The episode starts off with Max complaining about Jasmine waking him up, and interrupting his dream of being carried by a bunch of minions, which she laughs at because he has ants crawling all over him. He yells for Scarlett , who is annoyed by him and wants him gone, because people will soon realize that she is the mastermind. She goes to his room, to see him killing ants with a magnifying glass. I want Max gone too Scarlett. I feel your pain. So Sky has a wet dream about a muscular, lower-voiced Dave giving her a ring, but in reality, he was giving her grapes. She thinks that having butterflies in her stomach is not a crush symptom, and Dave thinks he is teasing her because he has not kissed her. Sugar is hating them hooking up, and tries to form an alliance with Shawn , who would rather be eaten by a zombie. Me too Shawn.  Sky has a blueberry smush on her face from eating with Dave, and as he is about to wipe it off, Sugar licks her entire hand and wipes Sky's cheek, with her losing her appetite, and Dave not wanting to kiss Sky's cheek.


Chris]] tells them the challenge, which is rolling in a hamster ball underground, and to make it back to the other side of the island. Jasmine is nervous about going in the ball and underground, because she reveals she is claustrophobic, and Topher is talking in a way of a host, which annoys Chris. She finally enters the ball, and when all of them are underground and exits the ball, Jasmine is nervous, and pounds the walls, causing some stuff to fall. Dave and Sky are about to kiss, but Sugar throws up on Dave, who freaks out. She gets more and more gross. Topher thinks he can host now since they are underwater, but Chris speaks through a TV (ala Dial M For Merger), and he explains that they have to go through a hole, and to reach it to the finish line. He then tells them that no one ever made it out of those tunnels. Gee Chris, your sadism got old like 6 years ago. Team Kinosewak split apart, with Marlett going in one tunnell, and Jasmine and Topher going through another, as Team Maskwak sticks together. Dave and Sky are about to kiss again, but Sugar burps in their face. She soon eats a glow slug. Ugh, her grossness is not even funny.

Topher and Jasmine wear their underground goggles, and she tells him to focus, because the "almost married couple of Marlett" will team up, and vote off one of them, which Topher could care less about because he is worrying about a call from the producer of the show. Max and Scarlett are not getting along, and she realizes that there are more signs that the island is fake. She tricks him to tame the crocodile that is after them (as a ploy to get him voted off), and ditches him, only for the crocodile to be crushed by the rock, and Max follows her; oh no.

Topher host
So they go from a commercial, and Scarlett looks at the crushed crocodile to realize it is mechanical, and creates a remote to control everything in the tunnel, since everything is clearly controlled by a remote. Max demands that she sucks the poison out of his a**, and she replies that crocodiles are not venomous. She also reveals that she tortured her brother for 6 years, by using his remote to get his toys to attack him at night; and this is all for pulling her hair. He is still in therapy. Team Maskwak comes across a bear that is decked up in jewels, and the entire team runs off from the diamond mine they are in. Topher gets service, and he realizes that they are almost out, which she reluctantly follows him. 

Scarlett creates the remote and uses it to open the elevator door, and Max eventually throws out her remote, which causes Scarlett to officially hate Max because she could have had control of the entire island with the remote. Team Maskwak ends up in mud water, and they eventually crawl out to come out of..........the toilet -_-. Pathetic. So everyone is freaking out but Sugar, because she is gutter trash, but says that they are not tough enough to be on her farm. Farming has NOTHING to be in sewer trash. Topehr and Jamsine come across a bunch of gophers, and eventually escape and make it to Chris and Chef first. All of them soon up, and NO OEN wins because none of them officially came across the finish line, and reveals that there WILL be an elimination ceremony, as the episode would have apparently been a reward episode.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris reveals that the campers were initially going to receive a buffet, but the buffet gets lit up, and the buffet was eliminated at today's episode. because being a couple on the same team is unfair (but he left Gidgette, Gwent, Duncney, Ozzy, Samkota and Zoke to be on the same teams in the prior seasons; BULLCRAP), and he is referring to Max and Scarlett. Because of this, Max and Scarlett switch teams, and Dave cries like he lost his entire family. 

While this episode is not as good as Episode 6 was, it is still a decent entry in the season (or at least compared to the other ones). There were some strong interactions, a decent challenge, and no continuity issues, or at least from what I can find.

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