The episode starts with Scarlett studying Sky's sleeping patterns, and Jasmine soon comes, and notices that Sky misses having breakfast with Dave, as she brought Sky an apple. Jasmine tells her to forget about Dave, and to focus on the game, since guys will dump her after they use her. I am thinking that the amazon girl just needs some good d***. Anyways, Shawn is watching them through his binoculars, and realizes that they all could have been a double date, and needs to win her back. Max is not liking his new sleep conditions, and Sugar constantly laughs at him because she finds his evil "schtick" funny. Dave is sad because his only storyline is gone from his team, which Sugar realizes, and says that they have Max on their team, so they will kick a**. She thinks they screwed up on the wizard Leonard, and won't let that happen to Max. Shawn cheers Dave up, and tells him that they will get their girls back. I really like their friendship, and how Shawn kinds of has to aid Dave. I like that his zombie talk has been VERY limited for the past 2 episodes.

Topher is racing with the other Kinosewaks, and we establish that he can't catch up with his team, as he walks into a tree. From here, I already know where this is going. Since Topher is last, he is supposed to be eaten the rotten egg, but Sugar already eats it, and burps in his face, to smell what he missed. She will never be as funny as Owen, and even his flatulence gag was not funny. Chris tells them that they have to run through 3 stages; the lions/rattlesnakes, Chef shooting pasta from his blaster, and an avalanche zone. Topher insults Chris' age being the result of his uncreativty, making him add the twist of them holding babies, making their challenge harder. It is clear he is going home.

Max quickly bonds with the baby, as his babysitting pays off, causing Sugar to laugh at him. Jasmine comes up with a plan for their team, but Topher is so unfocused. The plan is to have the Maskwaks gets f***ed up by the lions, and Sky feels bad for Dave. Jasmine awakens the lions, and soon realizes that the tree "suddenly disappeared". Sky saves Dave from a bear, and Dave suddenly thinks they will be together forever. Shut up Max and your failed humor. Sugar continues to laugh at him

Shawn and Dave

Topher gets a text from Chris' mom sending him a pic of a cat and he causes the lions to wake up. After a commercial, Scarlett comes with a plan to intimidate the lion, and as the Kinosewaks run to the next stage, Jasmine bumps into Shawn, who says that he is glad she made it, trying to get back into her side. She is still mad at him, and tells him that she does not care. I do not know why she is mad about something that was so minor that took place 3 episodes ago. Anyways, Topher decides to show the execs his move, by gicing us a show of the "Topher Experience", which I hate the thought of. So Topher steps on a horn, causing Chef and the bear to come after them. Sugar and her team makes it through the first stage, and is too busy dancing to realize that she left her baby which she soon gets.

Topher is in last, and his team gets launched back. Dave is trying to say hi to Sky, but the sexually repressed Jasmine tells her to ignore him. He warns her about a horn, but Sky throws it to him, causing Chef to shoot him. Dave is literally crying like a b***h about Sky leaving him. Boo f***ing hoo. How long have you known her? Seriously. We have to deal with max's unfunny gag, and we have Dave whining about there being nothing now that he cannot be with Sky. Shut the f**k up Dave. Shawn takes Dave out of the sticky pasta, as Sugar and Max goes ahead. Team Kinosewak reaches the final stage, and Scarlett intimidates him about if he loses this challenge for them, he would wish to have never met her. Please do it Scarlett. 

They have to give their babies, and Jasmine has never seen the part of the island before, realizing that it is fake. Shawn takes Dave to the final part of the challenge, and Dave is whining about Shawn needing to leave him. Max fails to hand in his child, because he is attached to it. I forgot to mention that Chris has the babies taken away because of an impending lawsuit. Topher gets the call from the "executive" and is offered the job to host, which he takes. Topher yells, which starts the avalanche, and Jasmine threatening to beat his pathetic a**. This causes the Maskwaks to win the challenge, and Max being forced to give back the baby he stole.

Topher is soon eliminated, and rubs in Chris and Team Maskwak's face that Chris is going home because he is now the new host, and that he does not care that he lost the challenge because the execs told him that he got the job. Topher is so shocked that he cannot say anything, and is shot out. Finally the biggest non factor of the season is gone.

This episode is very predictable, unfunny, and is a bit forgettable. It is not really bad, but it is not great either. We now know that the merge is the next episode because half of the cast is gone, and the latest they merge in a 13 ep season is episode 9. I did find it interesting that all of the relationships in the show at the moment are at a halt. I think it is safe to say that the first 7 eliminated off of this season won't be returning, and are the one season wonders of this generation cast.

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