Hello, my name is Sierra, and I have been a MAJOR Total Drama fan from Day One. EEEEE. Heck, I have been a Chris fan since I was 3 YEARS OLD; my mom is obsessed with you McLean. Anyways, I run a blog about the Total Drama contestants, and I know EVERYTHING there is to know about all of them, including their dental records,  all of their ex-relationships, where they live, and ALL of that juicy bits. I am most excited about meeting Cody; he is such a hot tamali. Okay Sierra, calm it down. Anyways, being on Total Drama and interacting with the cast is my biggest dream.

Opening Confessional

OH MY GOSH, this is so exciting being here and seeing everyone in person, EEEE. While I don't know much about the new guy Alejandro, he seems a bit sketchy to me. I'll have to dig into his background.  Cody is looking SO good in his sweatshirt. His hair is even more smooth than I thought, and I LOVE how mannish his hands are. He is PERFECT. While I know Heather is trying to make an alliance with me, I can not wait for the challenge. Total Drama and Cody, HERE I COME.

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