Yeah, I started reading a lot of Wikia articles and blogs. I wanted to create a really good cast for an Underdogs season, and this was the result:

From TDI we have Noah, Katie, Sadie, Tyler and Eva.

From TDRI, B, Brick, Dawn and Anne Maria are back.

And coming from TDPI are Rodney, Samey, Leonard and Ella.

No Ezekiel. No Staci. No Bee-Air-Dough.

So... using this cast, how would your perfect elimination order be?

Obviously being realistic. These characters have huge room for development, and amazing new storylines. Like Anne MariaxRodney, for example :D

So, don't boot someone just 'cause you hate him/her. And, if you want, please explain why you put each character in certain place :)

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