Since alot of people have been making Total Drama All-Stars elimination prediction blogs, figured I'd make some myself...

TDA DIY Char Lindsay (3)
14th place: Lindsay
Her character development is pretty much done, there isn't alot to do with her, and since the villans team has stronger players, it seems pretty much obvious the Heroes will have their first elimination ceremony. Based on the flush of shame bit, it looks like Lindsay is definetly the first one to go from her team, and also from seeing some bits of the trailer, I'm sure Courtney probably convinces her team to vote her off.

13th place: Scott
He was hard to choose. I DID see James Wallis in the backround of Christian Potenza's recording for episode 4, but who's to say James was looking at the script? Anyway, I put him here because I can see either two possibilities: Either Fang comes back to haunt him, or he gets eliminated early due to him trying to purposely lose challenges again and the villans vote him off. Either way, Scott's pretty much done, in my opinion.

12th place: Jo
This is the first elimination caused by Lightning (who I believe is the main antagonist this season). I could see Lightning eliminating Jo because of how she screwed him over last season and still thinking Jo's a dude (him being the idiot he is). Also, apparently some people could see Jo's name in a re-cap for episode 4 about her being flushed.

11th place: Cameron
He was also a hard choice, but Cameron's character is pretty much done and he doesn't seem to likely go far. I could see Lightning convincing the heroes to vote him off for what happened to him last season.

All-Star Sierra
10th place: Sierra
I don't think Sierra will last long either. I see this happening - eventually, Sierra talks too much about Cody and the heroes eliminate her.

Sam (Total Drama Online)
9th place: Sam
Not too sure about Sam, but since he's only here to replace Owen for whatever reasons, it doesn't seem like he's going to merge. I'd say he gets too caught up with his video games eventually and just wants to see Dakota again or something like that.

TDA DIY Char Gwen
8th place: Gwen
After seeing Gwen fall short first in the Gwuncey love triangle in World Tour, I think it's safe to say it will happen again here. I can see Gwen breaking up with Duncan and Duncan convinces the villans to vote her off, which she does (and once again, Duncan becomes a karma-houdini).

Mike, Duncan, Courtney, Zoey, Alejandro, Heather and Lightning
7th place: Mike
He's the first one eliminated from the merge once again, probably because at this point, Zoey (being the hypocritical Mary-Sue she is) breaks up with him because "she doesn't like odd people anymore." The stress of that and his multiple personallities brings him down, making him useless, and is voted off.

6th place: Heather
Another Lightning elimination, also helped with Alejandro, though Lightning already realizes how much of a threat she is. Before leaving, she gives Alejandro one last kick to the groin.

Alejandro Burromuerto
5th place: Alejandro
Lightning also realizes Alejandro is a threat due to how perfect he is, so he is eliminated.

TDA DIY Char Duncan
- 4th place: Duncan
Ugh, Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. It's pretty much obvious this season that he's going to get shoved into our faces.... again. So I see him making it up to 4th place but Courtney gets him eliminated (after 3 episodes of them bickering).

All-Star Lightning
- 3rd place: Lightning
Lightning is finally defeated by Zoey for revenge on what happened last season (YAY GO TEAM ZOEY!!!1!!!!!!!).

- Runner-up: Zoey
I see Zoey and Courtney in the final 2. Since Courtney has obviously had more screen time and is slightly more popular than Zoey, I'd say Zoey would be the alternate winner.

TDA DIY Char Courtney
- Winner: Courtney
With 2 males as the final 2 last season, I'm sure it'll be 2 girls in this one and like I said, I picked Zoey and Courtney since they're practically the 2 most popular girls out of both groups, have a shallow (yes, shallow) fanbase and <sarcasm mode>OMG DEY HAD A QURL DAT STOLE DEIR BF WAHHHHHHHHHHH<sarcasm> and Courtney wins due to being more popular than Zoey. (YAYYYY KORTNEY!!!1!!!!!!!!)

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