Before I say anything, I just want to give credit to TheEpicDestroyer for inspiring me to do this with his Why TDAS Is Such An Abysmal Season series. I am going to talk about TDA in different parts (and one of those parts will be about the good of this season, so I ain't fully hating).

When this season comes to discussion (if it comes to discussion, which says a lot), the consensus is usually not in a positive sense. Many loathe this season completely, and think that it is the start of the end of Total Drama, and that it ruined almost everyone else in the show since TDI, or they just do not remember the season, and think it is a forgettable piece of filler in the series. I am just going to lay down what I think is the issue that many have with this season.

Missed Opportunities

I think this is the biggest issue of the season. They would set things up, or try to set things up, but nothing comes up from it, leaving a lot to end up being filler (which is what I will get to soon enough). There is a lot of things that they set up this season, and if they played it through, it would have spiced things up for sure.

Harold and Heather

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Heather and Harold is definitely one of the missed opportunities that should have been this season. Heather was intending to use Harold as a puppett, and to have him on her side in Riot on Set, but nothing comes of it. We could have seen the two underdogs come on top or what not, but they tossed this out the door. hese two could have worked off really well together. It would have made Leshawna jealous, and potentially get out big threats.

Justin, Lindsay, and Beth alliance

Justin was intending to use his looks to get Lindsay and Beth on his side, and to use them as pawns, before he tosses them aside, with this starting in about Beach Blanket Bogus, but........nothing comes out of it. He only uses them to boost his ego, and he did not even dictate them or treat it like an alliance. It just literally faded away, and............this needed to be developed a lot more, and to really show that these three had the power on the Killer Grips.

Izzy and Justin's conflict

Try this
After learning that these two dated previously, and to see that neither really liked one another, you would have thought that Izzy would have had a plot where she would take Justin down, or have their conflict expanded on, but nope. She just says he is not handsome, and he votes her off. This could have actually gave her purpose, and expose Justin for the pathetic fraud he is, and then get eliminated, and THAT could have been his fall from antagonism. Perfectly wasted opportunity for drama.

Harold and Leshawna relationship

Cute picture of Leshawna and Harold
The entire season these two were giving me a mind f***. One moment, she does not want him, the next minute, he is lusting off of Gwen and Heather, and the next, they are.........doing what they are doing in the picture, and she even admits that she has feelings for him. Nothing really came out of this interaction that they expanded off of this season, and it kind of seemed like filler. They could have really went through the aftermath of their breakup in the beginning of the season, and then slowly become friends or hook up. They needed something.......more, but their interaction fizzled randomly at the end of their time together in the season.

Guys alliance

Guys alliance 2
Justin, Harold, and Duncan formed a guys alliance in Super Hero-Id, and it is used to get Leshawna out. Great, but the issue is that this alliance is never brought up or put into function again. We did not see the huge fallout that would end their alliance, or them target or eliminate any other contestant. It is pathetic to form an alliance to only focus it on one episode. Bad writing.

Screaming Gaffers alliance

'Leshawna tries to form an alliance with Harold and Duncan in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, but it fails, and tries to form it again in Dial M for Merger, and it succeeds. But what comes out of this? Absolutely nothing. I do not like things being established it only to be thrown out of the window the very next episode, and without consistency, but to be fair, Harold did remember their alliance in the next episode. Totally pointless sub plot point.

Heather and Leshawna's friendship

Why did this need to happen? Not only because it is forgotten about in the next season, but it literally happened in Heather's last seconds of the competition before leaving, and it was so unnecessary. If they made them work up to being friends in episodes prior, it would have meant something, but this was just pointless. If it was developed more, it would have been a lot greater though.

Owen's spy plot

Chris using Owen
Why the f*** did Owen have to come back. It seemed like it as an executive request (which IS a topic I will discuss in a future post of the TDA blog series). Absolutely nothing else would have changed if he never came back. He did not stir things up, and nothing came out of this. It could have caused everyone to really hate Owen, and he could have really screwred up the final 5. It is also a big issue because he returned when the season was over 3/4 finished. What could he really do with tht short amount of time? Pathetic plot point that should not have happened.

Justin and Beth's one sided attraction

I somewhat discussd this above, but his interaction with Beth receives a lot more focus than Lindsay. I did not like how randomly Beth's attraction for him would fizz in and out at times, and I feel like this plot could have been really great for both of them. She could have helped him through his insecrities, and they could have been friends, or him give her an epic betrayal or something, but again, nothing is really executed. The beginning of their interaction is brilliant, but the ending just fizzled, like most of these other plot points I mentioned above.

Please discuss below how you feel about this season. I will be covering the Rehashes, Winning/Losing streak, and the Filler issues in the season in the next installment.