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  • Whoops6

    ...I wasn't feeling very creative when coming up with a title for this review. Mostly because I'm pissed because there was a disproportionate amount of raisins to bran in my Raisin Bran this morning.

    Before I begin, it's time for a political editorial.

    This is how I feel about Bernie endorsing Hillary.

    And this is how I feel about Hillary Clinton in general.

    Politics aside, let's get on with this review!

    This was the second episode written by Erika Strobel, the first being X-Treme Torture. She was an amazing writer in that episode, let's see how she does this time.

    "And can Lindsay recognize any line that's not a tan line?"


    So the episode begins with Bridgette cleaning her surfboard that she never us…

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  • Whoops6

    Yes, I have returned from my hiatus! I don't think I posted a blog since last October, and lots have happened since then:

    - I finished my sophomore year of high school

    - I got my driver's liscense

    - I managed to survive Algebra II and Chemistry

    - Jeb! Bush is irrelevant

    - Hillary Clinton has been arres... wait, that still hasn't happened yet?

    But who cares about my life? The reason you read these blogs are for the TDI reviews! Today's episode is "Brunch of Disgustingness" by Alex Nusbaum, who seems to be a pretty meh writer so far. He's written good episodes, he's written bad episodes, y'know... Anyway, let's see how this episode will go! As always, the summary part of my review usually goes best if you're watching the episode online or somethin…

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  • Whoops6

    That moment when you publish a poem in El Nacional that causes a political uprising and nobody knows it's you (only people who took the PSAT this week get that joke).

    Welcome one and all to my review on X-Tream Torture written by Erika Strobel, who is generally regarded as a great TD writer. I'm Whoops6, and every night I am still looking for a Jo-McArthur fanfiction.

    Instead of skipping the theme song like usual, today I actually watched the whole thing and it was so nostologic.

    The bear is one of my favorite TD characters.

    OK legit, this episode is very nostolgic.

    You know that moment when somebody swears that you wouldn't expect to swear? LIke when your 6th grade teaecher said "crap" and that wierd tingling thing went through you? That's how…

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  • Whoops6

    Guess who's back? That's right, my reviews! Today I'll be reviewing Basic Straining written by Jennifer Pertsch herself (what kind of last name is that? Who ends a word with "sch"? I googled it and I found the folliwng words: borsch, flysch, hamantasch, kaffeeklatsch, kirsch, kitsch, klatsch, luftmensch, mensch, putsch). Apparently a kaffeeklatsch is "an informal social gathering at which coffee is served." Anyway, this is the third episode I'll be reviewing that was written by Jen, and so far I haven't been impressed. Not So Happy Campers and The Sucky Outdoors were... meh. Will Basic Straining be any better? Let's find out!

    I can't believe that they showed Bunny getting eaten by a snake in the recap. It made me sad.

    Why is Chef using a meg…

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  • Whoops6

    Taking a Break-ish

    September 20, 2015 by Whoops6

    So I'm in my sophomore year of high school now, and that means I have a tight schedule. Therefore, I won't be making my reviews or anything for a bit. I don't know when I'll get back on track with the wiki, but I'll still be here occasionally. That being said, I will continue making reviews, but not that often. My Basic Straining review may be up tomorrow. However, the next review after that may not be up for a few more weeks after. I'll still check-in with the wiki and stuff, but I won't really be that involved in the community besides my blogs.

    Oh yeah, and check out my neweset blog. There's like no comments.

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