Izzy is shocked at LeShawna's wood.

Catchy title, huh? This is probably the only Paintball Deer Hunter review there is, but whatever. As long as it catches attention, I'm happy! Sorry I haven't put out a blog in a while, I've literally been bingewatching Phineas and Ferb reruns. Did you know that they made an episode where they're about to go college? That's a cool idea, BUT THEY'RE SO MESSED UP. PHINEAS' VOICE IS CREEPY, AND BUFORD LOOKS TRANSGENDER (not that there's anything wrong with that). DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON BALJEET OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME. But the fireside girls are hot now.

Welcome to another blog. Just a heads-up, I may review RR during the season, or I may just finish the main series first. I haven't decided yet. Anyway, I read on a blog that THERE'S NEW EPISODES EVERYDAY!??! WHY!?!?!? UGH, I HATE CARTOON NETWORK AND ALL THEY'RE FANCY STUFF. "HI, I'M CARTOON NETWORK AND WE AIR SHOWS LIKE CLARENCE AND ADVENTURE TIME AND REGULAR SHOW AND ALL THIS OTHER S**T THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS MADE BY A 6TH GRADER ON DRUGS (I've actually never seen those shows, but the commercials are... dang...). BUT WHO CARES ABOUT TOTAL DRAMA, WHO EVEN WATCHES THAT SHOW ANYMORE?"

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the review. Just so you know, this review makes more sense if you're watching the episode while reading it.

Bla bla bla, I just skipped the reacap because I didn't care for Chris.

Bunny makes a cameo.

Angry LeShawna is best LeShawna.

"Heather needs her private time."

Ooh, I think I know waht she means ;)


Beth gets to lotion Heather's back. How come stuff  like that doesn't happen in TDPI? Why can't Jasmine ask Sky to lotion her back?

I like the LeShawna-Owen conflict.

Why are the bass' guns green, and the gophers' red? Shouldn't it be reversed?

"The rest of you are now deer!"

I loved that awkward silence afterwards (is the afterward or afterwards? I have no idea.)

I was hoping Duncan and Courtney would've had a Blair Witch Project scene in the woods. Or even better, Sadie and DJ. But DJ decides to godplay instead. Or deer-play. Eww, that sounds like a messed-up fetish.

Geoff just sorta stands awkwardly in this episode.

"Wait, Heather's a deer? Ha ha ha!"

OK, she didn't say "ha ha ha", but I don't know how to spell that thing Bridgette said. And why does Bridgette hate Heather? Is she still mad about that surfboard comment from the talent show?

I like Beth. She's enthusiastic and a good team player. She deserved the million way more than Duncan.

"Dude, you are one sick ticket."

Why don't LeShawna and Owen have more interactions? Why couldn't they have been on the same team in TDA/WT? I would've loved that.

Owen, stop talking to yourself. Meanwhile, DJ is still having his deer fetish.

"Aware of every proton in his environment!"

That's a bit specific.

Wait... so does Chef chase Beth or something? That's a bit violent.

I like Cody and Beth walking together. They have the chemistry to be very good friends. Unfortunatly, Codys eliminated after this episode, so we can't see it during the cooking challenge.

Beth standing up to Heather was the best moment in pre-merge TDI. In the past 8 episodes, Beth really hasn't done much of anything. All of a sudden, she becomes the main character. I also love when she takes a deep breath before saying "No" to Heather. It shows that this is something she's been planning, and something that she's not going to back out of. Underdog moments in TV shows are sort of a mixed bag for me. (Speaking of which, I just got a mixed bag of Pringles! I'm eating the sour cream & onion right now). If it's done right, then it's an amazing moment. If done wrong, I hit myself repeatedly. In TDRI, Cameron defeating Lightning was done wrong. He built an Iron Man suit, of course he was going to win. Additionally, brain vs. brawn cliché. The writers couldn't have made it any more obvious that Cameron would win (except in the US for some reason). However, in this episdode, Beth vs. Heather was done right. No one would have expected Beth to win that fight (although in the end she arguably she did lose). Heck, no one expected Beth to even stand up to her. Shelley Scarrow, the writer of this episode, did this part very well. I never would've been able to make that scene so good. I probably wouldn't have even thought of doing a scene like that. She must've seen the elimination order and noticed that Beth was going home next episode, so she had it built-up. I've said this a lot, but you will never see this in TDPI. At the end of Hurl and Go Seek, no one would've expected Scarlett to go home next. Her eliminaiton wasn't built-up. They made Scarlett crazy and tried to fit what should've been a multi-episode build into twenty minutes. I'll get into more detail if and when I make a Scarlett Fever review. Anyway, that's my two cents on this shocking scene.

