I am sure you all were looking forward to Total Drama All-Stars, and I was too (though knew it was a mere excuse to have the screenhogs form both generations to be together). This season dissapointed me on many levels, though there were a few good things about it. I am gonna go over all of the characters, storylines, and all of that.

Lindsay: There is not really much to say about her. Though I knew she was a fodder for elimination before the show even aired, she was really lasy in the episode she was in. All of her story arcs were finished (relationship with Tyler, being somewhat smart, Beth), so I am kind o fglad she left early. There was not anything else to do with her, and she made it far in the first 2 seasons.

Lightning: How is it even possible for him to be even more flat and annoying than he was last season. Would n't he have been more revengelful for losing and his father being dissapointed in hin (which was only brought up in the finale of that eason and never mentioned before or afterwards). But he was all about his muscles and arrogance. Thank the LORD he left as soon as he did.

Jo: I think she is the one of the only one to be the same character she was in a previous season. Still the cut-throat, overly tough and competitive girl, and her minor conflict with Heather was entertaining enough. Threw Lightning under the bus after forming an alliance with him, and her talk is better than her game (a bit pathetic as to how she was eliminated and now that I am thinking about it, her talk was as good as her game last season...)

Sam: I barely even remember him being in the season (probably cause he was a bad fit to be in the season), less so than his eliminated predecessors. I do remember him being the punching bag of slapstick humor until his elimination, his game consle breaking being a non-factor, and him cheating which led to him gong home. He had no storyline and was extremely forgettable.

Now that the elimination fodders that had no storyline are gone...

We are going to settle and talk about the storylines chronologically.  The first storyline that was completed was Duncan and Gwen. They both were happy by the time TDWT, and were locking lips at the boat scene in TDROTI. Now Gwen is starting to get unsatisfied by Duncan, who desperately wants attention and to make Courtney jealous,as she is ignoring him who has been her friend since TDA for Courtney's forgiveness. At first, she wanted Duncan to tell Courtney to stop glaring at her, but he did not care since it did not involve him -_-. I don't see why at this point he wants Courtney's attention and I WOULD be more invvested in Gwen's storyline more if her and Courtney had a friendship in TDWT like Leshawna and Gwen did, or Bridgette and Courtney, but that is not the case (they were friend-ish). Duncan saves her from being shot in the third challenge, but does not care that he got dumped 3 episodes later -_- , really? The actual breakup scene is extremely rushed and lacked any explanation. Duncan is struggling with his good guy actions, and ultimately going to jail for proving that he is still a badboy. While Duncan is one of my least favourites, I will give him that he did not annoy me much this season.

Now let's move on to Alejandro and Heather. In the second episode (after she was shocked by his return and the uncomfortable feeling of the robot), they both felt a way when neither bothered to text each other since TDWT (ignoring the scene where he is hugging her on the boat scene in TDROTI), and I found this very interesting. They tried to manipulate one another's feelings to bother one another and to see if they care (with him ignoring her, and her being extremely nice in that Moon challenge). This was very interesting and liked how they interacted, seeing it lead up into them finally going together, but then Episode 6 happened. They form an alliance so they can vote one another off. She finds the immunity idol, and after she hides it, he finds it and uses it for himself after she convinced eveyone in the team to vote for Alejandro.His vote only counted, meaning she was gone. He proposed to go steady at the Flush of Shame, but she refuses in anger of being voted off. She did not really do anything other than that, and Al's plot with Mal will be discussed larer, if you counted his arrogance after he left a plot. So this storyline which clearly had some importance got thrown under the rug so badly, though they are now together in the finale, but the point is still there.

Sierra's Cam-Cody fiasco. I was looking forward to her returning the most, and seeing her do her independent thang in the first 23 episodes was really getting me interested, liking where it was going. She ws more cooperative, less obsessively crazy, and more authentic moments (especially with Cameron). Then her phone broke, with her sanity, as she became more and more delusional, thinking the others were Cody, calling and treating Cameron like Cody, acting creepier and more whiny than she EVER was, and was even stalking Cameron when they switched teams. In the end of TDWT, she was more calm, likable and all, and they continued that for the first few episodes, but then her plot turned back to Cody when he was NOT EVEN THERE. Speaking of Cameron, he annoyed he in the last episode. He was friendly enough to share his money with the entire cast of ROTI, and used his intellect of facts instead of cunningness ot win but in his last episode, he followed Mike's disgusting plan to break Scottney up by kissing Courtney. How would he not know something was up with Mike when he studied him ALL LAST SEASON,, and he would feel extremely guilty for having to do something like that,. This act kind of derailed him in some ways, and brought him down as a character to me.

