Hey guys! This is my first blog post!

I know the title may seem weird and dumb, but that's the truth. Staci really did change my life for the better! I know she's very unpopular and hated because she was only seen in 2 episodes and people were annoyed by her, but let me explain why Staci is the best character to ever appear on television.

Before TDROTI, I had a very bad relationship with my family. I literally didn't care about them, or about my cousins, or anyone that is and was in my family. Then I watched Staci's audition tape and the first episode of TDROTI. At first, I didn't know if she was lying about all her family members or is she saying the truth, but it was interesting to see how all her family members are. After wathing the episode like 10 times, I started to be interested in my family as well. I wanted to know if I had some really famous family members in the past, so I asked my parents, I read books, internet websites to learn more about my old family members, and I was literally shocked when I heard/read those things about them. They were really cool and nice people and so are my parents, cousins, and my brothers and sisters. I started to respect and love my parents even more and get better notes in School when I had English or History. Thanks to Staci, I feel like I'm a better person now than how was I in the past. Thank you Fresh TV for creating this character. I don't care if she only appeared in 2 episodes, she was the best character I've ever seen on television. I will never forget her. Thank you again Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Teletoon and Elliott Animation!

And thank you guys for reading my first ever blog and I hope you all will understand me. 

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