If you have watched the first season of the series, there has been mention of a potential jury vote. Total Drama is based off the CBS show "Survivor", whose winner has been determined by the jury each and every single season. What do you think would have happened on the 6 seasons if a jury decided the wins. I am going to do my best to try and calculate what I think would have happened. In order to do this, I am going to have to change things to follow the Survivor formula. What this means is that the jury will have to face the vote out of 3 contestants instead of two. I might have to add a pre-merger to the jury, or take a merger out to make it an odd jury if I have to, and stuff like that.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Because a Survivor season consists of 3 finalists instead of two, that means Heather would not be a juror, and would be joining Gwen and Owen to determine who would win.

Now I am going to see who would be in the jury. Since there is a 22 person cast, and the merge happened at the final 12, there will be a 9 person jury. We do not have to add the last pre-merger (Harold), or remove the first merger (Eva) to have an odd number, since there is a perfect amount of jurors.

Obviously, Izzy and Eva were two pre-jurors who ended up returning. In Survivor, this is usually done by a "Redemption Island" twist, and since there are two of them, I am going to change it up a bit. The Screaming Gophers will have to fight one another to get one of the 2 spots to return, while the Killer Bass will have to fight to get the other. It is the only way to properly explain Eva and Izzy's returns under a Survivor format. If I feel like it, we could have fun with speculating how this went down.

Redemption Island twist:

Ezekiel vs Eva: EVA

Eva vs Katie: EVA

Eva vs Tyler: EVA

Eva vs Sadie: EVA

Eva vs Courtney: EVA

Eva vs Harold: EVA RETURNS

Noah vs Justin: JUSTIN

Justin vs Izzy: IZZY

Izzy vs Cody: IZZY

Izzy vs Beth: IZZY RETURNS

Now here is where we will speculate jury votes:

Eva: Eva would probably be the hardest to predict who she would vote for, since she has the least relationships with everyone in the entire jury, since she was eliminated second, and spent her entire time in the season lashing out at people. She also was not in any of their team, which makes her even harder to predict. From what we have seen, she loathes Heather as much as everyone else does in No Pain, No Game, so she would not vote for Heather. She would be more disgusted with Owen than Gwen, and Gwen's rebel lifestyle would resonate with Eva more, so I think she would vote for Gwen.

Trent: This is a very easy vote. Heather played him out of the house, and while he is friends with Owen, he is in a relationship with Gwen. He will vote for Gwen.

Bridgette: Bridgette fell out with Heather in the team swap, and wanted nothing to do with her since. She is cordial with Owen, and became really good friends with Gwen in the merge, so you would think she would vote for Gwen to win. She flipped to vote for Owen quickly in the finale, as she was too easily swayed, so in spite of this, I think she would vote for Owen. She might want to be a voting block with Geoff as well.

Lindsay: Lindsay was never close with Gwen in the season, and Gwen had poor management in regards to Lindsay, so I think she would vote for Owen to win. She loathes Heather too, so that is a given. Lindsay is a personal voter instead of a strategic one, so Owen is the better option.

DJ: I think this one is a given. He would not support Heather's nasty antics during the season at all, and he was allied with Owen in the merge, so he knows his strategy, and bonded with him more than Gwen has. Again, this is an example of bad jury management on Gwen's part, so he votes for Owen to win.

Izzy: This one is pretty self-explanatory. She is in a relationship with Owen, and is not close with neither Heather or Gwen. She votes for Owen to win.

Geoff: Geoff has grown closer to Gwen in his last episode, so she at least has a chance to get his vote. He has never really spoken to Heather, and has been shown to be horrified by her actions. He was friendly with Owen since the team swap with the genders, and was in an alliance with him. He will vote for Owen to him most likely. If him and Bridgette wanted to, they could probably switch the votes, as they are the biggest cases of swing votes.

