Hello everyone. I have been here for about 2 months now, and I have never made a blog before, so here it is. I like and dislike a lot of the couples in Total Drama because some are realistic, others arerushed, and so on. This is just MY OPINON and you can express if you agree or disagree about my opinoin of the specific couple. I am only including 12 couples.

12. Scott and Courtney

Courtney and Scott

Where did this come from?

As some of you on the talk page may already know, I dislike this couple. They are actually the ONLY ones that I dislike and shiver at the thought at. Anyways, one of the reasons as to why I do not like them is that we do not know what they like about one another. He said she is pretty and bossy I guess, and for her,......... whatr is there. If there is a reason, please post it in the comments. In Food Fright, she wants to be allies with him and then in Moon Madness, she feels something missing as a Scott bird comes in her view. They end up half-weirdly flirt and then get together? Wait, what sincere interaction do they have with one another other than those 2-liners? Nothing. And now that they are together, they argue and break up, and make up, and the chances that they are probably going home in the upcoming episode Sundae Muddy Sundae is not promising. They are way too rushed, shallow, and uninvestible for my liking. Too random also, ugh.

11. Mike and Zoey

'This couple I do not dislike, but I could care less about. I see why they like one another, and they do have action movies in common, and they like that they are nice. They are already extremely clingy to one another, acting like they are a couple in Truth and Laser Shark, and she got so mad at Anne Maria for flirting with him, like they were in a committed relationship, which they were not until the VERY END. Mike tells Zoey that his personalities are an act, which gets in the way, and she gets mad because he cannot decide who he wants, and all of that. He finally tells her the truth and she accepts him, saying she likes oddballs. This season, they are doing fine for the first 2 episodes, but she realizes he cannot change into his personalities, and his change of behaviour via Mal. She was warned by Duncan and Alejandro about Mal and sees some of the signs herself, but she still ignores it because she is hopeful. This couple is not too bad, but the 13-episode seasons are making it extremely rushed, and the fact that the characters themselves are flat and underdeveloped does not help the couple. Can't invest in uninteresting characters and the fact that they are probably going to be the finals for All-Stars after getting all the focus on ROTI is not making me smile with joy. Too shallow for my liking. 

10. Cody and Sierra

'I know this couple is not technically a couple (though heavily implied), I decided to include them. Cody wanted a girl to fawn over him and all of his amazingness, and he got all of that from Sierra, which he did not like. I like that they are a cute, weird couple and when Sierra is calm, they actually have some nice moments and conversations more so towwards the end. I guess that I like the idea of it on paper, but it is just the way Sierra goes on about it that puts them down here, and them from being a couple for so long. Sierra is just a bit too annoying, and Cody...... anyways, nothing else to say. Just eh I guess.

9. Duncan and Courtney

'Now let me just say this, I was a fan of this couple, and even after the Gwuncan kiss thing, but the I was watching an episode of Jersey Shore of Ron and Sammie arguing, and it reminded me of the constant arguing, and unhealthy relaitonship between Duncan and Courtney. Then I started thinking of the couple more and more and realized they would never work. While they are physically attracted to one another and can be a great team, it is clear that they like the sides that are similar to themselves (Duncans' good boy, sweet, neat side, and Courtney's bad, rule breaking, naughty side). Opposites do attract, but there needs to be some common ground that these two never had with one another, and there was also some resentfulness on both of their sides about their personalities. Courtney wants to change him, he clearly is more attracted to her bad girl side, and they cannot compromise with everything. Not ot upset the Duncney side, but they are both too immature and different to make it work. Nicfe moments, but the negatives override the positives. 

8. Dakota and Sam

Honestly, there is not a lot to say about them. In the 2nd episode of ROTI, he is trying to flirt with her because he thinks she is pretty, which she tries to find something to compliment him on. They somehow becomes friends by the next episode (don't know how), and they say hi to one another and she starts falling for him, which she found strange since she never felt guilt and things like that. She helps him with fashion advice for a challenge, causing him to get eliminated, and they officially get together after she turns into a monster. Still don't know really why they like one another, but they seem a lot more authentic than Mike and Zoey. Probably cause of the lack of screentime. I can see them working it through and bringing the best in one another.

7. Duncan and Gwen

'I'll state the elephant of the room with this couple and Duncney, don't really care for them or the stupid triangle drama. Anyways, their friendship was paced well, and they have a lot of the same interests and such, and I do believe there was a small attraction for one another in Action, but it is kind of weird that as soon as Duncan returns, he goes and makes out with Gwen. I do believe Gwen brought the best in Duncan which was seen in All Stars, but clearly he did not bring out the best in her. They are attracted to one another, work well together, have nice conversations and moments, but I do not like how thier relationship formed by cheating. Now while I get what they were trying to do with Gwen in  All Stars, but couldn't they have written the break-up better? Why would she break up someone she has been friends and a relationship with for a few years for someone she was becoming friends with? It just seemed too forced to me. Nice, but I like A LOT of the others more.

