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    ... for this kind of season?

    I created this cast based on some polls I saw here on the Wiki. These twelve characters are not only the least favorite ones, but also, the most disliked of all TD characters (RR will come later).

    Four from each generation, all of them receive some kind of negativity from fans all around the world. They all have bad things but also good, and I like to ask myself... wouldn't be just great to watch them all getting some kind of, redemption? So fans can actually like them, I don't know :D

    Anyway, my question is... how would your elimination order be with this cast? What kind of plots do you see coming from them? Do you think this season could be amazing? I'd love to hear your opinions about it!

    PD: The twin is AMY not…

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  • VicoPaz97

    Hi everyone! I'm back with another post hehe. Well, this one's easy. With the course of the years, the first generation cast has lost some of its relevancy. So, I was thinking... What if producers try out with a season featuring only 14 of the newbies? (Gen 2 and Gen 3)

    We would obviously have cameos from the first cast, but they won't be competing. Let's accept it, the ones who aren't zero-potential screenhoggers are just forgotten. So, basing on possible interactions and storylines, which fourteen Gen. 2 and Gen. 3 characters would you pick to compete in this kind of season? :)

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    Yeah, I started reading a lot of Wikia articles and blogs. I wanted to create a really good cast for an Underdogs season, and this was the result:

    From TDI we have Noah, Katie, Sadie, Tyler and Eva.

    From TDRI, B, Brick, Dawn and Anne Maria are back.

    And coming from TDPI are Rodney, Samey, Leonard and Ella.

    No Ezekiel. No Staci. No Bee-Air-Dough.

    So... using this cast, how would your perfect elimination order be?

    Obviously being realistic. These characters have huge room for development, and amazing new storylines. Like Anne MariaxRodney, for example :D

    So, don't boot someone just 'cause you hate him/her. And, if you want, please explain why you put each character in certain place :)

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  • VicoPaz97

    Basically that's the blog's theme. For you, which TD characters have been the most derailed, and are in desperate need for redemption?

    They could be blandies, plot dependers, wrecked characters...

    This is for a new fanfic season I'm planning, so, while commenting, please explain why do you think certain characters need to be redeemed.

    And please take this post seriously. I love sarcasm and witty replies, but I really need your help for this :)

    You could pick as many characters you want, from the three generations ;)

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  • VicoPaz97

    Just that question.

    Which TD characters do you consider underdogs?

    By definition, an underdog is the one who's expected to lose or struggle in a contest. In the five seasons the show has lasted, we have seen a lot of different characters. But there are some with high chances of winning, and others who are there to lose.

    With that clarified, answer my question. Which TD characters are underdogs?

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