Leshawna: This is another obvious vote. She has been allies with Gwen since almost the beginning, and is easily the biggest advocate for Gwen. She loathes Heather, so no chance at getting her vote. While Owen is a nice person, I do not know if Leshawna respects him, so she would vote for Gwen to win.

Duncan: Duncan, like Bridgette and Geoff are the swing votes. He has had plenty of good and bad interactions with Gwen, and Owen (and to an extent, Heather). When he was eliminated, Duncan was very pissed off at Owen for single-handedly sending him home, but in the finale, he was one of the bigger Owen advocates. He was aligned with him, and was not close to Gwen at all in this season. He votes for Owen.

Owen would win by a vote of 6-3-0. Gwen has had poor jury management with almost everyone in the jury, and does not have a lot of people who would stick their necks for her (Bridgette is a prime example). Owen also benefited from being in a guys alliance, with the guys being very influential in a jury vote (Geoff most likely influencing Bridgette). Heather's actions have made her the ultimate goat of Total Drama Island, so there is no way she would ever gain the respect of the jury with her attitude.

Total Drama Island Alternative Jury 1Edit

Gwen and Owen are the final 2. This remains a 9-person jury, but Eva gets booted, and Heather replaces her.

Either way, Owen wins. Total Drama Island Alternative Jury 2

These two alternatives are most likely to not happen, but it is still fun to speculate. This is a 7 person jury with a final 3.

Owen still probably wins, but with a smaller jury, it would be easier to sway the votes in Gwen's favor. I only see her winning with a smaller jury.

Total Drama Island Alternative Jury 3Edit

7 person jury with a final 2.

So not matter what, Owen will pretty much win with any alternate jury.

Total Drama Action (this one was already done, but I am changing some of the rules)Edit

Okay, this is the only season in the series that actually WAS determined by a jury vote, but I am going to change some rules. Instead of everyone being a juror, only the mergers will become jurors, meaning Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, DJ, Izzy, and Heather will be snubbed. The three facing a jury vote will be:

Because there are 15 contestants in the season, we will have to shorten the jury to 7 people. We only have 8 mergers (including the 3 finalists), so what does this mean........ the most recent pre-mergers will have to be the first 2 members of the jury. Total Drama Action will have the sloppiest jury, due to the two returnees, and the mid-season debutee.

The Killer Grips had to vote for either Izzy or Trent to return to the show, since they had too small of a disadvantage numbers-wise, and Chris wanted another twist. The Grips did not want to have to deal with Trent's melodrama, and they did not trust him to not throw challenges.

The mergers also had to vote in another contestant to come back (details are not figured out yet), and they chose Owen.

The people who were not qualified in TDA had to fight one another to have a spot to enter the season, and Courtney won (we can have fun speculating how this happened). These twists were infiltrated to have the same boot order and cast as the actual show. Now onto the jury vote:

Izzy: Votes for Owen, because they are in the relationship, likes to have a returnee win, and is not close with either Beth or Duncan.

Heather: Would be pissed off that Owen returned so late, and returned over her. Heather will continue to hate Beth, and the fact that she outlasted her. She was on the same team as Duncan, and she has to vote for someone, so she would have to vote for Duncan reluctantly.

Leshawna: Another easy vote; she votes for Beth. Would not be pleased that Owen and Duncan got rid of Harold, and feels like Owen got an undeserved spot. Duncan rubbed her wrong when she was sent to jury.

Justin: Another vote that Duncan burned while sending Justin to jury. I honestly do not know who he would vote for between Beth and Owen. Both of them like him, and gush over him the most out of the entire cast. It would be close, but I see that he votes for Beth, hoping that she could spend some of her money on him.

Lindsay: An obvious vote for Beth. She has been the biggest Beth advocate all season, and would see a Beth victory as a victory of her own as well.

Harold: He votes for Beth easily. Duncan has crappy jury management, as their conflict was re-ignited, and he did not like how Owen returned so close to the finale, and was a rat.

Courtney: She votes for Duncan, hoping to get some of his money, and seeing him win as a victory of hers. Owen and Beth have trashed her, and she would feel like both of them are undeserving, and have done nothing.

