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Well, it is that time for me to create another blog, and then I got to thinking? What should I blog about? Soon enough, the idea came up that I should talk about Mike, Anne Maria, and Zoey , as individuals, the situation they were in, and the reception they got.

These 3 characters are generally hated amongst the fanbase for different reasons, and came from the worst received cast of them all; the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island cast. They each have their personalities (meaning only one, and each stirred up some controversy. Let's discuss Anne Maria first.

Anne Maria

Anne Maria TDRI Rank
If anyone knows me (and looks at my icon), they know that I am one of Anne Maria's only fans, but I am fine with that, and that is not the point. Let's discuss why she is so hated in the first place.

Anne Maria is a very aggressive woman, as she is based off of Snooki from Jersey Shore. She pushes people aside rudely, is ready to fight anyone with a drop of a dime, is not afraid to cuss someone out, and is just a pain to be around to many people, as she is simply a b**ch, which turns off many fans. I can see their point with that, as she is too aggressive for me at times, as it is just unwarranted at times, and she is just too harsh at times...........though a part of me did want to see her fight Zoey though, but that we will get to later.

Another reason why people dislike her is that she is shallow and only thinks about her looks, and that is very true. She does not learn her lesson about that at all, and always resorts to insulting people's looks. And the ironic thing is that she has to put fake tans, a bunch of makeup, and to get her hair done to look beautiful, but that is the thing; it is not natural. She just comes off as really petty.

No, she is not a deep character, but she is not as bad as people make her out to be; really. When it comes to her aggression, she does not bother anyone if they do not bother her, and that is a mentality that I dearly respect; don't start none, there won't be none. With Zoey, Zoey slapped her and insulted her tan, which caused her to push her so they could fight on that dock. With Dawn, she was under the impression that she stole her stuff. Jo constantly insulted and mimicked her, which caused her to go up and punch her. Otherwise, she is a very neuteral person when she does not  feel like she is provoked. She is not antagonistic, she is not evil, she is not a s**t, and she is not a bad person. All she really wants is to be respected and loved. She also likes Vito for his personality, not for his looks. If it was because of his looks, she would have fawned all over Mike. She actually has some morals, and will stand up for other people when she needs to. She is a pretty decent person, and I do not think she is as bad as everyone makes her out to be.


Mike TDRI Rank
I am going to try to be as unbiased as I can with him, though I do not think there is really much to be unbiased about, because he is just a mess as a character. At the moment, he is easily one of the most disliked characters out of the entire series, and out of this trio as well. Why is that?

He brings almost every issue onto himself. He refused to tell Zoey, Anne Maria, and anyone about his DID, which only caused more trouble, and he continues to lie about it, which only causes more and more drama. And Cameron had to tell Zoey, not Mike. In TDAS, he STILL has not told Zoey about Mal, and they have been dating for a year. When the matter comes up, he STILL does not tell her or anyone, prolonging the drama, and him making the dumb decision to throw a rock over his head. It is pretty self explanatory how stupid this is. It is hard to feel sorry for someone when they put themselves into easily avoidable situations.

The next issue is that there is literally nothing to his character. We barely see Mike as Mike because he is always discussing about his multiple personalities or Zoey, or a situation he found himself into. We know nothing about his past, barely anything about his interests, and he does not really interact with anyone. He does so little that we do not even know if he is a nice guy or not, seriously. We know that he likes Zoey...........and Cameron.........and action movies.....but he does not have a defined personality or one he is supposed to have, meaning he is more insensitive, uncaring, insinsere, and more unsympathetic than he is suppsoed to be, meaning the audience is supposed to root for him.

Another issue with him is that he is literally definied by his mental illness. I suffer from one as well, but I am NOT defined by it, and I was taught that I should NOT be defined by my disorder, but for my personality. It is also played for f***ing laughs, and is used as an excuse to not develop Mike as a character, and to rehash the same situation within different seasons. And the thing I do not like is that his disorder is almost seemed like a villain; like THAT is the thing that is getting in the way with him and Zoey. They are literally not happy until that issue is handled. I am sure that Mike is not intentionally trying to cause trouble, but if you are not learning your lesson, than how can we feel sorry for you. He is very grateful to the people that help and understand him, and wants to do right to people and his friends, but what he does doesn't necessarly reflect that. 


Bigez Zoey Rankings
Unlike her boyfriend, we do see that Zoey is a nice person, who has a good heart and wants to avoid drama at all costs. She is disliked, just like Anne Maria and Mike, but I will say that she is probably in the middle, with the former being the least disliked, and the latter being the most disliked.

Most people's issue with Zoey is that she revolves too much around Mike. For most of ROTI, she is worrying about why Mike is being so secretive, why Mike is flirting with Anne Maria, her broken heart, and Mike being eliminated. They try to shoe-horn back in her "friend" storyline in ROTI, but they literally only focus on it in Episode 1 and Episode 12. You cannot pull off a successful storyline like that. And what makes matters worse is that in TDAS, she revolved around Mike AGAIN. She worried about why Mike is acting weird, why he is doing what he is doing, and bringing him back. She was in every single episode of TDROTI and TDAS, and did not have much focus by herself. It comes off as extremely needy and pathetic. We have never seen a couple so clingy to one another like this. She was dumb enough to sacrifice herself to pirahnnas to make a point and to see if Mike is Mike. WTF?

