So, if you had the chance of picking the cast for a TD Underdog season, who will be on it?

You can pick 7 girls and 7 guys (or 8 guys and 6 girls, or 6 guys and 8 girls), of any season (specifically the TDI-TDAS generations, because we still don't know who are losers and who are the best players in TDPI) and mix them! Think on interactions, character development, needs of screen-time, and the most important: who you want to see back into action? :D

And... If you want to, add the order which you'll like to se they go.

These are mine:

  • Girls
  1. ​Dakota
  2. Staci
  3. Anne Maria
  4. Dawn
  5. Eva
  6. Katie
  • Guys
  1. ​Cody
  2. Brick
  3. Noah
  4. Geoff
  5. Trent
  6. B
  7. Justin
  8. Tyler

I hope you can join in this! Good day!

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