Beth would win 4-2-1 against Duncan and Owen. Owen could have won again if he did not return as late as he did, and if he was not a rat. Him winning before probably had something to do with him getting no votes aside from Izzy's. Duncan pretty much crapped on every single juror aside from Izzy (who was gone too soon, and had no chance of getting her vote anyways). Duncan was probably more strategic, but refused to work with most people, and his overly aggressive nature threw everyone off. Beth is lucky her allies Justin and Lindsay ended up being in jury, Harold was so bitter, and Leshawna grew to like her, or else the vote could have easily flipped to Duncan's favour. Duncan was lucky that in the actual show, everyone was allowed to vote, or he would have no chance.

Total Drama Action Alternative Jury 1Edit

7 person jury with a final 2

Beth would win 4-3, and even Owen's vote would be debatable.

Total Drama Action Alternative Jury 2Edit

5 person jury with a final 3

Either way, Beth wins.

Total Drama Action Alternative Jury 3Edit

5 person jury with a final 2

Beth wins again, but it is a close vote.

Total Drama: World TourEdit

Very self-explanatory. The three finalists are the ones who made it into the final episode.

Like Action, the jury will be a bit more difficult because we have 8 people who made it to the merge, and we need a 7 person jury. This means the last two pre-mergers (Tyler and Gwen) will be the first 2 jurors. They made it past the halfway point, so it makes sense.

This will probably be the easiest vote to count, and the finalists in World Tour were VERY lucky that the finale was determined by the challenge, instead of a  jury vote.

Tyler: Hates Heather for her treatment to him in Island, and never dealt with her in this season. He was cool with Alejandro for most of the season, but was pained from being betrayed by him in favor of Duncan, and his villainous actions. He votes for Cody for being the only pleasant one.

Gwen: Votes for Cody obviously. She grew to like him during the season, was never impressed with Alejandro, and still hates Heather.

Owen: He votes for Cody. They have been friends since Total Drama Island, he still has bad blood with Heather, and has grown to loathe Alejandro after his elimination, and being told how Al trashed him all season.

Blaineley: She refuses to vote for Cody for not knowing who she is , and had an intense rivalry with Heather in her short time in the season. Her vote goes to Alejandro for not only being hot, but because he was one of the only things that made the season interesting.

Courtney: Obviously votes for Alejandro. She sees it as a victory of hers, is attracted to him, and is extremely bitter about how this season went.

Duncan: Honestly, his vote will be the hardest to keep track of. He still dislikes Cody to the core, knowing he still likes Gwen, Heather for trying to pursue him, and Alejandro for being a snake that he is disgusted by. He was supporting Cody in the finale, so I am assuming that is where he will go. He will also be a voting block with Gwen.

Sierra: Obviously votes for Cody.

Cody wins by a vote of 5-2-0. Both Alejandro and Heather have burned everyone throughout the show, and he only got two votes because the two girls are attracted to him, and are bitter. Cody got all of those votes because he was the only one who was not a horrible person. Heather would never win in a jury vote.

Total Drama World Tour Alternative Jury 1Edit

7 person jury with a final 2

I decided to give Gwen's vote to Alejandro because despite what he did in the season, none of it was directed to her, and her history was way too deep for her to give a vote to Heather. Heather attacked her outside of the season as well, and Gwen is clearly not over it in All-Stars. Heather barely wins because Courtney and Blaineley will always vote against her, but the men loathe Alejandro a lot more, and Sierra will follow Cody.

Total Drama World Tour Alternative Jury 2Edit

5 person jury with a final 3

So this vote would depend on how Duncan was feeling at the moment. If he was pissed at Cody trying to infiltrate in between his relationship with Gwen, he'll toss Heather a vote to screw him over. If not, he will hand it to Cody. The only 4 votes are pretty set in stone, but depending on how Duncan feels, it would end up being a tie. Either way, Al or Cody will take it home with this set of jurors, since the Cody votes are not as much as there would be in a 7 person jury.

