The episode starts with Sugar approaching a sleeping Sky with a log in an intimidating matter, which Sky thinks it is a dream when she wakes up. Sugar reveals in the confessional that she would never do that to Sky.....on camera. I am liking how this season acknowledges that there are cameras and stuff. Shawn wakes up on the tree, and is sad about Jasmine not being there. He explains in his confessional that he is mostly sad that she got eliminated. Why not wholly sad? So he will not have to share the million with her, so he could build his zombie house (extreme eye roll). Something is wrong with Shawn, but I cannot help but like him. This cast has the most delusional campers in it.


Chris tells them about their semi-final challenge, and Sugar asks Sky about her sleep, which she responds that it will fine, but Sugar's will be better when she goes home tonight (we can only hope), and Sugar pushes her in a bush, laughing at her being top nice. Sky realizes that she needs to be meaner as well, and Sugar says it is really feeling like a pageant. Chris tells them that they each create a challenge to do, and that the person who is first in the challenge gets 3 points, second place gets 2, and last place gets 1. Whoever has the lowest points will be eliminated. It feels like forever since there has been a genuine vote off. 


Sky's challenge (hurdles) is first, and Chris chose Sky as the first challenge by playing darts with the interns holding interns of the camper's faces. He stabs one of them, and whistles away. I hope someone throws a bunch of darts at him. Sky of course does well, Shawn gets his balls smushed into liquid, and Sugar thinks this is a hurdle collection contest. She even eats a bunch of honey on the way. Sky wins the first part of the challenge, Shawn second, and Sugar last; yes. Honey O Owen needs to go home.


Shawn's initial challenge was to look through the government files to prove that there is zombies (eye roll). Chris tells them that Shawn's second choose was to climb and travel from a bunch of trees to get to the finish line. At this point, I do not care who wins, but I do want Sugar gone. Shawn and Sky are of course doing well, and Owen's long lost sister/lover (take your pick) struggles to get up the tree. Shawn and Sky are cockily taunting to one another, which is weird, since they have never really interacted before this episode. As a monkey cuts Shawn’s' branch, a commercial starts.

Shawn has to restart the challenge, putting Sky in first and Sugar in second. As it looks like Sky is about to win, Sugar tips over the tree, and she is launched over to the finish line, becoming first in this challenge. Sky falls as she is about to make it to the finish line, but Shawn soon catches up and crosses, putting him in second, and Sky in last for the challenge. Combine the totals for the first 2 challenges, and each of them has 4 points. It is Sugar's chosen challenge, which is a talent contest. I am thinking initially "YAAAYYYY, it has been 7 years, since Not Quite Famous, and that was a good episode". This talent contest is............ you will find out.


Chris orchestrates his mechanical bear to hit the money, causing him to fire an intern, and says that Sky is going first, Shawn second, and Sugar last. Chef sings (I swear it has been FOREVER since he spoke). He introduces "Sheriff Sky", and I have to admit, she looks very attractive with that cowboy hat. She tells them that she is da baddest sheriff in town, and burps away all the criminals. She reals that her abs and diaphragm extremely tough. I would like to see her abs, but they postponed against bathing suits this season. Oh well. Shawn is impressed, and Sugar is laughing at her. She gets 24.5/30. Sugar and Sky exchange a few words before Shawn goes up. With his undershirt, he kind of does look like the drug dealers I see on the street. With his hat, and pants and all. For some reason, he performs a classic serenade by doing armpit sounds. I remember when I did that and thought it was the coolest thing when I was......12. It was decent, and he gets 27/30, putting Shawn as an official finalist.


It is Sugar's time to go up, and tells Sky to pack her bags. We are supposed to be worried since Sugar is "good at talent shows", and it "is her thing", but Sugar reveals that she was spending too much time playing with the fancy toilets. If she only got her head stuck in there, but that is too much wishful thinking on my part. She combines Country and Rap, calling it "Craptry", which defines Sugar perfectly. She does a hilariously bad song/rap, and is eliminated. She has her crown on, and she is crying her a** off about learning that her stereotype is a bold face lie, and she has no talent. Awwwwwwwww, girl bye.  As she is shot out of the canon, she yells "I'm coming wizaaaaaarrrrrrdddddd". I would say that I feel bad for Leonard, but they are both as equally as grating. I am loving the Beardo and Leonard references. They both had 2 references each since they were eliminated.


For a semi-final challenge, it is pretty good. We got a few snappy lines, and I like the idea of them creating the challenge. While Sky's was the most boring (no surprise), her rivalry with Sugar was a bit interesting. The burp/fart humor was a bit much, especially for the talent contest, and all 3 of them somewhat annoyed me, I am just glad to see Sugar cannoned. I do not care who wins this season, since I know both Canada and the US will have Shawn as the winner, because we are predictable.

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