1. First off, there's exactly fifty images left to go. Any help adding the final TDWT HQ photos will be greatly appreciated.
  2. The reason why I'm making this blog is that I found a DailyMotion with what appears to be every season of the series, excluding TDPI (minus episode 1 for some reason) and TDRI. That means, if you do not have a Netflix account and want to help out uploading HQ photos, you can upload TDI, TDA, Sweden Sour, TDAS (even though I believe we are done with that) and TDRR photos onto the website! No logos, nice quality. If you are here to watch the episodes, you can do that as well, but the TDRR ones are not in English. However, most of you are here looking at this blog for resources to upload HQ photos from the series, so it shouldn't matter.
  3. Also, some help would be appreciated in my conquest to remove the duplicate photos. If you can link any replacement to the files here and the pages prior (342, 341, 340, etc.), please do so! After about page 190, we should be clear. I've gone through the other 300 pages (we had 671 to start the year and we are now down to under 600).

Here is the link to the Dailymotion channel. I hope you guys enjoy!

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