It's that time of year again when I review some old TDI episodes! I'm serious when I say "that time of year"; I'm pretty sure that the "dodgebrawl" review came out last August. Anyway, today we're talking about "Not Quite Famous". Just like the last two episodes, the title is stupid. Is the title supposed to be ironic? Because I really don't understand what the writers were going for. Oh, before I begin, I'm watching the episode while making the review, so I may point out a specific scene without explaining the context. So you should watch the episode at the same time as reading this review if you want to fully understand it. Or don't watch it, be a rebel. I like that.

"LAAST time on Total..."

This is the second time Chris had a voice crack in the intro.

"Who will sink? And who will stay afloat? Find out right now on Total Drama Island!"

Chris had way too many hand motions while saying that line. Also, he calls Noah a know-it-all. When did we ever see Noah show off his smartness? He might as well be labeled "the sarcastic one", because we as the audience cleary see his sarcasm but not his intelligence. A better idea would to not give labels at all. For example, LeShawna is labeled "the sister with 'tude". What does that even mean?

2 minutes in and Lindsay has already had like 20 lines. Jesus, Lindsay is going to have like half of the lines in this episode.

Is Tyler banned from speaking in this episode? What I hate about these early episodes is that people like him never get a chance to speak, and it's wierd. Tyler never mentions his relationship with Lindsay the entire season. True fact.


The contestants reactions to simple things in this season is ridiculous, but I still love it.

"Each team has 8 hours to pick out the 3 most talented campers".

Does it really need to take 8 HOURS?

"Former DJ, BJ, and rap legend, GrandMaster Chef!"

What does BJ refer to in this context?

"Threatening them to vote for you isn't exactly democratic."

Even though I didn't understand this line when I was 8, now I actually find it to be one of Gwen's best lines XD.

Katie and Sadie's dance was... interesting.

When Gwen and Trent are chatting while Owen is drinking soda, what is Cody doing with his arms? That's probably the worse arm-crossing animation that I've ever seen.

Heather is actually a really good ballerina.

Lindsay's discussion about Paula is one of the most nostologic moments of season one.

"Gwen's up to something SERRRRRIOUS".

Did the writers seriously put a close-up of Tyler's butt and have Lindsay say "that's not boring?" I miss those days when Total Drama was sketchier than Degrassi.

"OK, that'd be cute if you were a monkey, but that's not quite what we're looking for. Next!"

I loved this line, but who's "we"? Courtney darling, you're the only one judging. Also, what do you have against Harold? However, I did like how Harold just went "AAAA" after Courtney said "next" XD.

I'm actually really intrigued to know how Lindsay got caught in Tyler's yo-yo. Also, why does Heather say "over?" This isn't the army; you're just trying to dig up some dirt on Gwen. Where did you even get walkie-talkies? However, I do love it when Lindsay says "under!"

"I'm going to be on TV, man!... Hello out there, dudes!"

I miss those creative lines. In all-stars and Pakitew (or however you spell it) we never have characters talk to the cameras outside of the confessionals.

Izzy's rattlesnake dance is the first line she says in like 5 episodes.

"I kinda missed the catching class!"

That again, was one of the better lines XD. We never have lines like that anymore.

Why does Justin just casually come out of the bathroom wearing sunglasses and holding a fire extinguisher? He didn't know that the bush was on fire. However, he might've just been watching Beth's preformence from the bathroom window. That's actually pretty smart. But because he never talks, does he just go into the bathroom to watch without telling anyone? Isn't anyone concerrned?

"It's "cool" brah!"

Why does Cody put air quotes? Is he seriously that much of a loser that he can't casually say the word "cool" in a conversation?

"You just smell really pretty..."

We know that Cody is antisocial, but does he really not know that it's inappropriate to SMELL someone at age 16?

So Gwen manages to change into her swimsuit in less than a second. Even if she wears her swimsuit underneath her regular clothes, there's no explanation to how she could've changed that quickly.

