Project 10

Total Drama turns ten in 2017 and to celebrate Ten Years of Total Drama, the staff has created Project 10 to commemorate the best and worst of the series.

December 2017

This will be the final monthly blog for Project 10, but there will be a special conclusion blog released at the end of the month. Stay tuned for that.

Last month, users nominated their favorite blogs created in 2017 and the top ten blogs have been inserted into a Google Forms to determine which one is the best of 2017. Vote using this Google Forms link.

We would like to remind all participants to put their current Wiki username under the username section, or else the vote will be invalid and deleted.


After you vote, you are encouraged to post this userbox on your userpage.

10Userbox This user voted in Project 10.
{{User:Webkinz Mania/Project 10 Vote}}

Series MVPs

Two months ago, users were given the opportunity to give recognition to those they considered the Series MVPs, or the most important person or people to the series.

I have cherrypicked some of my favorites and the most common results that appeared in the polls. Heather was mentioned 16 times, Duncan was mentioned 16 times, and Chris was mentioned 15 times, so congratulations to Heather! Enjoy!


To see another set of Series MVPs, reload the blog. Six groups of ten are featured. Feel free to leave a comment with any favorites you have. Thank you to the 94 of you that left submissions.

That is not all...

Project 10 is not the only way the Total Drama Wiki plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Total Drama.

  • December 23-30: numbuhthreefan is hosting a special Total Drama Wiki themed installment of Cap This!, where users can nominate their favorite captions of the year. Winners will have access to an exclusive Cap This! userbox.
  • December 30: We will be holding a Holiday Wiki-Fest, our final Wiki-Fest in 2017. There will be no set schedule, minus administrator speeches and the unveiling of our final Project 10 blog.
  • December 31: The final Project 10 blog will be posted, with acknowledgements to all participants, helpers and a summary of the schedule/events of the year. The Blog of 2017 is revealed.
  • Weekly: Various blogs that represent different viewpoints and generations of the Wiki will be selected to review, as part of our retrospective blog series. If you see any high quality blogs created earlier than June 2016 that you want to revive, contact Webkinz Mania.

Leave comments

Our staff will be answering questions or listening to various suggestions in the comments. Because it is the final month of Project 10, if you are curious and have any questions about the production of this activity, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer the best I can. It has been an honor to bridge the community in another year without new episodes of Total Drama. The Blog of 2017 will be unveiled and a proper conclusion will be given to Project 10 on December 31, 2017 when the final blog is created.

Project 10
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