Hello to all users. This blog is a guideline for how to make and meet new people and friends on the Total Drama Wiki.

1. Try to edit some content on the Wiki. Your edits will be seen in the recent changes, where other people can look and see. You are helping the wiki and getting acknowledged at the same time!

2. Make a blog post. Get started now! Be creative and start very interesting and diverse posts. Users can comment here and most of them have some fun. Maybe comment on other people's blog posts and start a conversation.

3. Come to our chat. The chat is one of the fastest ways to make friends. Staff members and other users come to chat, relax and roleplay, to name some of the many fun activities you can do.

4. Go meet other diehard fans through our social media accounts. We have an active Twitter and Facebook account, plus a YouTube account that archives some of our interviews with voice actors and staff members that worked on the show. Links are located here.

5. Be brave and go to someone's message wall. Feel free to welcome them if they are new, ask them questions or give them answers to their questions, invite them to participate on the chat and start conversations with them.

If you follow these tips, you will make many more friends here, on the Total Drama Wiki and across all Wikis too. Don't be shy; we don't bite!

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