So this episode starts off with the bad kick***es Shawn and Jasmine sleeping on a tree, and she jumps out and over to her team's hut. She wakes up Amy, who is annoyed. Jasmine tells her that she is going to go get food, and Amy pushes out Samey to go with her (as long as Amy gets less camera time, I am good). I just realized that they skipped over the main credits. Anyways, Amy goes in the confessional to complain about 17 minutes for Samey to come out of her mother after Amy, and she says that she would have left after she was born (and I have been waiting for over 17 minutes for you to get eliminated, but I was disappointed).

Sugar is impressed about Leonard's lame a** wizard stories, as she compliments him for being smart. Ella sings, and Sugar tells her to shut the hell up, and she thinks Ella is putting on a nice girl performance, and that she wil take her down in the pageant. Dave is complaining about something, before Sky cuts him off saying that they need to find a legitimate shelter, where the former complains about their sleeping area being unclean. We soon learn that Sky is attracted to teamwork.

Jasmine,Shawn and Samey

When Jasmine and Samey are searching for food, Jasmine tells her that she needs to stand up for herself and to beat Amy's a** to the ground. She saves Samey from eating an itchy apple. Shawn approaches them and tells Samey that she needs to know her area before searching for food, and Jasmine is attracted to Shawn's adventurousness. She sends Samey off because she will be useless, and because she wants some of the Zombie fighter. Jasmine reveals in the confessional that Shawn is cute and funny. Everyone is heading to the challenge, as they go on and on about the food, and Max speaks to Scarlett about something evil. I like how they are focusing more on the interactions, which was probably the main issue with Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Chris tells them the challenge, which is to carry a pig through a greasy obstacle course, and while Topher does some a**kissing to Chris, the neat freak Dave starts to get creeped out. Chris tells the Kinosewaks that because there are 6 obstacles and 7 of them, so 2 of the team are going to have to go through an obstacle together. Rodney rants on and on about how him and Jasmine should pair up, but Amy punches him (thank the lord) and says she and Samey are pairing up (because Amy is lazy and talentless, and needs her sister to do everything). This causes Rodney to now fall in love with Amy (extreme roll eye) and wants to dump Jasmine. Get rid of him soon Kinosewaks. Samey thinks that it is a turning point that they will reconcile. Shawn wants Sugar to finish off the challenge, but Sugar is so in like with Leonard, the wizard, that she wants him to finish.

Rodney and Sky are up, and while Rodney struggles with the pig, Sky uses her skills to get the pig to beat Rodney's by jumping on it (of course). Max makes a machine which will cause the pig to go evil and cheat, and Scarlett is less than enthused on it. Shawn and Topher are next for their team, and while Shawn gets his pig across the rope first, he falls in the lake. Topher shows off as he crosses the rope and the camera focuses on him. He tries to close off to commetcial, which annoys Chris. It is 2 episodes in, and Topher literally interacts with no one and only speaks to Chris. I am hoping that is not ALL he does, or he might as well be fodder.

So we come from commercial break to see Sugar is in her element, as she is obsessing and loving her pig, as her grandmother says you have to love the pig before you "take it to the town". Sugar makes it first because Amy is too busy insulting Samey, calling herself the "beauty and brains" while Samey is the "doer and the stuff that stinks". One thing that you DO have right Amy is that Samey is the doer, but when it comes to everything else, the roles are switched. Sugar is supposed to give Ella the pig, but she does not want to because she loves the pig, and does not like Ella, while she sings the pig to come to her, which angers Sugar. Ella and the pig are singing and dancing across the pig tracks. The twins get out, and Samey tells Amy that they are covered because she scared the pig, but she of course cowers to Amy when she slaps her.

Dave Challenge
Chris does not mind the Samey cruelty, and tells Ella to shut the hell up because there is NO requirements to sing in this season. Scarlett uses bait to gets the pig across the tire tracks; smart girl. Dave and Max gets their pigs, as they are to wheel it across the grease track. Max puts the machine on the pig, which causes it to throw grease at Dave (who is screaming and b****ing about being dirty) and he gives it to Leonard before Max gets his pig to Jasmine (as his machine broke). Dave has a panic attack as he needs sanitizer, and Sky calms him down. From both of their confessionals, it is revealed that Dave has a crush on Sky, which she is aware of, but she is focused on the game, and NOT boys; she is SO Zoey people -_-. Leonard is initially in the lead, but he stalls as he wants to use "magic" to get the pig to the finish line, which angers Dave. Sugar believes in him and Leonard thinks that the magic is not working cause Dave does not believe. I have to give Cle Bennet a good job for his voice acting because it is SO different from his DJ or Chef voice, and he does annoying really well. Anyways, Jamsine wins the challenge for the Kinosewaks, and the Maskwaks are in elimination again. Rodney in his delusional ways thinks that he "broke up" with her, and Jasmine reveals that she does not understand a f***ing word Rodney ever said to her (she is lucky).
Most of the team votes for the obvious choice but Leonard and Sugar, who voted for Ella. Ella and Leonard are in the bottom 2, and the former is given the final marshmallow, eliminating Leonard. I should feel bad that all of the black people are gone, but I do not because Beardo and Leonard specifically irritated me as individual characters and by their personalities, and we had an all-black finale In ROTI. I love me my blacks. Sugar is saddened that her wizard is gone, and Leonard is screaming and ranting as he is put in the cannon, and Sugar tells that she loves him.

This is a VERY good episode. You got the base of some important interactions that will build up in the season, all of the characters had to do something in the episode, and we had a great challenge. This season is getting better and better. This episode is much better than the first episode. This review is so much longer than the last one, which shows how impressed I was in this episode. I am looking forward to episode 3.

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