Another issue with Zoey is that her stereotype as "The Indie Chick" is completely false. She might have mentioned something indie 3 times in her entire duration on the entire series. I heard that she was initally going to make a bunch of indie and retro references and stuff, but they changed it because the kids would not get the references, and we received this Zoey. One season, she is a damsel in distress, and in the next season, she is a kickass godplayer with no explanation. Another issue with her is that she is not as genuine and accepting as she is supposed to. She snubs Dakota, Dawn and Sierra, and makes snide remarks just like everyone else.

In defense of Zoey, I will say that she is a loyal person. She remained loyal to Mike, and tried to help him out (the fact that most of her ideas are dumb are a different thing), she takes friendships very seriously, and likes to avoid drama. She is just utterly naive and dependant.

The Love Triangle situation

I'm watching vito

The dreaded love triangle between these 3, where it takes up almost all of their storylines for ROTI needs to be addressed, because it says a lot about these characters, and how the writers wants the audience to feel, but with some of the facts we are given, it is hard to feel what the writers wants us to feel.


So from Bigger, Badder, and Brutal-er to Ice, Ice Baby , Mike and Zoey are getting to know one another in a friendly level, and they say in their confessionals how they feel about one another romantically. They are clearly not together, since they are too afraid to even admit their feelings to one another. And don't tell me that flirting meant that they were together. Duncan flirted with Heather in the very first episode, but that went nowhere quick. At this point, they have barely discussed anything with one another, but they say all of their feelings in the confessional. They literally have no ties to one another.

Finders Creepers (37)
When Anne Maria is introduced to Vito, she is taken aback, and likes what she sees, which makes Zoey jealous and angry. What really did it for me was when Zoey told Anne Maria to get off of Mike in Finders Creepers,  like Anne Maria stole him from her and she has possession over Mike. I get it that she is hurt and all, but you cannot claim Mike when he is not yours. In Backstabbers Ahoy, the triangle reaches a climax, where Mike tries to make it up to Zoey, and Anne Maria softly pushes Zoey off the rope because Jo was choking. Zoey then slapped Anne Maria and made fun of her tan. Why are you slapping her when she TOLD YOU the reason why she took you off the rope? Those are some fighting moves. Mike literally does NOTHING, and Anne Maria pushes Zoey hard to the floor, literally about to whoop her ass, and Vito appears, and we all know what happens. We know what happens from here on out, but I do have to address something.

We are supposed to feel sorry for Zoey and Mike, and Anne Maria is supposed to come off as a mistress. This is an issue and fails for a few reasons. One is that they are all single, and had no ties to anyone. You cannot steal someone who is single, wtf? You cannot claim someone who is single. Both Anne Maria and Zoey were pathetic for taking shots at one another for the next few episodes, though they never outright yelled at one another for "flirting with their man", we knew where it was coming from. Fighting over a man like this is pathetic, and it really shows how petty these two are. Another issue with this is that the situation could have been easily resolved. Anne Maria is supposed to be the trouble maker in this, and the one at fault, but in reality, it is all Mike's fault. The writers want us to feel bad for Mike and Zoey, though they have literally given us no reason to feel sorry for them. Mike is the one who has DID and knows he has it. He is the one who knows that his condition is causing the triangle. He never tells Anne Maria that he likes Zoey and to back off. He never tells Zoey or Anne Maria that his condition causes all of this and takes responsibility, but he encourages it, and lets it continue. The writers wants us to think Anne Maria is the home wrecking s**t, and many fans actually call her that, when that is not the case at all. She is pathetic for fighting over a guy, and she did treat Zoey badly for a situation neither knew the full story of. All three of them did wrong with this situation, and showed that they are all immature.

Where can these characters go in the future?

Since we acknowledged the character's pros and cons, the fans reaction to them, the writers intentions with these three, and why that did not work, it is appropriate to speak about the future, and I have to say that things are not looking so good for these 3.

While Anne Maria would have been in TDAS, that was rightfully taken from her, and we all know how they like to reuse the characters that got far, and with mroe and more characters coming in, and the fact that she only made it midway in her season, her chances of coming back are pretty much dead.

With Mike, TDAS caused a lot of controversy for him, where Fresh got a lot of angry emails and comments, and they said something about Mike being too controversial and risky character to appear again, so his chances of coming back ar pretty much dead.

Out of all of them, Zoey has the best chance, but that is still not saying much. She has proven to be nothing without Mike, and with him gone, there si little to no purpose for her returning to the game.

Overall, the three of these characters have a very low chance of returning and a chance for redemption, so we will only have to judge them on their performance that we have already seen.

Closing thoughts

Well, I felt that I needed to clear some things up with these 3, and what has been accused about all of them, and the situations they found themselves in. All of them have their issues, and all of them do have their fans. I just wanted to get this off my chest, and I wanted everyone to realize that all of them have a part of what happened, and at the end of the day, there is something about each character that some people like. Thanks for reading.

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