Sadie, hugging a piece of wood isn't going to bring Katie back.

Welcome to another episode of my reviews. Today we're talking about Up the Creek (more like up the ZEKE) (eww that's pornographic). I'm actually ecstatic that my blogs are getting 3 comments now (I'm desperate), so keep them coming! I also check comments on my old reviews, so don't be afraid to comment on those to. Anyway, I'm Whoops6, and I think Donald Trump uses the same spray tan as Anne Maria.

The recap was only about 36 seconds. Why was the last recap so unnecssisarly long? (I know I spelled "unnessciarly" or wahtever wrong, BUT WIKIA STILL DOESN'T HAVE SPELL CHECK.)

So the episode starts right away with the cehallenge. Okay. I love the way Chris says Boney Island.

Why can't more flies go through contestants' ears? I liked it when it went through Geoff.

"You'll be cursed foreverrrrr!"

I love Chris' handmotions.

I like Owen.

Beth's taking a s**t.

This was probably the best episode for the Gwen-Trent subplot. It uses Cody perfectly, and it's nice that Lindsay was trying to hook up with Trent.

"I'm 1/87 Cherokee you know!"

Izzy should meet Elizabeth Warren.

Sadie and Harold have a thing. This happens in "If You Can't Take the Heat..." also. It would be a nice subplot for Sadie to become friends with Harold, and she porbably did, but SHE HAS TWO LINES FOR THE REST OF HER TIME ON THE ISLAND. Sadie is the best example of the minor character problem that I've been complaining about. She does nothing relevant for the rest of her time without Katie. Even the episode where she is eliminated she did nothing relevant. She actually made it half-way through the game; she should be getting more camera time. But for whatever reason, the writers didn't think she had potiential. I personally think Sadie had plenty of potential in TDI (not so much in other seasons), because she could make new friends like Harold and Bridgette after Katie left. It would've been a nice sublot to habe Sadie find her own identity.

Bridgette puts a life jacket on wierdly.

"My trunks went so far up my butt, I had to go to the hospital to get them removed!"

Why doesn't anybody else remember this line? This was like the best DJ quote.

I'll talk about this more in the analysis, but I like DJ and Geoff's interactions in this episode. They seem like teenagers just doing teenage things.

Geoff just threw a paddle at DJ. That's not safe.

I like the Heather-Owen conflict in this episode. Heather hitting Owen with a paddle is one of the better moments. Especially when Owen says, "Oh, that's smarts!" TDI Owen is definitly the best Owen.

"That's going to provoke some  angry emails!"

I like how in TDI animals just die. In TDAS the beaver needed a parachute (TDRI and beyond were disgustingly fantasy compared to TDI, but I'll get into that later). That eagle was like Cecil the Lion of TDI. I think it would've been funny if in like TDA or something the ghost of the eagle haunted Chris, and then he needed therapy so Chef takes over the show and twerks with LeShawna.

I like how Owen is so heavy compared to Heather and how he's tipping the canoe XD.

"How 'bout Friday night?"


I'd like to eat some koala bear with Izzy sometime.

This is by far the best episode for Izzy. It shows that she's crazy, but not creepy. In Broadway Baby, her line "I'm a rabid monkey! Ay, Ay, Ay!" was just a fail. I wish the writers did more things with the Bushman and Izzy. Like, in the Am-AH-Zon Race, she could've ate a monkey or something. Anyway, Izzy's stories in this episode were hilarious, and it's sad that the writers didn't use this subplot anymore.


Geoff's gift to bridgette cracked me up XD.

Courtney is overdramatic.


"I think I know why you kep shooting me down. It's because of Trent, isn't it?"

I actually thought Cody was going to say "It's because you're on your period." Then I remembered this show aires on Cartoon Network.

I like how Cody thinks he's cool. I wish I tried to act like a cool kid more in TDWT, like trying to hang out with Duncan andm Alejandro.

Did they really need to have Chris repeat Boney Island again?

What is that thing screaming?

I wished Cody would wet his pants again.

I like how the contestants laugh at Owen's joke. Again, it feels like acutal teenagers.

"I am definitly going to need new underwear."

Cody conviently has bread in his pants.

"We still have to burn stuff!'

Izzy and I have a lot in common.

"Don't want to panic here, but I'M SHRINKING."

I like that line, but I think it would've been more of an Owen quote..

"I'm stuck too! I so didn't see that coming!"

Another great line! This episode is chock full of them.

Lindsay's boobs jiggled when she hugged Cody.

"This is very touching guys, but we still have a challenge to win!"


It figures that Courtney would start to leave.

Am I the only one who found Geoff's splinter thing to be annoying? I know it was supposed to be a joke, but I don't know, it just didn't work out for me.

LeShawna and Heather are making a fire the old fashioned way.

Why does this episode (and the last) keep having flashbacks of the introduction of the episode? It's wierd.

I liked Cody and Trent's conversation. Again, it feels like teens being teens.

Heather has like two lines in this episode.

It's nice to see DJ helping Geoff out. It's downplayed in this season, but it appears again in "If You Can't Take the Heat...". It would be nice if that happened again. I guess it happened betwen Mike and Cameron, but THAT SEASON DIDN'T EXIST. OKAY?

"I don't think this is going to be big enough!"

Ironically, she said the same thing when alone in that cave with Scott.

I like how DJ takes charge. It's nice to see leladership traits in somebody friendly, and DJ in this episode is the best example of this.

Harold just casually burns the paddles. I thought he was a scout?

I like LeShawna and Izzy's conflict, and I also like Izzy's crazyness.

Courtney has had multiple lines in this episode, but none of them were necessary.

Why do I love Izzy so much now?


Cody gets turned out by Izzy's laugh. So do I.

"Is that... a bra?"

How do you know it's Gwen's bra? For all you know, it could've been Sadie's.

Gwen and Trent sitting by the dock was sweet.

I like how the episodes don't end with Chris talking back in TDI. Maybe that's just me. Personally, I think the episode should've just ended with Bridgette and Courtney talking, but whatevs.

ANALYSIS TIME!!! After Alex Nussbaum's (how do you even pronounce that) fail at writing Dodgebrawl, he redeemed himself with this episode. VERY well written. This episode is typically underrated, but it's one of the best examples of realism in Total Drama: a realistic summer camp challenge, and teens talking like teens. Cody-Gwen-Trent was written perfectly, DJ-Geoff-Bridgette was written perectly, Izzy-LeShawna was delicious, etc. The end scenes with Cody-Owen, Gwen-Trent, and Bridgette-Courtney were also done great. It's nice to see the characters acting like regular teenagers, talking to and helping each other. This is unheard of in seasons such as TDPI. We never see Dave and Shwan have any serious friendly interactions with each other. Like I said before, Max would be so awkward with the TDI cast. I can't even imagine that. It's like putting Steve Harvey on the Teletubbies (I was going to upload a picture of Steve Harvey with Tinkiewinkie here, but the admins seem to have a hatred for unrelated pictures). Overall, great episode, oen of the best in the series in terms of realism and interactions. Oh, and this is also my favorite Izzy episode.

My favorite character in this episode was DJ, because he was highly developed in this episode. We got to see many sides of him, like his fears, leadership, kindness, etc.

My least favorite character in this episode was Harold, because even though he didn't talk, he was out of character. Any scout knows how to canoe and how to build a fire. Plus that scene was random. Harold just starts spazzing out and starts burning stuff.

This episode gets five out of five Sugars.

Sugar blind
Sugar blind
Sugar blind
Sugar blind
Sugar blind

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