Was Lindsay planning on going swimming with Gwen and Trent? However, I love the suspense when Heather says "we've got a diary to find" and then it cuts to another scene. TDI is really the only season with serious "drama" in its writing. That brings me to a point I want to make. A "dramatic" show and a "drama" are two different things. A dramatic show has scenes that contradict each other, for example a show where somebody cheats. However, a drama is when the actually writing is dramatic, such as Heather's line. Anyone can make a dramatic show, but it takes effort to write an accurate drama. Shoutout to Jennifer Cowan, who wrote the episode. It's a shame that she didn't write anymore, because she put humor and drama together so perfectly in this episode. But nooo we're stuck with Alex Ganetakos whose episodes all suck.

"I'll take a piece of that action!"

Shut up, no one likes you Harold.

Did Bridgette bet her own chocolate bar that she couldn't do it?

Bridgette darling, no one said that you had to walk around. It would probably be better if you didn't.

How did the light manage to break the guitar AND hit Courtney's head? There's only two possible scenerios:

  1. The guitar hits Courtney's head, but it can't bounce off and break the violin. It may bounce off Courtney's head and hit the violin, but it's already lost all of its force by that point, and it couldn't have broken it. You may say that Courtney freaked out and dropped the guitar, but we clearly see the guitar has been hit by the light and is lying on the stage.
  2. The light hits and breaks the guitar, but it can't bounce back up and hit Courtney's head, obviously.

It's good to see Katie and Sadie comforting Courtney. It would actually make for a good subplot to see Katie and Sadie giving her therapy.

Bridgette, that's not how violins work. You can't just snap it back together. Although I'll admit that Courtney's cry is legend. She looks like she's crying out of anger, but sounds like she's crying out of sadness.

I actually love it how Gwen hates everyone. I love that subplot, but unfortunatly we don't see it that often.

You can see the docks from the cabin. Lindsay had plenty of time to notice Gwen returning. But you know, she has to play with her hair. Lindsay has already had like 5 subplots in this episode.

"Trying to get INTO the cabin." "Ohhhh, you're trying to get INTO the cabin? That's verrrry interesting!"

Another amazing line XD.

Gwen's angry face is actually terrifying.

I love Lindsay.

Why does Bridgette hate Heather? They haven't had any conflict in the past. In fact, I don't think they've ever talked outside of this moment, brunch of disgustingness, and the aftermaths.

"No one would sabotage their own teammate unless they felt threatened."

See? This is what I mean about drama! This excellent writing foreshadows what's going to happen later in the episode.

"Easy on those chips! You don't want to sink that surfboard!"

Despite how much Heather sucks in this episode, she had some amazing lines.

I've actually never noticed that the talent show took place took plalce at night until I watched it now.

I miss when the writers made Owen gay :(. Those were the days...

Harold refuses to watch DJ's performence. Oh, and Katie's reaction to when DJ failed... She sounded like a monkey.

Meh, Trent's song was stupid.

"The Killer Bass are totally sucking right now. Let's hear it for Bridgette!"

I completly forgot about that line XD.

Bridgette's barfing is actually really disgusting. Just the noises she makes. But I loved Cody and Owen's reactions to her burping. Why doesn't LeShawna react more when she's barfed on?

"Clean up on aisles 3, 4, 5 and 6!"

That was actually a really stupid line.

I'm not even going to talk about Heather's performence, because we've heard it enough times... But I do love Cody's reaction XD. And how come nobody reacts much to this? Courtney and Bridgette says it's mean, but nobody really does much. They just shrug it off. And why didn't GrandMaster Chef vote?

"We already know Tyler sucks, what can Duncan do again?"

I never laugh when watching TV, but this was the most perfect line ever!

Harold is epic, we know. Why does the Killer Bass hate him? He saved their butts two days in a row.

"All I needed was four votes against Justin."

