Ok, I've seen alot of people rant that Mike is an offensive character due to his multiple personallity disorder and how it was treated at the end of the season.

Now, before I begin this, no, I do not have anything against people who have the disorder and I'm very sorry they have to live with it. But this is something I feel people should really keep in mind when looking into this. I shall begin.

Personally, I do think the whole thing with him having MPD is a bit offensive to those who have it. However, I feel it's not something I should complain about. Why? Simple. This is Total Drama we're talking about. It's a cartoon that parodies reality shows, but is also meant to be a very mean-spirited show (though sometimes cruel depending on the situation). This even includes making fun of various things, sort of like what other mean-spirited shows have done like South Park and Family Guy.

Now in my honest opinion, I get pretty irritated when I see people complain about Mike being offensive and whatnot. Here are the reasons:

1. This is probably a one-time gag anyway. Unless they decide to bring Mike back and use him as a filler since there's nothing left of him, there's a very, and I mean VERY, good chance his multiple personallities will probably just come back, almost as if he never erased them to begin with.

2. What's also been really bugging me is how it seems like this is the only thing people claim is offensive. However, I haven't seen ANYBODY complain about some pretty other offensive material, such as: Ezekiel. He's a stereotypical Canadian who wears a toque, has an accent and says "Eh?". These are all well-known Canadian stereotypes. I never see people complain about that, even if he hasn't had much camera time on the show. Then there's Lindsay. She's meant to be your stereotypical dumb blonde almost completely oblivious to anything. Do I see people complaining about her? No. Infact, I see people overlooking that stereotype and just saying "Oh mai gad she's soooo hot!!!1!!!! Look at her boobs!" And here's another very offensive piece of material I have not seen ONE person complain about: the infamous scene in "Brodway, Baby!" This was edited out in the U.S. due to mocking a national landmark and just due to the innapropriatness, but this is even more offensive because it has Cody falling into lady Liberty's breasts, and that is entirely disrpecting a national United States landmark as I said previously. But once again, I see no one at all complaining about that. And there's even Duncan and Gwen. They're dressed up as stereotypical punk and goth teens but I see no one at all complaining about that.

So in all honesty, I really wish people would stop complaining about this, or at least look into these reasons first before doing so. I've even seen people writing a letter to Fresh TV about it and personally, I wouldn't bother. Fresh will just simply look at the letter, laugh at it, then toss it in the garbage like they did with all the complaints about Ezekiel not getting enough screen time or what happened to Gwen and Courtney's friendship, etc.

If it really offends you that much (which I understand), the best thing to do is just not watch the show. Because as I said above, this is a very mean-spirited show that WILL mock certain things.

Please post your comments on what you agree and disagree with, as long as it's being reasonable and not just trying to flame at me saying I'm a bad person for saying this and whatnot. Thank you.

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