I decided to do another review today, even though it's probably only gonna get 1 comment! Today I'm reviewing "The Sucky Outdoors". This episode was forgettable, so I'm watching the episode on YouTube while making the review. Also, there's going to be spelling errors in this review, BECAUSE WIKIA CAN'T PUT A RED LINE UNDER MISSPELLED WORDS!!! Ugh, I hate life.

If the challenge is just to run the race back to camp, what's the point of camping in the first place?

Izzy reminds us that she's crazy. Has she done anything relevant so far?

Why does Heather have to suck?

"Would you please shut up, I'm trying to read here!"

Heather actually isn't that bad. How comoe she and Trent never got together before Search and do not Destory? They're always walking together.It would be a nice subplot to see Trent fall for Heather while Gwen is brooding.

BTW, I'm on team Sadie all the way.

Why don' the camera crew appear more often?

"I did have a totally fetch bikini on that day though!"

Why can't Katie appear more? We don't have enough girly girls on this show. Also, Sadie's label is "the sweet girl's friend." They might as well have labeled her as "the one with no personality so she hangs out with some girl that nobody really likes, but we call her "sweet" anyway".

Does anyone remember TDI interactive when it said that Katie sews her own clothes? Why don't we ever see that? (Sidenote: TDI interactive also says that Eva ate a human. Did they think nobody will remember that fact 7 years from then? Well I remember!)

I just noticed that Katie looks like that teenage robot thing.

I have this hobby where I make custom TD seasons. I never upload them or anything, it's just something I like to do. In all of my custom seasons Sadie and Staci end up becoming BFFFL's, and Katie gets jealous so she starts to develop a personality and makes it to the final 5.

Why don't the squirrels appear more?

"What's for dinner woman? I'm starving!"

I miss TDI Duncan. After TDI he just became annoying.

I totally ship DJ and Bunny. Dunny? BunnJ?

You know how a few episodes later we see a bear in the cave with Katie and Sadie's clothes? Did the two of them strip or something, get intimate, and realize that their clothes are dirty, and Katie sews new clothes?

I wished Owen cartoons appeared more often. We don't see it again until The Aftermath III.

TDI Heather is chill.

Oh hey, Harold's in this episode.

What I love about Duncan's ghost story is that it reminds us that these are teenagers. Teens will tell stories to each other, and this is a good reminder. Later seasons like TDPI never emphasize that regular teenagers are competing. Honestly, the TDPI cast was terrible in retrospect. I'll get more into that when I review it 6 years from now.

"I just wish it was all on camera! Oh wait, it is!"

Like I said last episode, I love it when the characters talk to the camera outside of confessional. Oh, and you know how the TV guide for "No one eggspects the Spanish opposition" says that Gwen and Cameron bond? If they went by that logic for TDI, they would've said "Duncan and Courtney almost have intercourse."

How come TD contestants are so good at climbing trees?

"Then it shouldn't be hungry anymore! What? This is survival of the fittest! She should've just peed in her pants like Cody!"

OK, I realize that people hate Heather this season, but she was on top of it with her lines in this episode.

LeShawna screams like she's getting chainsawed.

Is anybody paying attention to Lindsay in this episode?

Why do the Killer Bass all sleep in a circle? And if half of them are awake, why does nobody notice that DJ's been peeing right next to them?

Second time in a row that Bridgette ruins everything. How did she make it past the merge?

Cody pees again.

"Things could not possibly get worse! [Starts raining] UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

I loved the basic humor TDI put in. You'll never see a joke like that in season 5. The writers in season 5 tried to make their jokes so complex that it's just not funny. These basic little jokes is what made season 1 so good.

I can't be the only one who thought LeShawna farted on the fire.

Harold's sleeping position can not be comfortable.

Chris, what are you doing with the fire?

"And I'm sorry I said your butt was too big to fit in the bus seat!"

Am I the only one who things Katie is like Gretchen Weiners?

So after Katie and Sadie have lesbian intercourse in front of everybody, Courtney yells at them. Remember the first episode when Courtney was trying to comfort Sadie?

Why does the hot tub just randomly appear whenever it feels like it? And was is Beth not in it? Although, Owen's barf was nice (I'm into some creepy stuff).


Why does the team vote off Katie? Sadie is fat, they should've got rid of her.

Cody is just sorta chilling on the dock.

Overall, this was a forgettable episode. Nothing major happened to the overall plot besides Izzy, Owen, and Heather's relationships developing. The challenge was stupid also. I wished we got to see more of the tent. I'm a regular camper, so maybe my expectations were just too high. Also, the minor character thing I've always been complaining about got worse in this episode. Just when I said that "Not Quite Famous" was hope for the minor character problem, this episode comes along. Did anybody even realize tehat Tyler was there until the elimination ceremony? Oh well.

My favorite character in this episode was Heather, because of her pefect lines.

My least favorite character in this episode was Bridgette, because she was being clumsy and stupid and useless.

This episode gets 2 out of 5 Sugars.


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