After my last blog being made on December 31 2012, I am here, creating my very first entry of the "Total Drama All Stars" episodes. Which will be posted weekly. If I am not going to procrastinate.

If you haven't watched the first episode, I beg you, do NOT continue reading, unless you like being spoiled.

The episode can be watched here: Part 1 Part 2

Well, let's start with the beginning. I really liked the fact that this season began differently than all the last ones. I believe it's a good way to start a season, and it was pretty amusing too. Chris is shown in the jail after what happened last year and Chef is bringing him the news they're up for a new season.

"It is on! *teeth shine*"

I've been looking forward to hearing the new theme song again. Or, what is left from it. I don't really know why they cut it; it's simply rushed but some scenes from it were amazing. Like the teams fighting on the water. Awesome.

And then Chris announces the cast, and so on and so on. Mike is the first one introduced, who changes to his multiple personality's, as Chris introduces them. I guess that shows he has full control of them now. Next one introduced is Zoey.


Yep, that's pretty much it.

And Lightning, Cameron, Sam, Scott who now is afraid of sharks, and Jo.

Then the veterans are thrown off the plane too. Gwen is called a boyfriend stealer yet again, but now suddenly she just says:


Seriously? I just finished re-watching TDWT yesterday and there's no way Courtney and Duncan weren't together. Unless Gwen is talking about TDA. Which I doubt. Let's move on.

The lines reflected more or less the characters' personality's, such as "Bring it on!" for Duncan, "I hate Chriiiiiiis!" for Heather, "I'm FLYING! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!" for Lindsay and, of course, "For CODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY", Sierra. And... Feral Zeke?

I never hated Zombie Ezekiel, but the gag is getting pretty old. Well, I can stand it.

They're all back on land, Lindsay yet again amuses us all by grabbing Heather's head and saying she misses Alejandro. Where again, Heather denies. Courtney complaining... oh! And Sam mentioned Dakota.


I mean look at this picture. It's so adorable. SO adorable.

It's really nice to see that Dakota, despite of her mutation still has got someone on her side.

Gwen is SO sure she is going to be a hero... Until she finds out she is on the Villains'. She suddenly starts to feel guilty. After two whole years? Seriously? But at least Courtney is mature about the whole thing and says that she is way over Duncan and that she is mad at Gwen because she thought they were friends.

Scott doesn't want to jump off the cliff because he is afraid of sharks (which is understandable after what happened). Then he pushes the robot in the water and reveals Alejandro. I am happy that they got him out in the first episode, and hope he is going to be as amazing as last season. He's new voice actor wasn't that bad, he actually sounded pretty much like Marco Grazinni, but it was a bit too high pitched. Plus, no spanish accent. He somehow menages to find the right key and the Vultures win.

In the end, Gwen finally apologizes to Courtney by giving her... flowers?!

"Even though I technically didn't do anything wrong..."

And Courtney is allergic to them. Lindsay eventually gets flushed and Lightning gets to search on Boney Island for the Chris McLean head.

Did Cameron even speak this episode?! He's pretty much invisible. I get it, "because he won last season" but really?! Eliminate him if you want but don't let him be useless and get again to the finale three, where he maybe is going to get some development.

With this words I leave you until the next episode of TDAS. See you next week, folks. 

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