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This is early..... like way too early, but oh well. After seeing the designs of the characters, I have a theory of how the elimination order will go. Here goes nothing....

14th place - Beardo - I heard he goes off first. So yeah.

13th place - Scarlett - the nerdy type doesn't seem like there's much for her.... so I think she'll be an elimination fodder.

12th place - Dave - Since he's a sarcastic male, I'm sure he'll probably have a similar deal as Noah in TDI.

Episode 4: NO ELIMINATION. Max and Sugar swap teams

11th place - Leonard - if he's a wizard, he's definetly a one-joke character.

10th place - Ella - She is hands-down a filler. Sorry, but it's too obvious.

9th place - Sugar - She looks like another Anne Maria type.... so I don't think she'll go far.

8th/7th place - Amy and Samey - The show has made it clear that these 2 are the double-elimination of the season (it's very likely these 2 go off together...)


Max, Jasmine, Sky, Topher, Rodney, Shawn

6th place - Jasmine - She seems like the type who will probably go off first in the merge.

5th place - Topher - I'm not too sure about him, but the handsome type guy will probably go off soon after the merge.

4th place - Shawn - the laid back skateboarder type I feel is likely to go off at this spot.

3rd place -Max - season's antagonist, likely 3rd place.


Sky vs. Rodney

2nd place - Sky. She's likely the season's protagonist and she's a female so I doubt she'll win. (Not trying to sound sexist of course, but so far no girl has won officially.... so yeah).

1st place - Rodney - a fat guy who looks like Wreck it Ralph. I'd say he's the likely winner.

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