So the pig and human hybrid known as Max pokes his sidekick Scarlett with a stick obnoxiously, telling her to "feed his face". His very inhumane face. She reveals in the confessional that Max is starting to annoy her. Dave sets up a romantic picnic for Sky, and sniffs a flower obnoxiously. Shawn tells him that Dave told him that Sky was hesitant about entering a relationship and is all about the competition, but Dave starts to think that an "I like you, but" is a good thing. Dave is really annoying in this state. Sugar knows that it is the merge soon, so she tries to split Dave and Sky apart by saying that he did not only flirt with Ella (which Sky is worried about), but all of the women, which worries Sky. We realize that Sugar is going to be the antagonist.

Shawn tells Ella about Dave setting a picnic for the one he likes, causing her to rush to Dave. She is all optimistic, and thinks that it is for her, go Dave tells her to go away. He does not feel any way when Ella is about to cry. I am starting to realize that Dave is pretty selfish; even when dealing with Sky. So Shawn is about to tell Sky about the picnic, but Chris tells them that the challenge is starting. Jasmine notices that the trees and mountains are moving around the island. Shawn tries to give flowers to Jasmine, but she smacks them and tells him to stay away from her. Topher goes on and on in his confessional about Chris being jealous of his looks (yeah right), and talent (what talent), and how he should be the host, demanding a host off. Everyone notices that Ella is overly sad, and Sky asks her what is wrong, and the triangle is finally ended when she tells her that she thought Dave likes her, but likes Sky. Dave shows up, and does not even react. Sugar laughs at Ella, as everyone (but Dave who was not there) glares at her. The challenge is about them getting a coin from a monkey, and putting it in a vending machine, which Sugar licks. And we have our new Owen.

Topher abandons the challenge for a bit and tells Jasmine that he will be back (at least he attempts to do the challenge, though later) and Max tells Jasmine that he is sick of her bossing them around. She grabs him up, and hangs him on a tree; yes. He falls off, and we are given the most disgusting scene ever; Max naked from the waist down. Scarlett tells him that he is not scary, and that he needs to embrace his true evil (which is a set up for her to eliminate him). Max has the nerve to say that Jasmine has an ugly face disease, when he looks like 5 animals and fairytale creatures mutated together. GTFOH with that bulls**t. OMG, I made it half a recap without cursing. 

Dave reveals to his team that he brought a banana from a picnic to use to trick the monkey (which I am sure Sky wants to gag and deepthroat on). Too bad Sugar eats the banana (the real one). Topher bumps into Chris, and steals his phone. Max and Scarlett abandon Jasmine so he can make a trap on the floor (the same one that Scott usually made in ROTI). Dave does on about the monkey needing to be cleaned. The monkey swallows the coin, as a bear swallows the monkey. We are taken to commercial.


Why did they have to give us this scene? Why?

Topher calls the executive producers of the show using Chris' phone (why would Topher think that he could call them, and have them not think it is Chris) shading Chris and asking if he is 60 or 65, and then is shocked when he is revealed to be younger, saying that those must have been some hard years. So the Kinosewaks are trying to get the coin from a bunch of monkeys, and they s**t on Max's face. LOLLLLLLLLL. I know it is of poor taste, but Max is poor taste. They probably crapped on him because he looks monstrous to them as well. Haha. Dave approaches the bear, thinking that it will make Sky want to go out with him (that is ALL he can think about in this episode) . So the bear wants some of Dave’s' banana, so it hugs it. Scarlett tells them that they have to do the "monkey see, monkey do" activity, and everyone but Max does well at it. Scarlett get's the monkey to throw the coin at them. Sugar somehow thinks she has beauty, brains, and grace, when she has none. Her and Sky wants Ella to sing, thinking that Chris won't know and eliminate her because he won't know. Chris has said MANY times that he watches the footage, and is in the production room a lot. Dummies. Ella sings nontheless, and gets the bear to follow them.

Max forgets where his trap is, which causes ALL of his team to get stuck in his trap. This ruins Scarlett's plan to get rid of him, but Max soon reveals that he sets up the trap, causing his team to hate him. All of the Kinosewaks want Max gone. They eventually escape, and the two teams are at Chris. Sugar performs the Heimlich Maneuver on the bear, to get it to vomit the monkey, and shoves her hand in the monkey's mouth (with her hand begging to push through it's a**hole). Everyone is horrified, and apparently Sugar reveals that she has had to take out a pidgeon (her dinner) out of her dog to eat it. Gross as hell. Jasmine and Sugar are close to putting the coin in the vending machine, but Sugar wins. I like the reference to the Happy Yum Yum candy from TDWT.

So everyone on the Kinosewak team votes out Max, and he yells about getting karma on Chris. He decides to save him from elimination and disqualifies Ella for singing. She is happy about her time in the season, and tells her "friend" Sugar to be happy, and Ella is happy to be allowed to sing. She sings about her fun on the island, and says goodbye to her teammates, and recaps her experience (including her heartbreak from Dave). Her birds put her in the cannon, and she sings as she is shot out. I really like how she left and the song. One of the best eliminations. I don't understand why Max and Ella could not be eliminated. We all know that there is a double elimination around the corner.

While the challenge is not the best, it is a big improvement from the past 3 episodes. EVERYONE had something to do and a story that is known to the audience, the challenge was simple but entertaining, and the interactions are getting better and better. We even have Shawn and Dave becoming friends. And I really like Ella's elimination song, and her knowing that she needs to suffer the consequences for doing something bad. We are almost halfway through the season, and things are getting better again. I also got to see the most hilarious scene of Max getting s**t on by a bunch of monkeys.

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