I know usually only popular people on Td wiki do reviews, but I do pretty much nothing on this wiki except occasionally post on wiki wars, so why not review the show? (I know, that made no sense.)

I'm starting pretty deep in the show, so I might mention something that happens in future episodes. I'll try not to, but sometimes I just can't help myself (that's what she said). I'm skipping over the pilot, because nothing happens.

Chris says that the safe zone is shark free. I don't know much about marine biology, but sharks won't stop moving just because there's rope. Maybe he put chemicals in the water, who knows.

Chris announces that the second challenge is to build a hot tub. These are the most random challenges... Jump off a cliff then build a hot tub? What?

When Bridgette asks who wants to go first, where are Katie, Sadie and Cody? Now that I think about it, I don't wanna know.

"She did it! Yeah! Yeah!"

That was the weirdest reaction I've ever heard. Oh, Tyler.

Geoff, Eva and Duncan jump. Why can't they add more suspense? Like, show the depth of the cliff while they're jumping? (I know that didn't make much sense either, but I don't know how to put it in words.)

DJ's a chicken, and Chris makes fun of him. I think DJ is the cause of Chris' love of humiliation.

After Ezekiel jumps, Harold seems impressed for some reason, and lands on his kiwis. Anybody else notice Eva's unibrow when this happened? She raised it in the ugliest way...

Chris seems so worried when Courtney mentions her condition. What happened to the Chris who acted more of a host than a demon?

"That's eight jumpers and two chickens"

Better check your math Chris.

Chris seems so annoyed and Katie and Sadie, then he says "that means your up girls!" Chris is having mood changes.

When Trent asks who's going first, Cody is still missing..

"Well at least I'm popular!

After Heather says this, Cody reappears! He actually walks in, proving that he went somewhere.

"You're jumping!" "Make me!"

Bad choice of words Heather. How come Heather sneezes when she lands in the water? Is she allergic to water or something?

Dang it, Lindsay has her shoes on. I was hoping to see her massive feet. (This is one of those moments when I can't help referring to future episodes.)

Gwen jumps creepily.

Justin nearly gets attacked by sharks without saying a word. (Thanks, Adam Reid!)

For some reason, Beth yells I'm sorry to Chris instead of her team. Why are Heather and Lindsay on land, but everyone else is in the boat? And what happened to Justin? Or the whole other team?

When everyone is encouraging Owen, where's Beth? Is she still on the escalator?

Where did Owen get floaties? And when did Noah jump? (Maybe it's better if we didn't see Noah jump...)

When Owen splashes everybody, where's Tyler? And why is Noah on the bass side? (So many questions...)

LeShawna has the worst victory cheer. "Yes." And Beth is raising her voice. I thought she had in earring in her throat or something.

"Ow! I think I just got a splinter!" Big deal Courtney.

"Shut up and pick up your crate!" Thanks Eva.

"I'm a CIT!" That was the most random time for Courtney to say that. And Eva and DJ interact for the only time ever.

How come Katie and Sadie are so excited to pee? Actually, I don't want to know.

"I think something just bit me!" YOU DON'T SAY? Plus, she's talking to herself which is creepy.

"I'm pleasantly surprised!"

Cody was mentioned many times in this review, but that is the only time that he actually talks.

Katie and Sadie took a really long pee. And is Tyler still in the woods?

When Katie and Sadie scratch their you-know-whats, why are there 4 people and only 1 box? And why is Bridgette with Katie, Sadie and Courtney? Why is she so behind?

How did Courtney catch up to Ezekiel and Harold? Did she start sprinting or something? And why are the weakest people there first? Where's DJ and Eva? And where has Duncan been this whole episode?

"Aren't you missing a few white girls"

Did LeShawna pop out of the box? Is it a LeShawna in a box?

"If they drink with their butts!"

Shut up Harold, no one likes you. Except for Ezekiel. It would've been nice to see them as friends.

"I think it's getting worse!" "Shut up! We don't want them to know that!"

What's the big deal if they know that Courtney's eye is swollen? How will that benefit them? Courtney's strategies confuse me at times.

How come people hate Ezekiel picking his nose, but don't mind Harold doing it?

"Where do we begin, Cyclops?"

OMG Duncan actually talked in this episode.

"Bridgette, go find those itchy girls!"

I don't think Bridgette ever found them...

How come Duncan and Tyler had trouble passing a hammer?

When Chris looks at the gophers tub, why does he have Asian eyes? (I'm not racist, I discriminate against everybody equally.)

At the beginning of the dining hall scene, what's up with Bridgette and Eva's mouths?

"Well, guys are a lot stronger and better at sports than girls are!"

For some reason, Katie and Sadie get nauseous by hearing that. And why are Cody and Noah at the bass table?

At the bonfire, why are Katie and Sadie evilly glaring at Ezekiel?


Another overreaction by Tyler.

So Ezekiel gets eliminated after an hour long wait.

At the party, I could've sworn that LeShawna was saying "Go go fuzz". Noah starts twearking with Owen and LeShawna, and Courtney threatens the camera that nobody will stop her (Except for a nerdy red head). THE END!!!!!

If I had to choose, I would say Sadie gets invincibility for having funny moments. It was either her or Katie, but Sadie's farts beat her (yup, I'm into some weird stuff).

I think Courtney deserves the Boat of Losers. Must I really explain why.

Making it review was harder than it looks, it took me almost 2 hours. Well, good night everybody.

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