Now here si where the major plotlines start, and here is the one I dread the most. They are my least favourite couple for amny reasons. First, it came right out of nowhere. SHe asks for an ally which really gots nowhere, than an eposide later she says something is missing in her life and conveniently a Scott bird shows up -_-. He likes her because she is pretty and bosses him around; WHAT, he LOVED being in control and got amd when he was controlled or had no power in ROTI, where did this come from. Anyways, she likes him because.................. no explanation, and they start caring for one another in an episode. Another reason why this does nto work is because they ahve no genuine interactions with one another (their first kiss was extremely contrived and awkward in a bad way). There are no bonding moments for them, no substance, nothing. Not only does the couple not make sense, but the circumstances of the Cma-Courtney kiss is weird too. Why would she run up and kiss Cameron after her and Scott fell into the ditch, and he is right beside her? Wasn't she making fun of Cameron a few episodes prior? So they break up and hook back up, though he is still clearly upset through the next episode. In her last episode of the season (easily the worst of the entire season), she makes the chart, showing him as a rat. He is pissed at that and wants to vote for her, because he is sick of her trifling ways. After she is gone, he misses her and says she was not bad -_-. This couple makes no (...use your imagination...) sense.

Now that I already started talking about Courtney, might as well finish off her other plot; Gwen. I never really gave two cents about the whole triangle thing, and never unserstood why people said "Oh, why would she do that ot her best friend?"; they were not even friends (friend-ish, but not friends). So for the first 3-4 episodes, Gwen tries to apologize to Courtney, but it seems like she is tampering with her evilly. Gwen apparently misses their friendship (twitches eye) as she ignores her biggest friend since TDA. So from around Episode 5-7, Courtney is slowly starting to like Gwen again, and their friendship is official in Episode 8. They start to act extremelt girly and stuff which would be fine, but neither of them are really that girly; they are not Katie and Sadie. Since when do they care about one another's looks? They are happy they are BFFS but the Camoern kiss puts a halt to it, since Gwen thinks Court is a hypocrite. Courtney later talks to her and they are all good....for an episode. Court's chart has Gwen 3rd place, making her upset and has no friends. Gwen asks Courtney to vote for herself to prove their friendship means something to them, and NOTHING IS EXPLAINED. I can not even believe they were not in the finale. ANother plot point gone down the toilet with little ot no explanation. I am not even going to mention the derailment of the two characters and the inconsistencies.

Now we are at the most prominent and least interesting plotlines of the season; Zoey's relationship troubles with Mike thanks to Mal, and Mal himself. So Mike and Zoey are extremely happy with one another, and he embraces his MPD. They are good for the first 2 episodes, until Scott hits him over the head, causing Mal to erupt. Mal starts to break things like Sam's gam console, Sierra's phone, and more and Mike has trouble changing personalities. This happens up until like mid-season. During this time, Duncan recognized Mal as the head honcho of the juvie he was in, which leads to mre questions than answers. HOW did Mal end up in prison? HOW did Mike deal with Mal for these years? WHAT is Mal's ultimate goal? WHHAT about a backstory to Mike period? Anyways, Ducnan warns Zoey, as she has her doubts too, but she chooses ot ignore them, and that with Duncan and Mal juvie thing. Anyways, Zoey is winning challenge after challenge, god-plaaying (this makes somewhat sense with Al and Sierra because they at least EXPLAIN their suprise skills they have), with no explanation to where she got these skills from. Mal takes control fro Mike permanemtly in Episode 8, creating an alliance with Alejandro, and making Cameron his next target. So AL finds out about Mal beign evil via seaking into the production room, and hides the evidence that Mla tries ot plant on him that he rigged the votes for Cameron to go home. This puts him on Mal's hit list, and he fights to remain in the game. He warns Zoey, who is too mad that he did whatever eh did, and believing that thanks to Mal. So that is 2 people who warned her so far. Anyways, she eventually finds out about the disk nd FINALLY knows that Mal is controlling Mike. Not only are they extremely bland, and you dont give two cents ab otu them, but there are so many loopholes and unexplained things. So the finale comes and Mike wins -_-. I know I skipped a few things with them, but their blandness and all of the other frustrrating ish avone about the season are tiring me out. Mike's entire plot and backstory has no explanations, Zoey becomes the biggst Mary-Sue in Total Drama, and....... (goes crazy in room). I am so sick fo these two.

This season has so many problems; derailment of charactes, awful continuity, lack of explanations, abrupt storylines ending quicker than a wink. This season had potential, but tool every flaw from TDI, TDA, TDWT, and TDROTI and made them worse. This season is the failure of Total Drama. I use to dislike TDROTI, but the ONE thing this seaosn taught me is to appreciate TDROTI (I should watch that to calm myself down). Good things about it.......... AleHeather are together, those one-liners are funny sometimes, the triangle is FINALLY put to rest. I needed to vent, so vent about this season in the comments.


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