The episode continues with the island being messed up from last episode, and it is malfunctioning, causing Chris to freak out, and for the TV to temporarily cut out. I do not know why in the hell he thought it was a good idea to put the season on a mechanical island. The final 6 are confused about the constantly changing weather, and the evil Max demands an explanation. Chris finally reveals that most of the island is fake and mechanical, and that there are some "minor" issues. When there is a danger sign pops up, Chris tells him that their challenge is to shut off the self-destruct button in the control room, and that they need to pair in pairs, since there are only 3 ways. Scarlett laughs evilly in the confessional about getting control of the island. Chris and Chef are ready to ditch them, as he hops on a helicopter, just in case the island blows up.




Jasmine and Shawn's first kiss!

Sky]] reveals in her confessional that she wishes Dave was with her, because he would calm her down, but she tells herself that she should not be fawning over Dave sacrificing himself for elimination, as she needs to get into the competition. Jashawn are maneuvering the obstacles in such a kicka** way, showing off their athletic abilities, which they both like about one another, but Jasmine thinks he needs to tone his zombie stuff down, and Shawn thinks Jasmine needs to have a bigger fear of zombies. Sugar tries to ally with Sky, since they are the only "normal" ones on the show, and Sugar insults her twice, saying that she is not a girly girl and that she does not care about her looks. Max and Scarlett are getting annoyed with one another, and he tells his "sidekick" to make herself productive, which angers her. Max finds an opening, and Scarlett hisses that Max is not as useless as he appeared either. Max's gimmick has gotten dry..................7-8 episodes ago. Maybe 9 episodes ago.

Jasmine and Shawn enter the underground control tunnel, and they both use their sweet movements to get through the lasers, and they get turned on to the point where they smooch, and a laser hits Shawn. This causes a bunch of robotic animals to come after them, and Chris to mutter that this is the shortest season ever, and that he is leaving them. Sugar and Sky enter the tunnel as well, and Chris tells them that there are a bunch of robotic animals out to get them. Sugar eats 3 eggs......with the shells.......way to tribute Owen Sugar (eye roll).

Chris just amazes me with how vile and sociopathic he gets with almost every single episode. Is there even a Chris McLean fan still out there? So the commercial ends, and Marlett enters the control room. The "mastermind" Max continues to get the code wrong, and gets shocked every single time, with Scarlett smirking in her confessional about the shock eventually dying out. She gets to the computer, and yells at how the island is HERS. She snaps at him, takes off her glasses, and lets out her muy sexy bun to reveal a crazy version of herself. She has been apparently waiting for her moment to strike, and disguised herself. She tells Chris that she wants the million dollars, and she will NOT stop the self-destruct if she does not get the million dollars. She sends a bunch of rocket trees to the blimp Chris is at, so he can see what she can do, and he is scared s**tless.

The other 5 competitors get together, and Scarlett tricks them into getting trapped in a room of mechanical Chris', which will kill them. Shawn gets bada**, and kicks the ever loving s**t out of the robots, as he pretends that they are zombies. Jasmine comes to the realization that his weird obsession with zombies is not a big deal, and she has a taste in odd men. Sky feels therapeutic from a bunch of Chris' being beat up, and I agree with her. Chris tells them everything abbot Scarlett being evil and wanting the million dollars, but he refuses, which Scarlett goes ahead with the island self-destructing, and Chris officially ditching them. Sky comes up with the idea to create a Robot Chris, and it tells her that he will give her the million dollars, and she believes it, though the Chris CLEARLY has red eyes, and sparks coming from him.

Sky wins the challenge by clicking ctrl+alt+delete, and the self-destruction is stopped, though the island is still fd up. Scarlett is automatically disqualified, and Chris throws a bunch of marshmallows at her, as she is more eliminated than Beardo (nice for them to reference him). Max wants her gone because he will then be the most evil person on the show, which causes Chris to disqualify him as well, since he is sick of evil people at the moment. Scarlett is begging to not be eliminated with him, and they are shot out, and the episode ends. She really should have been arrested for attempted murder on television. Really. I have to say, this episode is a good episode. All of the interactions were great, there were a lot of kick-butt moments, and there was a fast apace to it, though Max's elimination was very half a**ed. I am glad he is gone. I honestly do not know what the writers would do with these 2 characters now. Could you imagine the completely evil (not antagonistic; there is a difference) Scarlett in a future season? What will they do with Max? Who knows.