• Wesfsfrd

    Total Drama Characters

    July 13, 2010 by Wesfsfrd

    There are many questions to ask for each character. Its your opinion. The list of questions are in.

    Alejandro: Is he EVIL or is he kind? Beth: Will she hope Brady makes it to season 4? Bridgette: Will here relationship with Geoff end after what happened in [Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better]? Cody: Will he ever get away fro Sierra? Courtney: Will she win this year, or will she get dumped before the merge? Dj: Will he ever stop hurting animals? Duncan: Will he return? Eva: Will she hold her anger off and try to get back? Ezekiel: How long will it be until Chris figures out he's still on? Geoff: Does he figure out Bridgette had kissed Alejandro? Gwen: Will she kiss Duncan? Harold: Was he crazy about eliminating himself? Heather: Will her haiā€¦

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