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Anyways, I am interested in seeing who is the best in each of these categories of Total Drama, since it is never ranked or discussed really. After come comparing and contrasting, I will come to a conclusion of who is the best all-around player.

Total Drama Island


Windblown Gwen
This is pretty easy, since Gwen easily won most of the challenges in her season. She single-handedly won 3 pre-merge challenges on her own, and 3 merge challenges as well. Contributed to some of the other wins as well.

While some of Heather's win are reduced to luck and convenience, she is roughly behind Gwen competitively. Heather manages to have 4 post-merge wins on her belt, and contributed to one or two of her team wins.

And the third option is completed with Leshawna, who mixes in this trilogy perfectly. Partook in 2 or 3 of the pre-merge wins quite heavily, and won two of the post-merge challenges herself. If you think about it, all of the merged challenge wins are split between all three of them, and they were all in the winning team in general.

Honorable Mentions

Despite not making it to the merge, Harold is either the sole or a largely contributing reason for most of the Killer Bass's 5 wins, which can't be said for anyone else on the team. It's kind of shocking, since he was hated on his team, but most of the mergers didn't perform well or stood out in challenges. 

If it was not Harold who was a major contributor to the Bass' victories, it is Duncan. Despite not winning many challenges himself, he has come close to winning countless challenges in the pre-merge and merged challenges.


This is kind of harder to determine, because it is not outright emphasized in the show, like who is strategic, and especially who is competitive. 

DJ no bunny
Honestly, there are so many people who have Everyone friendship interactions in regards to this season. After looking into it, I have to say that DJ is the best social player in the season. I mean, DJ is the only one who had Heather willingly hug him, and literally everyone was sad when he was eliminated. No one ever targeted him in the entire season (which is a feat that I don't think anyone else really has), his shortcomings in challenges are easily forgotten about because he is so popular, and never got into conflict this season. There was no logical way that he could have been eliminated, so he was eliminated in the random manner that he was.

Owen is actually pretty similar to DJ, but I put him a bit lower because a lot of his gross eating and living habits do annoy others, and have put him in jeporady. Despite this, it is never large enough for him to be a target, and never grows into anything more than mild annoyance. Owen often brought a lot of fun and excitement on his team, when things were normally very tense. He even impressed some people, who are normally very hard to get to (specifically Duncan), and Owen never had to do much of anything because he was great socially, and wasn't threatening. Ultimately, it is the reason why a majority supported him in the finale over Gwen.

I had trouble deciding who would be the third spot, but I ultimately went to Leshawna. She does have a huge temper, but in this season, it was only used on Heather and Duncan, so I guess the others did not really care. What I really appreciated about her socially is that she is great at winning over new people. We see this with Bridgette and Beth, two people who have never really spoken to, and even Courtney was won over this season, despite barely interacting. She is very motherly this season, which gravitates a lot of people to her. A common theme in the late merge was "threats that everyone liked" being eliminated randomly and suddenly. She was the one out of everyone that Playa de Losers wanted to see the least arrive.

Honourable Mentions

I was back and forth on Geoff and Leshawna, but ultimately settled with her, despite him having less social flaws. Geoff was once again like the other mid-to-late mergers, who left because everyone liked them, and had some of their eliminations be the most convenient due to it. Very similar to Owen, due to being optimistic, and postive party people, who relieves the tension amongst a very tense team. This caused him to be the unofficial leader of the Killer Bass in many challenges. He is an honorable mention becase he had less bonds than the others, and managed to gain a grudge in Duncan that ultimately played a part in his elimination. 

Choosing a fifth is kind of hard, since some of the people who made it to the end weren't good social players at all, so...... I guess I'm gonna go with Bridgette, though I don't think she's on the same scale with the others. She was well-liked on her team, and was easily the nicest person on her team, as she never caused any problems or taunted anyone. When she was by herself, all of the girls did everything they could to win her over, so she was seen as worthy. Better than others, but nowhere close to the others on the list.


Total Drama tends to focus a lot on the relations between one another, and the challenge aspect to the game, and while there is strategy that is shown, it is often only attributed to a few people at most in a season. This was pretty hard too, since most of the strategy was seen in one or two people.

Duncan has the hook again
I'm shocked that I think Duncan is the most strategic person in the season, but there was no one else. Duncan often used intimidation as a tactic to get his team to do what he wanted, and to put them in the right mindset for challenges, which paid off. He chose the right allies in the upbeat, optimistic, and bro-ish Geoff and DJ, who were always loyal. Out of anyone this season, I have to say that Duncan is the most adaptable out of everyone in the season. He forms a guys alliance in the early merge, and when that failed, he formed an alliance with Heather that benefitted him in the mid-merge. Very self-interested, and I have to give him a lot of respect in that aspect.

