My TD:RI character countdown c:

Remember. I don't HATE any characters. All have something special, just I like others better.


Staci13. Staci

- Well, I think she could be a better character if she lasted longer. Maybe she was sometimes annoying, but she was rarely funny.

Scott (Total Drama Online)12. Scott

-Of course, He was an antagonist, which brings drama in the show. And all of you know I think antagonists are the best, but well, I don't like him. He is not a good antagonist. Losing as a strategy? No. Just no.

Silent B (Total Drama Online) 11. Beverly

-I honestly never really liked him. Of course, he could win lot of challenges because he is very smart, but... Yah :/


Cameron (Total Drama Online)10. Cameron

-Our finalist :3 Who thought he will reach final 2? But he is nice and smart c:

Anne Maria (Total Drama Online)9. Anne Maria

-She is a funny character who I always love to watch :3 But I like some others more.

Dawn (Total Drama Online)8. Dawn

-I am not the biggest fan of Dawn, ok? *is shot by all Dawn lovers* Now seriously, she's awesome, but she is not the best in my opinion.

Jo (Total Drama Online)7. Jo

-She is awesome. I don't compare her with Eva. She is much better. Funny, wants always to win and mean. How I said, Awesome.


Lightning (Total Drama Online)6. Lightning

-Sha-boom, Sha-bam, Sha-Lightning. He is funny and stupid. I enjoy to watch him :3 Our other finalist :D I'm rooting for him >:3

Sam (Total Drama Online)5. Sam

-The funny gamer. He is amazing. What else can I say?

Brick (Total Drama Online)4. Brick

-He is funny, cares for others and scared of dark :3

Dakota (Total Drama Online)3. Dakota

-From Fame Monger, to monster. Makes sense. But she is awesome and funny in both ways.

Zoey (Total Drama Online)2. Zoey

-Haters can hate. Some say she has no personality. Maybe, but she turned better, and she is really enjoying to watch.


Mike (Total Drama Online)1. Mike

-Yah, you guessed. (Like you wouldn't) MIKE. How can't you love him? He is sweet, nice, crazy, funny, awesome, enjoying to watch, has personality (Ha ha, got it? xD), smart and cares for others. Since the begging he was my favorite, and always will be.

No rude comments please. These are just my opinions.

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