Here we are. The finale of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is among us. So Sky and Shawn are having trouble sleeping, because the former is nervous about the finale being the next day, and the latter is trying a failed way to sleep with his eyes open. So Chris wakes them up, and tells them that the challenge is going to be a deadly one. Do the producers really find this funny? Seriously? We know none of the contestants, but since we got Dakotazoid and Feral Zeke, you never know. Apparently he is going to shoo one of them out in the final has never put the eliminated finalist in the season's form of an elimination device. Anyways, he tells them that they get to choose 2 helpers, and Shawn says he would have anyone but Leonard, because he is not smart or strong. #Shade.


They have to click a button to choose his helper, and he chooses Jasmine. Sky goes, and her first try goes to Dave, which she groans at because things ended badly, and Chris just so happens to recap the Skave events of Episode 9. She goes again, and gets Dave. Chris totally rigged it, so their romantic interests can show up, and to stir up drama. Jashawn are happy to see one another, and Chris tells Dave of not wanting her as a finalist, and things are strained between the two. Sky goes in the confessional, worried, and says that she needs Dave to be in the best shape possible, so she kisses him, which he is excited about. These two have some serious issues, and Sky is an opportunist. She says that she likes him, but needed to focus on the game. What does Chris have in store for these couples?


He tells them the challenge, which is to survive sledding down a snow covered mountain, then go through mud, and have to run in an area where "no harm will be done". They have to wear helmets because Chris cares so much. Gee Chris. Shawn hops on Jasmine, as she goes on a sled, and Dave says they should do the same. Jasmine gets pelted by a bunch of snow, and Skave gets stuck in a huge snowball. Sky lashes out at him, and he feels bad. She tries to tell him about how she feels bad about everything that happened, but that ends up not happening. She taints a cat, and it sends a bolt on them and for some reason, Dave is bald. Is that really necessary? His hair will grow back in 3-6 months.


We come back from the commercial, and the 2 duos move on to the next part of the challenge, and one person has to sit on another's shoulders to make it through the mud pit. So The men are sitting on the girls, and Jasmine accidentally goes the wrong way. Jasmine is happy that they can get to share the money, which Shawn reveals in the confessional that he does not like it. He also goes onto say that she is now the worst partner choice ever, and he goes on to b**ch about her stupid idea to sue the money on. He tries to tell her that Chris made a rule about them not being allowed to share the money. I call bull**it on that one Shawn, cause I am SURE that would have been in the contract ALL 14 of them had to sign. Chris tells them that he never put that as a rule. So Dave and Shawn end up in a slap fight before the mechanical bear goes in, and causes all 4 of them to fall out of the mud pit. Shawn reveals in his confessional that he should split the money with her.


File:Sky Rank Lulu.pngThey all sit on the logs and Chris decides to stir the pot, as he shows Jasmine the confessional clips of him ranting about not sharing the money with her, and bashing her dreams in this episode, and Sky Fall, which causes her to get mad at him. Sky tells him that this is why you cannot say shady s**t in the confessionals, because you are giving Chris ammo. Because Sky feels like she did nothing wrong, she is shocked when Chris shows a part of her audition tape, where she says "but if I do get on the show, I'll miss my boyfriend Keith" which makes Dave freeze for a moment, before lashing out at her. She says in her confessional that she had to say that she would miss her boyfriend in the audition, since he was in the room, and that she was going to dump him, but ran out of time. BIG MISTAKE. You are on a teen reality show, which has been on for 5 (and not 4.5) seasons, know you made it, and NOT dump your boyfriend? If your are unhappy in a relationship, you should have dumped him ASAP, and not put it off, especially if you are unhappy, and you are going on a show that thrives off of romance. And you SHOULD HAVE told Dave WAY before you tried to tell him. And you were flirting and ATTEMPTING to kiss him on camera, where your BOYFRIEND would be watching.


And let me get onto Dave's bi**ha** right now. YOU were the one who always liked to rant about all of the other teammates like you know everything, above them, and are entitled. Even when Sky was telling him about her dream to become an Olympian, and wanting to be like her older sister, he BARELY listened, and only started listening, so he can BASH HER in the confessional and in her face. His issue is that he DOES NOT LISTEN TO SKY because he feels like he is ENTITLED. I still have some like for Dave, but he should have given her the chance to speak, and he needed to genuinely listen. And let's go to Episode 7-9, where you were OBSESSED with her, and was ready to give up hope on life because of her She was literally ALL you talked about, and you obsessed hover her like an object. He was overly possessive and gleeful, not giving her a chance to talk. Overall, they both have bad communication with one another. Dave and Jasmine are overly mad at their crushes, and Dave yells at her, and Jasmine cries when the finalists tries to make up things. But of course, Dave REFUSES to listen, though in this situation, I do not entirely blame him.


Jasmine and Dave have to sit back, and are given a remote to throw obstacles at them, and if they do not cross the finish line in 10 minutes, then Jasmine and Dave will split the million. Dave and Jasmine team up, and he suddenly wants to get a million to burn it in Sky's face, since he never had plans with the millions. Then WHY THE F**K did you sign up for the show then? So he is now enjoying this, and the finalists suffer from an avalanche. Jasmine continues to show worry for Shawn, and they could not complete the challenge in time, but barely make it when Sky causes an avalanche to fall on them. Shawn lifts up his hand, holding a flower, revealing that he won. Jasmine rushes to Shawn, and he wants to split the money, and she is worried for them. They kiss and make up.


Shawn wins
So the finalists, Chris, and Sky are on the blimp they arrived to Pahkitew Island (and I am assumed the other eliminates are in there, because that is how Dave and Jasmine came into the episode), and Chris reveals that they forgot something. We see Dave STILL at the island, and a bear is about to attack him. WTF? How in the hell could Chris forget Dave. He was LITERALLY RIGHT BESIDE DAVE after Jasmine rushed off to Shawn. There is a filming crew that would be filming Dave. This literally is a BAD and STUPID way to end the season. This is not even humorous, but ridiculous with how mind boggligny illogical this really is. Anyways, I and we all know that Dave survives. Overall, this episode is very unsatisfying. The entire cast did not show up (and I do think that adds something to the finales), the challenge was eh, and the ending just ruined any sense of joy you got with the episode. This is the second worst finale ever. I will make an overall season review tomorrow or the day after.