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  • MackAttack92

    Ok, I'm hearing stories that Ed Macdonald apparently was fired. Honestly, I never had any problems with the guy (and no, before anyone goes down my throat, I am not saying he was the best writer, but not the worst either), but it surprises me that I'm hearing all these rumors all of a sudden. Does anybody have a source to this? Cause frankly, all these rumors of him being fired just sound like fans just wanting an excuse to badmouth him. If anyone has a source I am curious to hear about it. Thank you.

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  • MackAttack92

    Ok, I've seen alot of people rant that Mike is an offensive character due to his multiple personallity disorder and how it was treated at the end of the season.

    Now, before I begin this, no, I do not have anything against people who have the disorder and I'm very sorry they have to live with it. But this is something I feel people should really keep in mind when looking into this. I shall begin.

    Personally, I do think the whole thing with him having MPD is a bit offensive to those who have it. However, I feel it's not something I should complain about. Why? Simple. This is Total Drama we're talking about. It's a cartoon that parodies reality shows, but is also meant to be a very mean-spirited show (though sometimes cruel depending on the situa…

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  • MackAttack92

    This is early..... like way too early, but oh well. After seeing the designs of the characters, I have a theory of how the elimination order will go. Here goes nothing....

    14th place - Beardo - I heard he goes off first. So yeah.

    13th place - Scarlett - the nerdy type doesn't seem like there's much for her.... so I think she'll be an elimination fodder.

    12th place - Dave - Since he's a sarcastic male, I'm sure he'll probably have a similar deal as Noah in TDI.

    Episode 4: NO ELIMINATION. Max and Sugar swap teams

    11th place - Leonard - if he's a wizard, he's definetly a one-joke character.

    10th place - Ella - She is hands-down a filler. Sorry, but it's too obvious.

    9th place - Sugar - She looks like another Anne Maria type.... so I don't think she'…

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  • MackAttack92

    Since alot of people have been making Total Drama All-Stars elimination prediction blogs, figured I'd make some myself...

    14th place: Lindsay
    Her character development is pretty much done, there isn't alot to do with her, and since the villans team has stronger players, it seems pretty much obvious the Heroes will have their first elimination ceremony. Based on the flush of shame bit, it looks like Lindsay is definetly the first one to go from her team, and also from seeing some bits of the trailer, I'm sure Courtney probably convinces her team to vote her off.

    13th place: Scott
    He was hard to choose. I DID see James Wallis in the backround of Christian Potenza's recording for episode 4, but who's to say James was looking at the script? Anyway…

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  • MackAttack92

    With Total Drama All-Stars coming up for America in the fall and Canada in early winter, I have the need to say this. So, apparently, this is the confirmed cast for All-Stars (whether real or speculated):

    Alejandro (confirmed) Cameron (confirmed) Courtney (confirmed) Duncan (confirmed) Gwen (confirmed) Heather (confirmed) Jo (confirmed) Lightning (confirmed) Lindsay (confirmed) Mike (confirmed) Sam (speculation, but somewhat confirmed) Scott (Also speculation, but somewhat confirmed) Sierra (confirmed) Zoey (confirmed)

    So, this season doesn't lie when they say "All-Stars"; because all these contestants (whether liked or not) have the status of an All-Star, and here's why:

    Alejandro - Only competed once, but merged. Cameron - Only competed onc…

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