Total Drama World Tour Alternative Jury 3Edit

5 person jury with a final 2

No matter what, Heather barely wins.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Things will be a bit easier from here, since there is one returnee in this season, and none after this season. Now onto the three finalists.

Obviously, there are WAY TOO LITTLE mergers (6 overall), so we will continue to pull the Survivor trick. Since this is the shortest cast with 13 people, and if we did the 7-person jury, it would only leave to 3 pre-jurors, so we are changing the rules. This jury will consist of 5 people, meaning the last two pre-mergers (Anne Maria and Dakota) will be jurors. There is another issue though, Anne Maria QUIT, so she would be removed from the jury as well. This means Brick would be the first juror instead of her. I know, it is confusing.

Brick: This one is an obvious vote. Actually, it really isn't. Obviously, he is not going to vote for Lightning, as he is a crude idiot who never gave him the time of day. I could see him voting for either Cameron and Zoey because he seemed friendly with both of them, and they showed him respect as he was leaving. He would also like both of their personal growth, but since Cameron generally did better in challenges than Zoey, and took down Jo, he would vote for Cameron.

Dakota: I still need to figure out some of the details regarding her return, but that could always be handled later. Dakota's vote is easy to channel, since Zoey burned her bridges with her for no reason, and Dakota is disgusted by Scott. She easily votes for Cameron, even though she wasn't close with him.

Mike: Of course he will vote for Zoey to win, though I see him supporting both her and Cameron almost as equally. Mike was never on the same team as Lightning, did not speak to him, and only heard bad things about him, so no way is he voting for Lightning.

Jo: She would not be a bitter juror, as she gave props where it was due as she was being eliminated on the show. No way in heck is she voting for Lightning to win (she would crucify him in the jury questioning), and she might want to vote for Zoey, just to have a female winner (since the females have been so poor otherwise this season), but she respected Cameron cutting her, so she will vote for Cameron to win. EDIT: I forgot about her being forced to choose between Lightning and Cameron, and she chose Lightning. I guess she would vote for him to win.

Scott: Scott's vote is the hardest one to predict out of all the jury votes. We did not get to see him speak or show support for anyone in the finale becuse he was comatose, and everyone kept on crapping on him. I see him being bitter to Zoey for sure, after putting him through the grueling elimination, and Cameron as well for supporting it. The thing is, I do not know if he would feel good with rooting for the biggest tool in the season. Either way, he is not voting for Zoey to win. I am going to be a cheat, and say he votes for Cameron or Lightning. Either way, Cameron wins with 3-1-1, or it being tied with Lightning at 2-2-1. He won challenges when he needed to, stuck up for himself, and while him and Zoey grew a lot as people, he grew a bit more, and did not have a romance to count on. Zoey did not do well in challenges at all in this season, as she was more preoccupied with Mike instead of making alliances with a lot of the others from the cast (which Cameron did). Lightning is a bigger goat than Heather was in island, because not only was he mean to everyone and refused to get to know them, but he was not strategic at all.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 1Edit

The alternatives for this season are going to be a bit different. There have been some cases in Survivor that a person quitting has still been allowed to remain a jury member, so for this one, it will be a 5 person jury consisting of Anne Maria instead of Brick.

Zoey has no chance, and it could either be a 4-1-0 victory for Cameron, a 3-1-1 victory, or a tie with Lightning, at 2-2-1. If it was a tie, Mike would probably break it in Cameron's favour.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 2Edit

5 person jury in a final 2.

Either way you spin it, Cameron wins.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 3Edit

7 person jury in a final 3 (Anne did not join jury)

Zoey's chances increase exponentially with a larger jury, since there are a few more swing votes in her favor. Her chances increase, but Cameron would still most likely win.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 4Edit

7 person jury in final 3 including Anne Maria.

Cameron wins by a landslide.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 5Edit

7 person jury in final 2.

