Project 10

Total Drama turns ten in 2017. As announced in last week's December 2016 update blog, the Total Drama Wiki staff is well aware of this, which is why Project 10 was created to celebrate Ten Years of Total Drama.

January 2017

This month's season will be Total Drama Island. Please vote for your favorites below or alternatively, through this Google Forms link.


After you vote, you are encouraged to post these userboxes on your userpage.

10Userbox This user voted in Project 10.
{{User:Webkinz Mania/Project 10 Vote}}

10Userbox This user voted for Total Drama Island nominees in Project 10.
{{User:Webkinz Mania/Project 10 TDI Vote}}

What is Project 10?

Project 10 will be a series of Google Forms devoted to each season of the series. Users are encouraged to vote in fierce, hotly-contested categories for every season in the series, such as Best Character, Best Couple, Worst Elimination and Best Episode, among several other categories, depending on the season.

How do I participate in Project 10?

To participate in Project 10, click this Google Forms link and start voting. You will be asked to write down your Total Drama Wiki username. Per our privacy and safety policies, your email will not be collected.

When will Project 10 be posted?

On the first of every month, I will post a brand new Project 10 blog. Winners will be announced in the proceeding blog, alongside the links to the next poll.

That is not all...

This is not the only way the Total Drama Wiki plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Total Drama. As the series only has one ten year anniversary, we are going to try as much as possible to get you involved:

  • January 2-9: ArtDraw12 will post Total Drama Island-related themes for his Say Something Positive About blog series.
  • January 7-14: numbuhthreefan is hosting a special Total Drama Island themed installment of Cap This!, where users can only use photos from that season. Winners will have access to an exclusive Cap This! userbox.
  • Weekly: Various blogs that represent different viewpoints and generations of the Wiki will be selected to review, as part of our retrospective blog series. If you see any high quality blogs created earlier than June 2016 that you want to revive, contact Webkinz Mania.
  • July 8, 2017: We will be holding a very special Project 10 Reunion Wiki-Fest, ten years to the day Total Drama Island premiered.
  • July 2017: We will be holding our first Week of Fun since 2011. More details will be revealed in the months to come.

There are other fun events planned throughout the year, but this is all we plan to reveal for now in January 2017.

Leave comments

Our staff will be answering questions or listening to various suggestions relating to 2017 in the comments. Additionally, if you want to share who you voted for or start campaigns to gather votes for your favorite nominees, the staff encourages the usage of comments and userboxes to get your point across. Results will be announced on February 1, 2017 when the next blog is created.

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