The journey begun nearly four hours ago. I am adding navigation with NIzzy and Blaze to pages. Thank you for helping me. Freehugs left office this morning and she did a fantastic job. Right now, I am Vice President. And now I am celebrating yet, another thing. I got many milestones over the last few days. 500 talkpage edits on all wikis, over 13,000 mainspace on all wikis, over 22,000 edits on all wikis, but this one is going to be my favorite! 10,000 edits! This will be my first wiki with 10,000 edits! I'd like to thank everyone for helping me reach this amount! Now, check these cool songs and relax by singing It's a Wonderful Day for Pie!

RT change blog will be up by noon. Thanks for reading. Comment about the songs and videos. Once again, thanks everyone!

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