Sick heather
I guess by necessity, and the lack of options, I have to put Heather second. I am slowly realizing how overrated she is in this season regarding her gameplay, as she was bailed out a lot of time by luck and conveniences, as a lot of her moves had nothing to do with strategy. Despite that, Heather was the first to form an alliance, used initmidation on her other teammates (not as well as Duncan), knew when to cut her allies, and when to move on to other people. She formed alliances that involved Izzy and Duncan when she needed to, and was one of the willing people to actually play the game, instead of it being summer camp.

The next slot is a struggle, since I do not think anyone else was that strategic in this specific season, but just by looking at everyone else, I say that Leshawna is probably a very distant third. She did try to make a girls alliance (or the better term being a girls voting block) in the merge, and she did ring-lead Trent's elimination, which was a smart move on her part. It caused Gwen to get a lot closer to her, and she also knew that Duncan was a threat that needed to go (but failed to pull it off). She was a bit too blinded by her hatred for Heather, but she was one of the few people who would take initiative in making a move, and seeing people for the threats they were,

Honourable Mentions

6. CourtneyNight!
I am shocked that I am including Courtney, but out of everyone, her, Duncan, and Heather are the only consistently strategic people in this season. Courtney is only an honourable mention because she was a pre-merge out (though it says a lot that it was rigged), and all she did was whine and boss people around to deflect from her shortcomings. It was like she was a failed Heather. She put herself in the position of a leader often times on her team, and did dictate how the team operated.

Gwen is here because there is literally no one else I can muster putting up here. Almost all of Gwen's moves in the season were emotional, as she was too stuck to Trent, and her hatred of Heather. She did use the system in the final 3 challenge with Owen to target Heather, tried to target Duncan alongside Leshawna, and........ that's it.

Best Overall Players in Total Drama Island

1. Leshawna

2. Duncan

3. DJ

4. Gwen

5. Owen

Total Drama Action


I have no other choice but to put Coutney as first. A lot of it was due to luck and convenience, but we did see a lot of skills that she simply did not have in Island (probably improved in between seasons because of her performance and bitterness from Island). She was only ever vulnerable in 3 (technically 2 due to her lawsuit) eliminations since her debut.

The others are definitely at a disance from Courtney. and are a closer to one another than to her. I guess I am choosing Harold because despite winning one merged challenge, he came close in several of them, and was a major contributor to many of the Screaming Gaffers' team wins. It isn't as shocking with him in comparison to Courtney, because we saw this in Total Drama Island, despite his short run.

Duncan and Scruffy
Like Harold, Duncan's competitive performance is not surprising to say the least, though he did not win a challenge in a merge. He played a major part in the Screaming Gaffers' winning streak, and was close to winning many of the merge challenges. It's weird because in both seasons, he isn't the strongest individually, but performs better wins in a team.

Honourable Mentions

TDA Theme Song (Lindsay)
Lindsay is on the honorable mentions instead of in the top 3 because of the Killer Grips' losing streak, which she did greatly contribute to. Once the merge hit, Lindsay started to win and do better, as she was one of the few people outside of Courtney to win a challenge.

Beth is in the same predicament as Lindsay is, though Beth only started to propser in challenges in the late merge, when there is no one else. Outside of these 5, no one else stood out in challenges, so Beth is the only one left.


Beth without glasses
If I had to choose someone this season, it would probably have to be Beth. I was unsure about ho to put up at first, but the fact that she knew every detail about the contestants in the final challenge, which shows great detail to the social aspect of the game. She was never a target, and was kept around, despite being on the losing team consistently, and not doing well in the challenges until the end. Generally got along with everyone, and only had one enemy in Courtney.

Lindsay cheers for Izzy
If I have to put Beth this high, I kind of have to put Lindsay this high just because. Without Heather forcing her to be isolated, we really saw how friendly Lindsay can be generally, and with other people. Her shortfall is that she got a bit too bossy at times, but was one of the most flexible people regarding relationships in the house.

Honestly, Justin is actually pretty good socially. While he may have been an antagonist, no one in the cast really treated him like one, and there has never really been hatred that has been received from being an antaognist like the others. A lot of it has to do with the females and Owen being attracted to him, but he even got along with the guys. When his looks started to wear off, he tried to bond with the guys, and it worked for quite a bit. When he isn't being vain, Justin is easy to get along with. 

