Okay. I was reading this article this morning and decided that I should write an article about it. A Suspiciously Similar Substitute is a character who replaces another in a show (one who has left permamently) and the newbie has most or all things in common with them. So the newbies I will be discussing are the characters who debuted after TDI, so the ROTI cast, Alejandro, and Sierra.  There are some examples in the article that I want to discuss, and I will go through the least similar pairs to the most similar pairs; roughly.

Beth TDA Rank
Apparently Zoey can be seen as a replacement of Beth for these reasons. Both are nice, sweet, innocent, naive, bland to a lot, and awkward girls, and Zoey debuted after Beth's time was completed. The differences between them is that Beth does not come off as a Mary-Sue, squeaky clean girl, and is ACTUALLY awkward and weird. She is also a lot smarter than Zoey, and her farm life and small town life seems to have more importance to her character. With Zoey, she does not come off as awkward, unique, indie (which is her supposed stereotype), gets handed wins by doing little to nothing and gets all of these random, unexplained skills, and most of her character and her arcs are about Mike, and while her making friends is a part of her too, it is focused very minimally in ROTI and not at all in AS. She is not as smart as Beth.
Cody TDWT Rank
I actually do see some similarities to them, The most obvious one being is that Mike's design is based off of Cody's from his eyes, nose, gap teeth, and took pick figure. They both also care about getting girls more than anything else and are a bit weird but otherwise, I see nothing else. While Cody is supposed to be a wanabee and a geek, he does actually makes the most logical decisions, while Mike doesn't. What makes Mike weird is his MPD but otherwise, he is the bland, underdeveloped, normal teen who is in love with Zoey. Cody is an actual geek who wants to be cool and Mike is a blang normal guy desperately in love.
Dawn Knows All
Bridgette 12345667
I definitely see some similarities between them. They are both pacifists, animal lovers, loves nature, are blonde and nice. I guess the differences are that Bridgette loves more so ocean animals and likes the ocean, and hates the forest, while Dawn is all about forestry and forest animals. Also, Bridgette is a bit sexual when she likes someone, and Dawn is a.......wiccan and can read people's auras. I don't even know if Dawn is really a replacement of Bridgette.
Bigez Brick Rankings
I say these two because of a few things. One is that they are both extremely strong, but are very sensitive and have a heart of gold. Neither are as intimidating or as mean as you think they would be. Another reason they are similar is that they are clear mama's boys. Brick always mentions his mom with his little one lighters and DJ's mama has made a few appearances on the show. Another one is that they are extremely wimpy, but DJ is more of a wimp. The difference between them is that Brick is a military man, and DJ is a chef I guess.....
Sam TDRI Rank
Harold TDA Rank
They are here for a few reasons. Not including the fact that they are voiced by the same person, they both are the dweebs of their generation. They are the geeks that are so uncool and are ready to get rejected but to never give up. They also both play a lot of games though with Harold, it is games he learned from Steve's camp and a bunch of board games, but with Sam, it is video games. Neither are seen as threats or of any worthy in the competition, though there are some times that they randomly show their mad skills. The difference is that Harold is a lot smarter and developed than Sam, while Sam is more technologically smart and is a gamer (his stereotype).

Now here are where they are extremely obvious. Do you find it coincidential that after they tried to make Jusitn an antagonist in TDA by using his looks and charm to get people to do work for him but fail, and then SUDDENLY a newbie uses his looks and charm to get further and is the main antagonist of the next season? Do you find it a coincidence that after Justin became known as the Hot one and took off his shirt constantly, talking about his blessed looks and then the next season, the newbie antagonist does the same thing? It is obvious that Alejandro is an expy of Justin. Differences; well Alejandro is A LOT smarter and deceptive than Justin. He is not afraid to get down and dirty and not constantly worry about his looks, he is more so the Latin Lover trope than the Model trope. Justin does not have any other good qualities other than his looks, wait; he can sing. Justin is also a lot more pathetic and shallow than Alejandro is. Al is a smart kid and a scholar, while Justin only has his looks that means anything to him because he is hollow; kind of sad.

Bigez Jo Rankings

This is the most obvious one; debatebly with Jusitn and Alejandro. Jo is a replica and a replacement of Jo in many ways. One of the reasons is that she is the boyish girl just like Eva is. She is also the athletic girl that Eva is. She grouchy and mean girl like Eva is. Her and Eva are both bossy and have tempers that can easily blow up in their faces. They are so tough that it is considered manly to many people. When it comes to differences, there are some. Probably the biggest one is that Eva is underdeveloped and one note, where as Jo is not. Jo actually has some insecurities about her sexuality, while Eva can care less. Jo is a lot more strategic and knows how to control her emotions, where Eva cannot. She is a more bossy, antagonist Eva that we can actually take seriously.

Are there anyone else that I have left out? We can discuss them. Do you think that some or none of them are similar or expies to the original? Explain your comments and how do you feel about the suspiciously similar  substitues in the show that were listed above or not listed at all.

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