This is what's preventing me from giving this episode 5 Sugar's. We never get a full explanation of what why Heather is choosing Justin. It's much more strategic to vote off Gwen. If we saw a conflict between Heather and Justin that it would've made more sense, but we didn't see any. I love the writing in this episode, but this cannot be ignored. It's always remained one of my most hated moments of TD writing. I bash on a lot of the writers, but I complitmented Jennifer Cowan. Unfortunatly, this is what ruined her for me. We don't have a clear explanation on why Heather chooses Justin to be eliminted.

Why do Owen, Beth, Izzy, and Lindsay look so surprised when they hear the result? They knew that Justin was going to be eliminated.

Justin says nothing as he's eliminated. Is there something that I'm missing? Is there a reason why Adam Reid didn't voice Justin in season 1? I may just be a total drama noob, but nobody told me why Justin never spoke in the first season.

I love how the episode ends with Heather running off with ants. I miss those endings; I don't want to see an episode end with Chris talking about whatever. These were the good stuff.

OK, so I really wanted to give this episode 5 out of 5 Sugars because it was EXCELLENT. One of the greatest episodes of the show. It perfectly combined humor with drama, which is what Total Drama should be like. I wish Cowan wrote more episodes though, she was really good. However, like I said before, there's a major penalty for Justin's elimination. Of course, I'm not saying this because I was wanted Heather eliminated, that was just be bad reviewing. I'm upset at Justin's elimination because it is very unclear why Heather wants him eliminated rather than Gwen. I give this episode 4 Sugars, because the elimination was a major problem. Despite this, I thought this episode was funny and dramatic. Oh, and there were MUCH more memorable/humorous lines in this episode, so I will dedicate the bottom part of this review to the best lines in this episode (there was way too many, it was great).

The major problem in Dodgebrawl and The Big Sleep was the minor characters barely making an appearence. This was MUCH better in this episode; minor characters like Katie and Sadie, Tyler, and Justin got more of an appearence even though they didn't do much. I also liked the character development in this episode. We really get to see the personalities of Heather, Gwen, and Bridgette. One of the greatest episodes for humor, drama, character development, and overall entertainment, which is the most important aspect of a TV epiisode.

I was stuck between Cody, Gwen and Geoff, but I decided to give today's invicibility to Gwen, because she was just epic in this episode.

I'm giving the Boat of Losers to Heather today. Now, when you're writing a review, you can't let personal thoughts get in the way. I'm not sending her to the Boat because she was mean in this episode, but because of her lack of strategy in eliminating Justin.

This episode gets four out of five Sugars.

Totally barfable
Totally barfable
Totally barfable
Totally barfable

List of great quotes:

"Do you realize how shriveled and wrinkly that can make your skin? Oh, you totally do!"

"I love musicals, especially the ones with music!"

"As long as it's legal..."

"Threatening them to vote for you isn't exactly democratic."

"I can also do Beethoven's Fifth!"

"Oops! Sorry Paula!"

"OK, that's cute if you were a monkey, but I don't think that's quite what we're looking for!"

"On my way back; under!"

"I'm going to be on TV, man!" "You're already on TV, Geoff." "Oh yeah... hello out there, dudes!"

"I kinda missed the catching practice!"

"Oh yeah. We're going at it big time. I need a swim just to cool off!"

"Gwen! It's you! Hi! What are you doing outside the cabin, Gwen?" "Trying to get into the cabin!" "Oh, you're trying to get into the cabin! That's very interesting!"

"We could get tans together! And you could totally use one!"

"Oh, and easy on the chips! You don't want to sink the surfboard, of yours, do you?"

(Owen's confessional about Justin)

"The Killer Bass are totally sucking so far! Let's hear it for Bridgette!"

"Hey, puke on your own boyfriend!"

"Woah. That kinda wrecks the ride..."

"Katie and Sadie are covered in barf!"

"We already know Tyler sucks, what can Duncan do again?"

(Harold's beatboxing)

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