How is DJ able to climb the cliff on all-fours? Dang.

"The hunter knows the deer will stay here for a minute... paralyzed in fear?"

I love Owen XD.

I just realized that Owen has a "0" on the back of his shirt.

"Take back what?" "The n-word. No."

Ooh, snap. Total Drama's getting frisky.

I love this next Beth-Heather scene. I was really annoyed that earlier in the episode Heather was just sitting there. It's reassuring to know that the writer did this on purpose.

"But you can NOT BREAK HIS SPIRIT!!!"

"Why? Because you know you can't win without your little alliances?"


Lindsay's just sorta chilling as Beth rashes Heather about her alligator skin.

Beth and LeShawna's on-again-off-again relationship is wierd. Sometimes they like each other, but in episodes like Million Dollar Babies they hate each other.

Where's Courtney been this whole episode?

Take a closer look at the scene where Heather gets up and takes Lindsay's gun. Beth and LeShawna are just frozen in time.


Really. They're just standing there. Nice one, animation team!

Oh, there you are Courtney. Was she just awkwardly standing in the woods this whole time? Anyway, SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR CIT ABILITIES. BEING A CIT DOESN'T MAKE YOU INDIANA JONES.

It's nice to see the campers ashamed when Chris was scolding them.

Heather, be quiet. You're making it worse for yourself.

"Yeah, that Cody. Not so useful in challenges anymore..."

What I don't like about LeShawna and Owen in these next two episodes is that they don't use strategy. If they eliminate Heather now, yes, Cody will just be deadweight, but at least you got rid of the biggest threat in the game. Plus, if Cody makes it past the merge, he won't be able to win any of the challenges anyway. So it's a win-win if you got rid of Heather now. The problem with the writing in this episode is that they made Heather so despsied by her team that it makes no sense to why she isn't eliminated.

Gwen only has like 2 lines this episode, but her last line was amazing XD.

I guess LeShawna doesn't like marshmallows.

Cody drowns. THE END!!!

All righty, time for the analysis. This episode was centered around Beth and Heather, which I don't mind, but all the other subplots are just... meh. The Owen-DJ subplot was funny, but at the end of the day, no one really remembers it. Bridgette's subplot was too rushed, and it only really occured in the beginning and end of the episode. Duncan-Courtney was nice though. Hey, did Trent do anything in this episode besides breathe?

The actual challenge was a bust. NO hunter shot a deer besides Harold and Bridgette shooting Heather and friends. Plus, it wasn't built-up. Why couldn't all the hunters have acted like Owen? I know the challenge was meant to have interactions, but no one even did the challenge besides Owen and DJ.

Cody's elimination was unexpected until his last confessional. I like a little surprise. At the beginning of the episode I had no idea who was gonna be kicked off. I know this contradicts about what I said about the "build-up", but hey, Cody didn't claim he was evil and try to kill everyone. I rest my case.

This was sort of a quick analysis, but I analyzed it a lot in the actual summary. Beth is obviously the star of the episode, but everyone else was just sorta... there... In terms of character relationships this was a waste of an episode. Oh well.

My favorite character in this episode is Beth, because shes swaged it out.

My least favorite character in this episode is... I don't know, Geoff? Heather? Nobody was really bad in this episode...

This episode gets 3 out of 5 Sugars.


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