Honourable Mentions

Owen once again made it through several eliminations because of his social relationships with people. A lot of it was tossed away when he became a spy after returning in the game, and his social relations wasn't going to last him much longer his first time around anyays. Still an improvement over the rest of the cast.

DJ woozy
Everyone else outside of these four were really, really, really poor in this aspect, but I think it's because there were a lack of interactions overall in the season. I guess the fifth person is DJ once again because everyone was saddened when he quit, and everyone loved him, so he would not have left for a while afterwards. No one reallt cared about his alliance with Chef, and him cooking for everyone was something the others would have keot him around for alone. Ehh otherwise............


I was honestly going back and forth on this, because some people relied more on competitions, and others relied more socially or by luck. At the end of the day, I decided to stick with Justin, because he was thinking strategically from the start to the end of his tenure. Using his looks to win over the girls and Owen to do what he wants, using it to overshadow his weak challenge performance, blackmailing Gwen, getting rid of people who were threats to him, and I believe that he was the ringleader in the second guys alliance. When his looks wore off, he had to rely on his mind, and we saw that he was a bit smarter than we thought. 

Courtney octo
Again, I was back and forth, since Courtney mostly relied on competitions and lawsuits to get her by instead of her strategic mindset, but in comparison to everyone else, I think she was the second-most successful in getting what she wanted strategically. We see that when she is vulnerable, she cannot strategically save herself, but she did manage to get who she wanted out via Leshawna and Justin. She was thinking more about the game than anyone else, so I give her props there.

TDA Theme Song (Lindsay)
Was initially going to put Duncan here, but I think Lindsay was a lot better than him in this regard during the season. She got out of Justin's spell a lot quicker than Beth did, and took over as the leader of the Killer Grips, which almost got her eliminated, but it's the effort that counts. We see her shine even more during the merge, because she was the ringleader in trying the make the best moves for her and her allies, despite it failing a lot more than succeeding. Like Justin, we see that she does have some chops in that head of hers.

Honourable Mentions

Duncan was never really in the position pre-merge to be a strategic powerhouse, since he was on the winning team, and avoided elimination. It seemed like he was the one in control of Heather's elimination more than Harold was, and he was doing it more so strategically, in comparison to Harold. There was the guys alliance, where he convinced Courtney to vote out Leshawna, and to convince Harold to do the same thing as well. Otherwise, he really didn't do anything else. Voting out Courtney was because he was annoyed with her.

I am putting Leshawna here over people like Harold and Beth, because she was being more strategic overall in comparison to the both of them. We see her attempt to form an alliance with Duncan and Harold, and despite all efforts, it finally managed to come into existence. Then there was the spa lie, which showed that she would do anything she could in order to win the game, and to benefit herself. She tried to take control in the merge, and that is why she was easily booted, beause it was obvious to everyone she was trying to take control.

Best Overall Players in Total Drama Action

1. Lindsay

2. Justin

3. Duncan 

4. Beth

5. Courtney

Total Drama World Tour


This was actually a lot easier to determine than I thought, in comparison to the other. Since we have three teams, and one of them was the superior team, it was easy to see who had the most involvement in the wins, and it belongs to Sierra. She has either singlehandedly won them a lot of the challenges, or was one of the major contributors. In the merge, she ended up winning two challenges, and it is clear that her being a superfan has helped her utilize and perform well in challenges, so props to Sierra. 

I know I am one of the people who are unimpressed with Heather in Island, but I have to say that her challenge prominence this season has much less to do with convenience and luck, but actual skill and deceptiveness. If it was not Sierra winning or leading them in the challenges, it was Heather, who has definitely had to carry her weight at times, and become the unofficial leader of the alliance. And when their team did lose, more often than not it was because they did not listen to her. At the merge, she has tied with Sierra with two challenges each.

A part of me felt like I had to put another person from Team Amazon in the third spot, but I just couldn't. This means I have to look at Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, and the easy standout is Alejandro. This is interesting because their team were in second place more than any other team, and his decisions have either influenced a win (or avoiding defeat), or single-handedly given them victory. In the merge episode, he mentioned something about throwing the challenge, so I am wondering if a lot of their second place wins were thrown. Soon after the merge, Alejandro started dominating the challenges, though it does seem like a lot of his skills came out of nowhere. 

Honourable Mentions

I am stuck between three people, and I think it's pretty clear who it is. In order to determine this, I was thinking about who contributed more losses than wins in their specific teams, so I ultimately chose Tyler. This is actually kind of shocking, because he actually greatly contributed to most of his team's wins; pretty equal to Alejandro if you really look down to it. Of course he was eliminated a few rounds before the merge, so he couldn't go any higher.

