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So scrawny but supposedly has mad abs and pecs. Okay

There was recently an anti-Zoey blog posted, and I wanted to share my disdain for Mike and what everyone else feels about him.

One huge issue I have with him is that he himself is bland as (trying not to curse).......heck. We know absolutely nothing about his home life and last other than the fact that he has a psychiatrist. No family, how his MPD came to be, and he doesn't even develop. His plot in TDROTI is that he was lying about his disorder to Zoey so she won't find out and then he was about to tell her, but got blackmailed by Scott. He then fought his personalities to have control to have a shot with a girl; he does not learn how to deal with his personalities and to accept himself, but fought them off so he can have control. I am gonna get into my issue with the portrayal of MPD in a moment.

In Total Drama All Stars, he used his personalities to help him in challenges, which is good and all, and he is all good with her, until Scott knocks him in the head, introducing Mal. He is just evil for the sake of......evil, and likes breaking things. He broke a few things for the first half of the season then talked about how bad he is, while Mike realizes something is wrong until he eventually stuck in his mind. He tried to get out and will eventually overcome Mal and win back Zoey.

So it is clear that the creators wan Mike to be a breakout star, a clear creator's pet, and one of the best characters in TD, but all he is is nice and...... likes action films? His personality is more than flat, and there is no substance to him or his disorder, which leads me to my next topic.

I know this is a kids show, but the way MPD is portrayed is deplorable. This is an extremely serious disorder that is nothing to laugh at. It is used as comic relief and it is only use as a plot device for Mike to get over to be with Zoey, not his actual insecurities and his issues with his disorder (unless it is about Zoey). Svetlana, Chester, Vito, and Manitoba make some decent comic relief I guess. MOD is usually started from the victim going through an extremely traumatic event, but that is NEVER explained from Mike.

So his MPD is not really explored, unless it is for comic relief or a device to get to Zoey, has no substance about his background, hobbies, or traits in general, and revolved around Zoey and his boring relationship with her. I think if he was not SO MUCH IN PEOPLE'S FACES than he would not be so.....bleh. He should have listened to his psychiatrist, bland, generic, watered-down, annoying, and offensive. I don't see the deal about him and find him a bit overrated. Explain what you think about him in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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