The episode again starts with Jasmine going to get food for her team. Samey wants to join her, but Jasmine tells "Amy" that she is shocked that she would do that, because Amy never wanted to. So Samey (who is now disguised as Amy for a half a***d plot) goes with Jasmine and decides to put a berry on her cheek, so she could look like Amy (if Amy was eliminated with the mole on her face, and Samey stayed with NO ONE noticing that she had a mole, there was no reason for her to disguise herself. Anything for a halfa***d plot point). Jasmine asks Shawn (who is picking berries with Dave) if they can all pick together, and Shawn drags Dave away, because he is scared to love her because apparently it makes it easier to turn into a zombie. Wtf? I like Shawn, but he is seriously delusional.

So as the Kinosewaks are on their way to breakfast, Rodney falls in love with Scarlett because she tells him not to step on poo, and falls in love with "Amy" again, because she offered him berries. Rodney's gimmick is getting overly grating. He bashes Samey, as Amy is apparently a berry picker, which causes Scarlett and Max to join in, angering Samey.

They all reach the challenge, and Sugar gets mad at Ella because she offers her a seat at the end, which angers her because it is pageant code for "getting less camera time", so she pushes Ella off the tree log they sit on. Ella is trying to make amends with Sugar, who hates her because her niceness is apparently a b***hy pageant code to hurt her. Chris stirs the pot by saying Ella is trying to sabotage Sugar. Topher opens his mouth to compliment Chris after he explains the challenge, which is a Truth or Scare (really a dare) challenge. Shut the f**k up Topher, no one gives a f**k what your "pretty boy" face has to say.

"Amy" has to tell the truth about who she hates the most (oh, I forgot. In the intro, Chris knows it is Samey disguising herself as Amy), and she says she hates Amy, which confuses everyone, since she hates herself in their eyes. They have a former cop chicken that tells when someone is telling the truth. Jasmine tries to help her by saying that it is not her fault her sister was a c**t, and the entire team bashes Samey.

Rodney has to tell a truth, as to who he is attracted to most. He says Sugar because he does not want to hurt his 3 "lovers" heart. His team gets shocked because he lied. Ella tries to cheer Sugar up about him maybe thinking that she is the second prettiest, which causes Sugar to lose it and smacks her arm. It gets worse. Sky has to drink a tub of mineral water, and as she is struggling with it, Shawn shakes the bottle and forces her to drink all of it, causing her to get gas in her system, and we go into the commercial.

Topher is complaining about Sky ’s burp not being entertaining enough for Chris’ show. Anyways, Max’s truth is to reveal what his fear is, and he says nothing (since he is EVIL), causing the chicken to shock his entire team. Dave has to do a dare to kiss the person next to him. Shawn runs off, and him and Sky are nervous, and a bit relieved to be kissing one another. They are really close to kissing, but Sky burps in his face. Gross. Apparently she reveals that she burps when she is crushing on a boy. Okay……. Since they never touched lips, their team gets shocked. Shawn has to pick a booger and wipe it on someone next to him (Dave), and Shawn squirts his boogers on a running Dave, which causes his team to get shocked, for not picking and wiping his booger, and not getting boogers on the other team.

It is Ella’s turn, and she is asked what she would change about herself, and she said that she would change whatever is causing Sugar to not like her, and she says she firmly believes they are meant to be good friends, and the words “firmly relieves” causes Sugar to almost fight her, and is held back by the guys on her team. She is too damn much, and gross as f***. Anyways, we get a montage of Sugar, Scarlett, Sky, Jasmine to complete dares, and as Rodney continues to get truths, he refuses to answer the question. Take note that literally EVERYONE but Topher has to perform a dare. This is the third challenge out of 4 where he does virtually nothing. No one can tell me that he is not sucking and f***ing Chris, Chef, and the entire production crew, so he won’t have to do anything, but continue to make it far in the game. Rodney and Ella are up for the final round, and they have to shock the other team. Rodney taunts the chicken, which causes it to press Ella’s button (as she refuses to use it), causing the Kinosewaks to lose again. Sugar yells at Rodney to shock Ella. Holy f**k, she is ridiculous, and not in a good way. That fat**s trashbag has some serious issues.

So Sky and Dave are blushing about their almost kiss, and we are soon taken to the elimination ceremony, where Rodney and Scarlett are in the bottom 2, and even Chris could not say why Scarlett is in the bottom 2. He stutters as he tries to come up for a reason, and gives her a marshmallow. Rodney is trying to confess his love for Jasmine, Scarlett, and “Amy”, but he stutters and mumbles his words, before he gets shot out of the cannon. FINALLY, HE IS GONE.

Anyways, this episode is entertaining, but kind of mediocre. I like the challenge, but Rodney’s gimmick was shoved in our faces, Topher did nothing (as usual), the switcheroo plot that makes half sense at times, and there was only focus on Sky/Dave, and Sugar/Ella.

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