So Amy continued to force Samey to go for food with Jasmine, who tells Samey that she does not have to come with her because her sister says so. Samey thinks that Jasmine does not want her to come, but she assures her that she likes her. Jasmine tells her that she needs to stand up for herself, and Samey has to ask if they are friends for reassurance. They both reveal that they have a hard time making friends, and they consider one another friends. Shawn joins them, with Samey realizing she is a c**k block, so she leaves.
Shawn and Jasmine talk about zombies, as Jasmine thinks that it is an inside joke between them. He reveals that he is attracted to her survival skills, looks, and her like for zombies. They have a good chat before he leaves, and Samey returns, confused as to why they were talking about zombies. I really like their friendship.

Yo salmon whaddup

Shawn gets food for his team, and they are all happy (especially Sugar). Ella tries to sing a Thank You song to Shawn, but Sugar shoves a peach in her mouth. Sky gets them water, which Dave overpraises, and as Ella tries to sing to her, the entire team tells her to sing to the other team to get rid of her. Dave is creeping me out with his obsession with Sky. Shawn is uncomfortable with making friends.
Rodney thanks Jasmine and Amy for getting food, but Samey corrects him that she went to get food. Amy says something is wrong with her, and Topher is instigating the argument. Samey calls her a monster, and Amy fake cries on Scarlett to make Samey look bad. Rodney says something is wrong with Samey (something is SERIOUSLY wrong with Rodney's Wreck-it-Ralph and Scott merging **s). Ella sings to the other team, and Jasmine gives Rodney berries, which makes him fall back in love with Jasmine, and to lose interest in Amy. Get rid of Rodney. I am so over this bottle dyed, overly tanned, dotted eyed, steroid looking a** and his gimmick.
Chris tells them that their challenge is to throw balloons (which has many things in it) at the other team. Topher is kissing a** to Chris. So Max is trying to be evil, but fails, as he is incompetent at making a device for evil. I am over him. Scarlett of course helps him and gives him an idea for an evil device (which he of course takes credit for). I love Scarlett's sarcasm to him. Max actually thinks someone would actually be in love with him. Lol.
Sky almost throws a balloon at Dave, and she suffers with her sexual attraction to Dave, and his eyes, hair, and his smile (she says so in her confessional), and he is struggling with her deep eyes, awesome, cute, and her silky hair (he says so in his confessional). Sky takes cover for Dave, causing her to get her balloon blown on her by Max.
We go in and out of commercial, and Sugar uses a snake to wash her face; dis-f***ing-gusting. Rodney runs, as the snake Sugar used heads her way. So Sky and Dave talk about Sky getting covered, and Dave needing to warn their team about the Kinosewaks using their own balloons against them. So Topher bails on ANOTHER challenge as he advises Chris that he needs makeup because he looks old.
Shawn tells us some bul***t about not wanting to like Jasmine, and Ella tries to befriend Sugar, but she does not want to, and even pushes her in a bush and walks off. Shawn camouflages himself as a tree, and reveals that he took karate classes. Max tells Scarlett that she is safe when with him, and Shawn hits Max and Scarlett with balloons.
We unfortunately have to deal with Rodney trying to dump Amy, and Amy bullying Samey about making a fool of herself in breakfast. Samey tells her that she will be exposed, and she leaves Amy, so Rodney could speak to her. Rodney tries to break up with her, but he cannot utter words, and she walks away yawning. I don't care about Topher being useless again, but apparently Chris is 30 when in 2010, we learn that he was born in 1978, meaning he was 32 when TDWT was on.#BackeddallingMidLifeCrisisChris
So Sugar continues to hurt Ella, and I continue to get annoyed by Ella's singing. The twins throw balloons at Dave, and Jasmine works with them and congratulates Samey. Amy does not like that Jasmine is complimenting her sister, and apparently Samey is a "Spare-Amy". B*h, other way around. She wants to change Samey's birth certificate to "Spare-Amy". So when the three are about to throw a balloon at Shawn, Amy blows the challenge for her team, and blames it on Samey, and runs to tattle......Someone needs to take her out....and NOT for dinner.

So Samey and Amy are in the bottom 2, and Amy eats the apple that she took from her sister, and as she eats it, her face gets puffy, and she gets itchy. Samey is supposed to be eliminated, but she pretends to be Amy, and calls her sister "Samey" and Chris suddenly believes it. This is some UTTER bull***t, and you wanna know why? Samey had no usual, and Amy had a usual. EVERYONE knows whom is whom. Don't f***ing insult my intelligence, and expect me NOT to say anything. There is literally no logic behind Amy being eliminated, when they did not switch one another's looks. THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS USUAL, and EVERYONE KNOWS WHOM IS WHOM, so in order to pull off this bulls*** "switcheroo" plot, they literally had to dumb down the entire Kinosewak team (but Jasmine), Chef, and Chris (who LITERALLY 5 seconds ago know whom was whom before he suddenly thinks the girl with the mole is Samey). #EpicFailFresh. Anyways, Amy is finally eliminated, and I am grateful. It sucked that she did not get her a** beat first.
Well, I think this episode is the weakest out of the three so far because of it's relatively short and weak challenge, and the AWFUL elimination ceremony (though Amy deserved it, the logic behind it makes no sense). Otherwise, the episode is pretty good, with the 2 attractions building up, seeing Max and Scarlett work together, and Sugar grow more and more annoyed with Ella, and the friendship with Samey and Jasmine.