Well, I promised to review all of the episodes on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island months ago, even if no one comments on it. I am trying to be optimistic after the abomination of Total Drama All Stars. Oh, and I am not about that bull**** about TDPI and TDAS being the same season. Even in The Final Wreck-ening, Chris did not say "We are going to continue Part 2 of the season", but Chris said "We will be working on an all new season". Production can call them the same season, but I just can't.

Anyways, Chris is on Pahkitew Island is recapping how Wawanakwa sunk, and he explains the features of Pahkitew Island, and how there are no beds, sheets, etc (and they practically live off nature and nothing else, like we are in fricking Tarzan).

So we are on a blimp, and Sky offers Max a gum, and I am already annoyed by his voice. He makes Scott's voice sound sexy and seductive. Ella is prancing around singing (Snow is still queen honey), Leonard is ........don't f***ing get me started, Amy is demanding Samey to switch seats, and Sugar is about to whoop Topher's a** for stepping on her shoes. Scarlett is talking about something smart. They are all soon pushed out of the blimp, and Amy kicks her sister off of her to probably die; b****, Jasmine saves Shawn and Leonard (who is ranting on and on with his annoying voice) from falling to their deaths, and Sugar gets a crown from her bag, and starts speaking her pageant speech. I am LOVING her voice. Al and Noah's love child Dave is already proving to be overly pessimistic, which I do not mind. Ella is singing with the birds as she falls.

When they all land, Chris puts the ones with parachutes (Amy, Samey, Scarlett, Topher, Max, Rodney, and Jasmine) on the Kinosweak team, and the ones without parachutes (Sky, Sugar, Ella, Beardo, Dave, Leonard, and Shawn) on the Maskwak team. Chris forces Sammy to be officially called Samey because Amy said everyone calls her that (who cares what Amy thinks, ugh). I feel bad for Samey because she auditioned first, and gets no credit. Sky corrects Chris with the Cree names, and he tells them their first challenge; to build their own shelter. As soon as Sugar sits down, Beardo makes a farting sound; really Beardo. Just for that, he should have went home. I am kidding........ish.

File:JasmineRodneyKiss.pngSo the man that makes Quasimodo look like Alejandro (I am referring to Max) gets injured right before the challenge starts. Chef is shooting tennis balls as they have to do the challenge. Jasmine's sexy accent and Rodney are speaking at the same time, and Rodney's entire gimmikc starts to take over when Jasmine speaks, and he falls in love with her. I am already starting to get over his gimmick already. Just get rid of him.....soon. Jasmine does not want to be too intimidating (like Jo). Amy cuts Samey off and takes her idea, and reveals that she is really the copycat. Scarlett says something smart, and Amy tells off odney (which is the only reason why I would cheer for her). Anyways, the Chris wanabee thinks he is such hot stuff and abandons his team to praise Chris......don't care.

Dave is annoyed that Shawn brought soup to help in the challenge, and Leonard tells the team that he has made houses out of weird objects, which Sugar is impressed by because she thinks he is a wizard. Leonard sounds like there is something stuck in his throat. Anyways, Chris pushes Topher off a ledge, Sky pushes Dave out to get materials, to only get pummeled by tennis balls, being one of THE most useless members on his team, but complains about everyone else. I still like him. Sky easily shows off her athletic skills, and the Maskwaks come up with the idea to make a castle (under Leonard's idea, so it is OF COURSE going to fail).

Max tries to make a lair, to only get ran out, and Sugar and Dave are mad that Ella got glitter. Anyways, The Maskwaks made a tower, and the Kinosweaks makes a hut on a tree. Leonard touches it, which OF COURSE falls (but unfortunately did not fall on him), making the Kinosewaks first win, and the Maskwaks loose.

We are at the elimination ceremony, and Dave reveals in his confessional that he wants to vote for 4 people (I like him). Anyways, everyone but the black dudes Leonard and Beardo got a marshmellow, because Beardo annoyed everyone and made it seem like Sugar farted, and Leonard is in the bottom 2 for losing the challenge. Can't we eliminate both?

Apparently we cannot, and Beardo is put in the Cannon of Shame. He makes a pretend explosion sound, and when he is shot, Beardo is screaming for his life.

Anyways, while I am annoyed with half of the cast (not hard to see who), the challenge was entertaining, the interactions were great, it was kind of funny, and a great way to get your hopes up about the season...oh wait; half season.

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