HS - Courtney scared for her life
The final honourable mention has to go to Courtney, because in comparison to the other person, she has more standout contributions to her team's victories. Courtney is weird because she has greatly contributed to her team's losses, but has also benefitted greatly to a lot of their wins. It also helps that she won the first merge challenge, but otherwise, she was not a powerhouse like in Action, and an overall mixed bag.


I am realizing that this is kind of hard for this season; mostly due to the three teams, and the really late merge. 

Alejandro hawaii
No one really stands out, but out of everyone, I have to choose Alejandro. While his competitive skills may be oner of a Villain-Stu, his social skills are definitely not a Villain-Stu like. Unlike Justin, he didn't just use his looks, but also knew how to flirt with them and talk to them in a way that made them special. He also knew how to bond with the guys without being a bro-douche, and is good enough at hiding his disdain for certain people. Maybe it was because he was the only newbie, and one that was not obsessed, he was the only person to go out of his way to speak to everyone.

Happy Heather ^^
Heather also improved in this area, in comparison to her Island performance. She realized that being an outright b**** to everyone was not going to work, and was the only other person to go out of her way to speak to nearly everyone in the season. She was hated at first, but she laid back, and utilized people socially whenever she needed to, which is mre than others could say in this season.  

HS - Owen volunteers
It was a struggle choosing a second person, so it's even harder choosing a third one. Based on everyone else, I have to choose Owen, solely because he was eliminated for being too popular (why should that matter if there is no jury), and because everyone on his team wanted to utilize him one way or another. 

Honourable Mentions

Cody motivates Heather
I really do not want to put Cody up here, since he did little to nothing the entire season. Despite that, there is a very small case for him, since almosy everyone in the entire first generation cast wanted him to win, though that was mostly because Alejandro and Heather grew more hated than anything in his own merit. Another case is that all of his teammates wanted to utilize him, and everyone got along with him, but once again, you could easily argue that it's because everyone else in the team hated one another.

Choosing a fifth is damn near impossble, but I will stick with Gwen. She went out of her way to work with Heather instead of against her (at least not outright fight her), befriended the woman that hated her in Courtney (of course ruining it a few episodes later), and used Cody to her advantage, despite not caring for him, and still knowing that he is obsessed with her.


Greece alejandro failed
This is relatively easy, since Alejandro annoyingly dominated the season from start to end. He became the official and effective leader of his team, used his social and manipulative skills to sabotage Team Victory, came off as the concerned friend, and the naive newbie to get people to trust him, backstabbed when he needed to, picked up and dropped allies when he needed to, and did so effortlessly. Somewhere in the middle of the season, people caught on to him and his antics, and it was only until then where he outright only used his strategic mind to throw others under the bus, or won out in challenges. Eliminated his threats at the perfect time too, which is rare for many to say in this game.

Unlike in Island, Heather actualy was able to manuever through the game without a bunch of conveniences and "luck". Being on the winning team obviously bought her a lot of time, but she understood who was her biggest threat, sabotaged when she needed to, was social to get allies on her side, savvy enough to put herself in the position to be a swing vote, and to lessen her target. After a while, she did become a bit too blinded by Alejandro, but she was still a lot more impressive than everyone else on the season. She won out when she needed to, and went back from manipulative to being actually pleasant. 

Sierra is most definitely third strategically this season, which is kind of shocking, since she could have easily been first if she was not so obsessed with Cody. A lot of this is attributed to her superfan knowledge, but she used it to utilize herself, her team, and Cody to get very far, and she was monumental in a lot of their success in the season. She did discuss strategy a lot woth who to target in votes, and got through a lot of the season by herself. Sierra knew when to flip from certain allies (Heather first, then Courtney), which shows how aware she actually is.

Honourable Mentions

Duncan was barely in the season, but he was once again more observant and strategic than mostly everyone else in comparison. He was an easy boot, but knew to cling onto power player Alejandro, despite not trusting, and attempted to bide his time to target the Spaniard. Outside of that, there really isn't anything else, but E for effort.

I guess Noah is the perfect person to be here. He knew that Alejandro was very dangerous, and realized that he had to be a team player if he wanted any chance of making it far. Because of this, he faked the funk long enough, and tried to target Alejandro when the chance came, but he came short. Noah was eliminated right before his full potential, so that is why he barely made it here.

Best Overall Players in Total Drama: World Tour

1. Alejandro

2. Heather

3. Sierra

4. Cody

5. Owen

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island