So if you are on Twitter, you would find out that some of the confirmed cast mates have been revealed. You trio fans can cheer now, because Izzy, Owen, and Noah are confirmed to be in RRace. Will this mean that there is a love triangle? Hope for Ozzy to reunite? Apparently Izzy is paired with Mike in RRace (smiles sheepishly). This is interesting news, though they will most likely be foder in this show. Poor Zoey........still a satellite character. Will Mike be redeemed?

Apparently there is other news. According to this tweet, 2 girls are coming back after their disappearance in TDWT. Who could that be? Leshawna? Katie? Sadie? Eva? It is confirmed to be Sadie and Katie.

What do you think of the news? Is it fake, or is it real?

While this could be real, I am still keeping in mind that this could be fake, or a bit fictionalized. We will see eventually.

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