6. Owen and Izzy

I actually really like this couple. Though their hookup was kind of rushed in TDI, thoughh there was the scene with the snake dance. In TDA, they developed this couple a lot more, and I think this is one of the things TDA did RIGHT. They can handle being apart unlike most couples, and have a great time when together. They are both gross, oddballs, fun and are a bit nasty, which they like about one another though having differences as well. They are seen to be doing well in WT as well, though they break up so suddenly but were the most cinsistant couple of them all up to that point (thanks executive meddling). I understand the message of not every first relationship working out, but there was no reason for them to break up, and were doing the best out of the others. They already had that with Harold and LeShawna, and Trent and Gwen. They never got that much focus, which is why I cannot put them higher.

5. Gwen and Trent

'This couple was clearly the main one in Total Drama Island, and I really like them. They are both artistic, down-to-earth, and nice people. She did not know if she could trust him, and they went through so much in TDI mostly thnaks to Heather. You could see the attraction for one another as soon as Trent got off the boat. While it is sad what happened to them, I understand both sides. Duncan is a known trouble maker, and was telling Gwen a bunch of ish, and would any of you guys leave your girl with Duncan?...... that is what I thought. He should have listened to Gwen though about not throwing challenges and about Duncan. He started going crazy, and clearly had unresolvesd issues to deal with. I just wished he was to in the series to solely be Gwen's love interest and tossed aside forever afterwards.

4. Lindsay and Tyler

'Yeah, I know, they are kind of underdeveloped, don't spend that much time together before they are making out, but they are so cute. Maybe it is because they are interesting as characters so it works for them unlike Mike and Zoey. These two can clearly do well apart, and are always on one another's minds. They like that they are cute, nice, bubbly, and clearly think one another are funny, since they were laughing under the dock about somethign in Dodgebrawl. I wish they had more time to develop as a couple, but of course were tossed aside to develop others, but you can tell they care for one another. They are a cliche couple, a bit lustful, and them not being that developed is why I cannot put them higher, though they are fun to watc and clearly care about one abother.

3. Bridgette and Geoff

Geoff and Bridgette kissing

Great couple, but it is clear the show git in the way. Glad they are not in All Stars.

They were my favourite couple for many years. I liked that they spend quality time together, they had so much in common, I loved everything about them. I guess what put them down a few spots is the break-up, make up thing. Alright, so they are almost instantly attracted to one another, and Geoff tries to impress her, making a bunch of cute and funny moments, but they eventually hit it off. They are down-to-earth, practically made for one another and the beach. TDA they became too INSEPERABLE, constantly making out, then Geoff became fame-hungry, and Bridgette becomes trifling cheating on Geoff. It is so easy why they like one another (down to earth, attractive, live for fun, nice, loves everything about the beach life), and they do bring out the best in one another. I am glad that they are not in All Stars because I would not like to see them ruined. They have nice, authentic moments, and their relationship feels real.

2. Harold and LeShawna

'I know, I am such a weirdo for having them this high. First off, I do not buy it when LeShawna says her and Harold are only friends, and she has no feelings for him. She is seen flirting with him for the last few episodes of her run on Action, and defending him when someone (Duncan) messed with him. And in World Tour when they were reunited, she was a bit too friendly with him, calling him "Ginger Baby-cakes", and letting him cuddle up with her in that scene where Courtney is dissing Duncan and Gwen. She also excludes him from her sing "Sisters" about lying men. He clearly brings out the best in her, and she likes to be treated like a Queen, which is exactly what he does, and he likes his women curvy and with sass. Their scenes are always funny to watch, and she needs to stop with the games. No wonder why he is always hassling her.

1. Heather and Alejandro


Nastiest looking kiss to ever screen on TD. Still my favourite couple.

From my icon pic,it is clear who would be number one. I like everything about this couple, from their interactions, to their small arguing, to the denial, everything. It is clear why they like one another; they have the same mindset, and are attractive. They were gunning for each other to get eliminated in WT because they are threats, but slowly start falling for one another, but want the money more. It is funny that even in All-Stars they feel a certain way when neither texted one another. They are very competitive, but I don't like the way she was eliminated though. They are enjoyable, investible as a couple, deliciously evil and screwed up, and THEY are what interested me into Total Drama All Stars.

Well, thank you all for reading my blog post, and comment on if you agree, think I am completely insane, or things along the lines of those.

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