Cameron easily wins.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Alternative Jury 6Edit

7 person jury for final 2 if Anne Maria quit and did not join jury.

No surprises here.

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

The three finalists are:

I have decided to make the jury consist of 5 people. The cast for Survivor is usually a lot larger than 14 people, and the merge has 8 people, so it is a lot easier to calculate. It also helps that 6 people left pre-merge, so it would be better to have a 7 person jury where 4 left before jury. I just realized something; Duncan was arrested, so he would be out of the jury completely. Obviously, Sierra would replace him in the jury.

Remember me saying that World Tour would be the easiest jury to practice the votes for? No, that would be this season because instead of there being one goat, there are two goats.

Sierra: Votes how Cameron will vote, which will be for Zoey. She never spoke to or worked with Scott, and she barely spoke to Mike. Zoey is the only one in that finale who she has any sort of relationship with.

Cameron: He will vote for Zoey after all she went through this season with Mike, and winning most of the challenges. He still hates Scott, and knows Mike needs to get it together.

Alejandro: If he wanted to be petty, and wanted to support a villain, he would vote for Scott, but I think even he knows how pathetic Scott was during the season. Plus, Scott was the only one who cared about the "stick to the villains" mentality. He will vote for Zoey after Mike trashed and humiliated him. He is not pleased with the final 3.

Courtney: If her and Scott did not have that fallout, she would have voted for him, but she votes for Zoey. Courtney tried and failed to target Zoey countless times, and would give her props. She never interacted with Mike either.

Gwen: She would debatably be Zoey's biggest cheerleader. She hates Scott, and was not close to Mike, so this is an easy vote.

For the first time in Total Drama history, Zoey wins unanimously (5-0-0) against Mike and Scott. Scott was a pathetic goat who did nothing the entire season, and Mike's actions as Mal will be put on him, and it is even worse because when he was Mike, he never spoke to anyone.

Total Drama All-Stars Alternative Jury 1Edit

5 person jury in a final 2.

Total Drama All-Stars Alternative Jury 2Edit

7 person jury in final 3.

Courtney would vote for her over Scott for being a huge threat who made it to the end.

Total Drama All-Stars Alternative Jury 3Edit

7 person jury in final 2.

Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

The three finalists are:

There will be a 5 person jury, but because of the dilemma with Scarlett being disqualified for tampering with production, she would be removed from the jury.  I thought about Ella taking Scarlett's place, but she was evicted too early, and they have done a few final 2 votes in Survivor, so I think this would be that case. Sugar will be the final juror.

Topher: His vote will be the hardest to track down, since he was not on any of their teams, and did not speak to the cast overall. Something tells me he is petty and jealous towards other men, so I see him not giving a vote to Shawn. I would probably say he votes for Sky for being on his team for that last episode he was on.

Dave: He would have voted for Sky if it was not for their later interactions. He is disgusted by Sugar, so he will vote for Shawn, who he has become friendly towards anyways.

Max: He has not been shown interacting with either of them, but I think he would find Shawn cooler than Sky, so that is where his vote will go.

Jasmine: She obviously votes for Shawn, despite growing to like Sky.

Sugar: She grew an intense hatred and conflict with Sky, so there is no way she is giving her vote to her. It is more about Sky losing than giving Shawn the vote to win.

Shawn will win 4-1. It simply comes down to Sky having more enemies than he does. I am sure his challenge prowess definitely helped him out in comparison to her, who did not win much (if any) challenges, despite claiming herself to be a challenge threat.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Alternative Jury 1Edit

Since there are many options, we will calculate this one if this was a normal final 3 to choose to win.

Because of Sugar being removed from the jury to be a part of the finale, and someone needing to replace Scarlett in the jury, Ella will be the first juror.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Alternative Jury 2Edit

7 person jury in a final 2.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Alternative Jury 3Edit

7 person jury in a final 3.

Shawn would barely win with this one. If one person slips, Sky could easily win the season, since it would end up a tie, and who knows what could happen.