Hello, everyone! I'm Vico Paz, and this is my first blog ever. Well, whatever. Time for the predictions! :D

I'm basing my ideas around the images that we saw in the trailer, so nothing is truly confirmed. These two images really got my attention:

You may think: "Oh, what if Leonard and Samey were in other place?"

I had the same idea. But, it's known that networks can spoil future episodes, like the pictures of Topher and Sugar with babies, which correspond to the eight episode of the season.

So the elimination prediction starts with:

14th - Beardo: This one is more than obvious. We saw it on the storyboard, we saw it on the trailer. Next.

13th - Samey: Why Samey? Well, I have a theory. If the two sister's storyline is evil twin and good twin, what if Amy shows her true colors since the start and her team plans to vote her? Amy swaps places with Samey, and you got it! Everyone believing Amy is Samey, and she faking a nice face to everyone all season.

12th - Leonard: He feels like a really secondary character to me. Like the Harold of TDI, or the Sam of TDRI. He's our typical geek that does some stuff and we got amazed, and then leaves.

Ok, stop. Those are the characters I'm idealizing for soon elimination. Here are coming the REAL predictions, which are nothing than plain thoughts.

11th - Ella: Don't know why, don't know how. But I just could see her as a refill, no as a main character with an interesting storyline. Like Leonard. Maybe I'm wrong, and she makes it far.

10th - Max: Comic relief. When I've read about his personality, he seemed nice to me. But he's also cannonfodder, I just couldn't picture him going far. Maybe he'll do some amazing stuff for the show, I don't know. The only thing sure: He's not a villain. He even can be a hero.

9th - Scarlett: I was thinking about this. What if Max and Scarlett are allies, and the main villain (for me is Amy) discovers their plans? First she manipulates (nicely, of course) the team to take Max down, and later Scarlett. Seems pretty logical.

8th - Rodney: He's the only man I picture going now. Amy sees Rodney and Jasmine possible friendship as a threat. She takes him down. I've started adding more theories and no confirmed things, so, if you want to stop reading, you're free to do so.

MERGE TIME!!! Amy, Jasmine, Topher, Shawn, Dave, Sky and Sugar are on it! And we continue with:

7th - Jasmine: Again, Amy can convince some competitors to vote the stronger competitor. And who's she? Obviously, australian chick. She also may know something about Amy, after she eliminated Rodney. That could lead to her boot too.

6th - Topher: He's a lot of interesting, but finale? I don't think so. Maybe he'll get Chris tired, and will be voted off in a similar way to TDWT's Sierra. Not with destroying something, I mean. It's not that direct.

5th - Amy: What if the main antagonist loses before the final two? It's Ok, I guess. Her facade must fall soon. And the other's characters seem way interesting now. Maybe she lefts some drama after her left, drama that will stay for the remaining three episodes.

4th - Dave: He already made it really far. It's just, he seems like the typical Owen-Harold-Cody-Cameron that makes it far although not being the most stronger in the island. But the other three gained me. Seeing a final three with them is shocking.

Pointing something, isn't weird the final four were from the same team? Haha, coincidences. Let's continue.

3rd - Sugar: She doesn't seem like the ideal winner for me. I mean, she seems funny and all, but something on her tells me that she will have some antagonistic traits. If my theories are right, after Amy's gone, Sugar can be a minor antagonist and then get the boot.

FINAL TWOOOO!!! Shawn vs. Sky!!! <3 You like it or not? I do!

2nd - Shawn: I just want a girl winning, but I love Shawn!

1st - Sky: Why Sky? Along with Sugar, she seems to have the ideal personality of a main character. She's the normal person (along with Dave) in a competition full of weird people. She has desire and it's a nice person, like what Zoey should have been. 


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