So I've decided that prior to a review I'll upload a picture from the last episode. Today is a picture of lucious LeShawna taking a dump on the fire.

Welcome to another review. Today I'm talking about Phobia Factor. I'm Whoops6, and I'm a little pissed because I'm out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But enough about me, let's get to the review!

Jesus Christ, the recap was like 1 minute and 6 seconds long.

So the episode starts with Sadie crying on a dock because she's seperated from her lifelong friend, and now she has to learn to survive by herself. Well dang.

Sadie's piece of wood is beautiful.

"We got some extra dessert after our tuck shop party. We thought you'd want some."

How do you throw a party at a tuck shop? It must've been crowded.

"OK. Owen stank up our cabin and we need some time to air out."

That was actually a really good line.

Why do we never get an explanation on Tyler's fear of chickens?

It's actually really nice to see the campers talking about their worst fears. Like the last episode, I love how the campers act like teenagers in season 1. Acting like regular teens is unheard of in TDPI. Max would just be so awkward with the original TDI cast. And I mean TDI, not TDA/WT/AS. After this season, everyone just became wierd.

"Celine Dion mustic store standees."

I've seen a lot of videos saying "top 10 TD moments" or whatever, but how come nobody mentions this? Or even as an honorable mention? Duncan's fear of Celine Dion made me love this season. I'd just wish this appeared more. Like in Food Fright when Courtney found green jelly in her pancake, why couldn't have Duncan found a Celine Dion music store standee in his?

"That's not what she said last night!"

Ahhhh, sexual references.

Why is everybody smiling in the dining hall?

I wish Gwen and Lindsay had more interactions after TDI. It seems like Lindsay has one friendemy every season. TDI it was Gwen, TDA and TDAS it was Courtney, as TDWT was more-or-less LeShawna.

Tyler's chicken looks wierd.

DJ just spontanously pukes, because TDI writers have a sexual fetish for vomit.

Izzy's scared to go in a plane, but she's willing to go in World Tour... oh nevermind, we've heard this rant enough.

Everyone gives hate for LeShawna fro being scared of Chef in a spider costume, but spider costumes freak me out too.

I like that Chris is actually announcing stuff. He feels like a host in this episode.

Bridgette murders a chipmunk. How DID she make it to the merge?

"Jeesh! Take a pill!"

I wish there was more pill jokes in Total Drama.


Sadie is FAT compared to Courtney.

"We need this point DJ! SUCK IT UP!!!"

TDI Courtney was my least favorite Courtney. I'll get more into more detail in the Basic Straining review. But I'd pick TDA Courtney over TDI Courntney anyday.

Gwen and Trent moments are eso beautiful in TDI. The Big Sleep especially. Modern TD relationships aren't as built-up. Zoey and Mike were like having sex in the boat ride to TDRI. I also like how Gwen and Trent were formed, to be a "love at first sight" kind of thing. Zoey and Mike were so unrealistic; love at first sight doesn't mean intercourse 3 seconds after you meet someone. Unless it's Vito. Trent and Gwen were done perfectly in TDI. Then TDA came along.... uh... back to the review.

"There's no wall there man! Stop being creepy!"

Same, doe.

"Get in the game, dude!"

All of Tyler's lines this season are fails. I hated TDI Tyler because of that.

"Hey. it's OK if you can't do it!"


I was sexually satisfied when Ducan hugged Celion Dion.

So Geoff's just chilling on the beach. Is everyone just hanging out right now? Even Heather and LeShawna are chatting. I guess there's not much to do.

I ship Trent and Chris. Crent, anyone?

"Is anyone here? Girls? Ladies? Anyone?"

I prefer TDI Cody to TDWT Cody because he was acting like a playa. In TDWT is was just after Gwen.

Why does Cody sound drunk in the forest?

Why is Tyler doing a challenge again?

I always shipped Tyler and Bridgette. I can't be the only one. Ahh, Courtney's acting like a b***h again. What else is new.

"We're always watching you and your reactions!"


"Didn't I tell you guys they were eavesdropping?"

I like Lindsay. Why is Harold angry at her?


"I deserve to go home!"

You got that right.

Owen's chilling in the green jelly. Did he do anything relevant this episode?

So Bridgette, Tyler, and Courtney didn't complete their challenges. Did Harold or Geoff ever complete theirs?

Courtney doesn't get eliminated.


Did Tyler really not notice the chickens on the boats until half way across the lake?

OK, now for the analysis. This episode is just as good as The Sucky Outdoors in terms of content. I didn't find either to be funnier than one another. However, this episode provided many continuity opportunities throughout the series. For example, Gwen, Owen, and Courtney's fears were brought up again and again. However, the episode itself was just average. I'll give it 3 Sugars. What I hate about this episode is that Tyler's elimination is uncalled for. As you know, i HATE it when there's unexplained eliminations in TDI. I've bashed the concept to hell and back in my Not Quite Famous review. There's no good reason for keeping Courtney and eliminating Tyler. Courtney was a jerk to everyone in this episode. I think this is the first time anyone brought this up, but it's somethingt that needs to be remembered when debating what which was the worse: TDI, TDA, TDWT, or TDAS Courtney. Personally, I think TDI Courtney was the worse due to this episode and Basic Straining. Just you wait for the Basic Straining review. Courtney's getting a beatdown Anne Maria-style.

Also the minor character problem continues to this episode. Heather did nothing, Izzy did nothing, Beth did nothing, Harold did nothing. They were useles. I know that it's only a 30-minute episode, but is it really that hard to give each character just a few lines?

I would give invincibility to Cody because he was trying to be a pimp and I respect that.

Just guess who I'd give the Boat of Losers to. Here's a hint: it rhymes with "Scortney."

This episode gets 3 out of 5 Sugars.

Congradulations! You've reached the bottom of this review! Makes you feel like a big man, doesn't it?

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