian! It's against my principles!"

I need to stop.

In the confessional Bridgette is cooing over Geoff helping her eat testicles. I love this review, because it's the only episode where I can appropriatly use the word "testicles" because that's what the episode is about!

I decided to do some research on the subject.

Jesus Christ, now when my parents use the computer and type in "T" into google they'll just get "testicles".

"Thanks for the help, Geoff!"

Bridgette, stop it with the obseesion about... that!

Ugh, I hate it when characters say the same things before and after the commercials!

That pizza doesn't look that gross from a TV standpoint, but now that I imagine it in real life...

"Go Bridgette, go Bridgette!"

LeShawna ironically said the same thing when she was eating the testicles. Not the bull testicles, either.

"Slide me some FINGERS!"

What does that even mean.

The noises Trent made when he barfs on the rabbit are DISGUSTING.

So Trent runs back to the table and decides to yell, "I can do this". OK.

"DJ, I need you to hold me down while Geoff, you stuff [it] in my mouth!"

Isn't it great what [brackets] can do to a quote?

Geoff's reaction: "Sure. I'm in!"


Chef's confessional was pointless.

"Come on you guys, let's show them some GIRL power!" "Bridgette's right, let's kick some BOY butt!"

LeShawna's reaction was legit me anytime someone says that.

Idk why, but when I was little I used to think it was Chef singing that rock song.

Dolphin wierners? Ok then.

"EAT IT!" Heather is bae.

"I'm with you sister! I'm not eatin' no dolphin!"

Never thought that sentence would ever happen.

You'd think the girls would pick Lindsay to drink the cockroaches because of her ability to drink easily, but whatevs.

The only good barf in this episode was LeShawna. I don't know what I'm doing.

The way Chris says "cliques" is wierd. Or maybe it's just Canadian.

The ending was nice.

OK seriously, what IS it with TDI writers and vomit? I remember when little stupid me first watched TDI when I was 8, and I noticed that for the most part, only the people who made it past the merge vomited. I got the impression that in TD world, barfing made you "cool". I say this because we never see people like Ezekiel or Harold barf. So the message I got out of this is that barfing makes you popular. What kind of message is that? OK fine that probably open applies to me, but whatever. The point is, I don't see how adding vomit makes the episode any better. It takes up time, the sounds are just plain gross, and most times it's unrealistic. What I mean by "unrealistic" is the time and place where the barfing is happening, like when DJ just randomly threw up in Phobia Factor when Beth was doing her challenge, or the fact that the contestnats like Geoff and Duncan in this episode just casually barfed on each other instead of going outside like a normal person. Vomit adds no value to the series whatsoever, and I can't see why the writers use it so much. They did the same thing with 6teen which... Jesus Christ ended 6 years ago, wow... I remember there was one episode where everyone just started puking all over the mall. What was the point of that? My parents saw it and they were like wtf are you watching.

Besides that point, this episode was pretty solid. The thing about this episode is that it distracts from the main plot, which is fine provided that the main plot returns eventually. Thankfully, this is the case. In the next episode we return to the main friendships/rivalries/relationships. This whole episode exploredf the character of Bridgette, which I think was done very well. We learned a lot about her through her dialogue and actions, and NOT through direct characterization, which I believe is very good writing. By "direct characterization", I mean that it wasn't explicitly said what Bridgette is like; we learned through her dialgue and actions. A character like Max, for example, his first line was "Your offer of simple confectionery will not save you from the PURE EVIL of me!" I like using the Max example since he's the epitome of what I don't like in a TD character. Instead of learning his personality through time, we learn right away that he likes to be evil. And that's it. Nothing else. Bridgette on the other hand, was well-developed throughout the series, as we see her clumsiness, her love for the environment, etc. When we talk about which charcters went through the best characterization, Bridgette doesn't usually come to mind. However, through this analysis, it can be concluded that Bridgette was one of the most well-written character in the series. To be honest, I didn't even realize that until I started writing this review. Anyway, see you next time when we get the return of EVA!!!

My favorite character this episode would have to be Bridgette, because legit see the last paragraph.

My least favorite character is Trent, mostly because his vomiting was disgusting and pointless. It led to NOTHING for the purpose of the episode, nor was it much of a comic relief.

This episode gets three out of five Sugars... nice break from the regular plot, great character development, lots of drama...
but too much vomit to the point where it wasn't funny (imo it was never funny to begin with), and overall forgetable episode with nothing from this episode affecting the main series.

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