The episode starts with Sky sleeping, and waking up to see Sugar eating a cabbage. She asks for Shawn and Jasmine , to only find out that they are on a romantic picnic. Sugar is eating a bunch of cabbages (for an excuse to fulfill the producers and writers need for fart and/or toilet humor in each episode) because she is having trouble farting. Sky and Sugar soon form an alliance, but the former needs it to be run by following the rules, but Sugar lies and says she will do it. On Jashawn's date, they are discussing about the game ending, and Jasmine says if they win, that they should split the million, but Shawn does not want to because........of something involving zombies (sigh).


Chris tells them about their challenge on Mount Mclean (didn't they do something like that in Grand Chef Auto?), and tells them that the island is 100% offline, because of Max and Scarlett (who he never wants to hear or see again). He tells them that they have to climb a mountain, and the first one to get a flag will win, and the last one up the mountain is eliminated. For some reason, Chris and Chef miss Leonard (I do not know why in the hell they would. Anyways, this is the second reference to Leonard since his elimination). Sugar is the last one, and is holding Sky back, so the latter has to carry Sugar, who laughs when Sky says the word "booby" for booby traps. How mature Sugar. Apparently, Sky will use the million to hire the best Olympic trainers, so she can kick a** in the Winter and Summer Olympics. The duo come across crocodiles, and climbs on a TV, for it to fall. Chris complains about them messing up a good quality $20 computer.


Jashawn are walking up, and he asks her about what she will do with the million, and she says that she would have her own cage fighting and flower shop, which Shawn rants in his confessional about that being one of the worst dreams ever -_-. How supportive of your girlfriend Shawn. How would their relationship work? She lives in Australia, and he lives in Canada, and long distance relationships are especially a longshot. They need to work that stuff out. I am still a shipper though. They need to hop across the greasy hoodoos before the crocodiles get them. Jasmine is not afraid of them because her cat Whiskers is tougher. I like the references the cast are making to one another's family in this episode. Because Shawn is slightly delusional, he sees the crocodiles as croco-zombies, so he freezes.........okay then.


Jasmine kisses Shawn to get him out of his trance, and he crosses one, to only fall, and be saved by Jasmine. Chris is laughing that he put grease on it. Now Shawn says that if he could split the million with her, he would. That is reassuring. A wooden log hits Jasmine, and causes her to start falling, to be saved by her boyfriend, and starts carrying her over his shoulder. Sugar and Sky makes it across the logs. I have to admit, Sky is a bit boring after Dave left, but her interactions with Sugar are saving her from being totally irrelevant. She realizes that working with Sugar is like living in hell, which I am not surprised of. Jasmine tells him to stop carrying her, and for them to get out their climbing gear to climb the mountain. Sky and Sugar decide to go through the cage to catch up to Jashawn, and as they enter the cage, Chris yells through the TV and wakes the bears up. So now there are real bears in Pahkitew Island? Sugar rambles on about her weird dream that I do not care about, but I will explain anyways. She wants to go to college for veterinary, and a minor in cosmo, and be an animal cosmetologist. Probably because she is an animal in makeup herself. Anyways, she farts in the bear cave, and it is a big fart that only Owen could do. Fantastic.


As they are climbing, Jasmine realizes that Shawn might not be okay about sharing the million, but she falls and is caught on a twig. He is about to save her, but she tells him to go after the win, and that she will meet him later. Shawn soon wins the challenge, and Jasmine falls to be where Sky and Sugar are. Sugar makes Sky fall, breaking their alliance, and so she can be eliminated, but Sky perfectly lands on a croco-robot, which takes her to the top. How convenient for Sky (rolls eyes). Sugar gets tired, and accidentally pushes a tree on Jasmine. She sees her struggling, but laughs evilly as she passes her and joins the other two. This means Jasmine is automatically eliminated from the competition.


They are at the elimination ceremony, as he gives 3 of them the marshmallow to the semifinals, and Shawn wins a dinner, and he asks if he can have a final dinner with Jasmine, only for Chris to say that he can't since Jasmine has a date with the Cannon of Shame. She wishes him luck in the competition before she is shot off. For some reason, Sugar puts on makeup on the crocodile, and she gives the nastiest, biggest, and the longest fart to ever surface the show, to only make everyone else pass out from her fuses. WOW.


Well, the challenge was decent, Shawn and Jasmine were good, Sky was eh, and Sugar is grating from being a flatulence gag all episode long. Jasmine's elimination made sense, the interactions were strong, and the obstacles were not too over the top. Not the best episode, but not the worst or the most stressful. The only really annoying thing about it was Sugar, but that is nothing new. Looks like the final 3 leak form last year was true after all, which I always thought was real.

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