So the episode starts off with Chris wakes everyone up in the middle of the night, and Scarlett is explaining that she needs her REM sleep. Chris announces the merge, and apparently they are having a "midnight merger meal", whatever. Sky sounds really weird when she is mad. Even Zoey has more emotion when she is mad. Their meal is Juggy Juggs, which makes Sugar cheers because she loves their gross food; of course she was. I have to admit, Sugar is a bit funny in this episode. I swear those brown things looks like boogers; gross. Chris throws a dig about no one being low enough to have a spinoff show of the trash known as Sugar, and I agree. No one SHOULD, but sadly, there is. 


Shawn encourages Jasmine that she could eat it, and she yells at him about not needing his encouragement. Dave for some reason thinks that being an arrogant, cocky winner thinks he is going to win Sky back. Scarlett is struggling with her food, and admits she does not like gross food. Sugar is the first one to finish, and wins immunity, and she sings an ad song, which I have to admit is funny. Dave and Sky both finish for no reason, and Dave rubs it in her face, and Sky snaps at him for not being her boyfriend, and will NEVER be her boyfriend or beat her in the competition. I am glad that she finally snapped at him, because his behaviour towards her for the past......3-4 episodes has been extremely creepy. Dave starts to cry, and Chris rubs it in, with Sky telling him to stop making Dave feel worse. Everyone else just watches awkwardly. Shut the hell up Dave. I am apparently supposed to feel sorry for you, but I do not.

So for their next challenge, they are playing their hide and seek and Sugar has to catch them, but she is too busy eating Juggy Jugs. Dave wants to hide with Sky, but she tells him to beat it and says no. Dave says that he knows she likes him, and that he WILL NOT give up on her. The way he says that, and the undertones that could be implied with this, is overly creepy. Shawn finds a spot for him and Jasmine to hide but she refuses, since apparently she "knows his game" to throw her under the bus. Dave follows Sky anyways, and she tells him to find another spot. She comes out, and they smile at one another, for him to beg her to be his girlfriend, for her to say No, just no. She walks off, and he says that he does not need her because she is a lone wolf, and howls a bunch of times, and sits like a dog, and the wolfs apparently howls with this. I wish I could say that this is out of character for him, but it is not. He makes Trent in TDA seem a lot less clingy and normal. Who HONESTLY acts like this? This man is a creep, and has some serious issues. He is really bringing the episode down. He throws his shoe reason at all. 

The commercial ends and Max and Scarlett finally gets focus in this episode, and he is repeatedly saying that he has the tummy wonkys, and Scarlett tells him to shut up. She is only staying him because she could use him to give him up and to run off if Sugar catches them. Sugar finds Dave's shoe, and throws it to him to the point that  he falls off the tree. Dave really sucks at challenge, and is not a good or strong competitor; at all. Chris realizes that the kids have food poisoning. Scarlett yells at him, and he does not like her tone. Max demands he sits down, and a part of the fake tree comes off and shows a bunch of wires, which Scarlett finds. I do not like the way she looks when she looks at those wires. Some major foreshadowing, since she was very focused on them in Episode 7 as well. Now it is apparently important for her to control the island. Wow, major foreshadowing.

Sugar catches Sky as well, and all three of them are feeling like crap, and the animation makes them green or grey. Scarlett drags Max away, and Chris is saying that they should accidentally poison the children at every challenge, with Chef groaning. How sick Chris. He is not even humane anymore, but he has been like that 4 seasons ago, but that is a disgusting statement. Sugar catches Max and Scarlett, and they soon approach Shawn, which makes him think he is a zombie. So Shawn can get his zombie gag over with, he saves Jasmine, who falls over a rock. He fails to lift her up, but they climb up a tree. I really like this moment with them. All of the other contestants are climbing the tree as well, and Shawn finally lifts up Jasmine, to only "sacrifice himself" to ick the rest of them off the tree. Jasmine wins immunity as well, and throws up on everyone.

Since Sugar and Jasmine won immunity, they are safe. Sky and Dave are in the bottom 2, and the former is surprised about being in the bottom 2. Apparently Dave convinced everyone to vote him off, because he cannot live on the island and do anything else on the island if she cannot be with him; pathetic. So Sky would have went home if Dave did not convince everyone to vote him off, and he quickly heads to the cannon. Dave yells that if she wants to catch up with him out of the show, only to find out that she is not there. He tells Chris to shoot the cannon, only for Sky to show up to say something to him as soon as he got cannoned. Oh, and Jasmine kisses Shawn on the cheek. Now the island is going crazy. Why would Chris think that buying a fake island or creating a fake island would be a good idea; like AT ALL? Common sense, but apparently he lost that. 

This episode was decent. Dave was constantly annoying and grating to watch, but everyone else was fine. Scarlett and Max were great, Sky was great, Jashawn was great, and even Sugar was great. The challenge (at least the second part), is very good, and the episode was a lot funnier than the past episodes. This is an episode that I will definitely remember. You can tell that they are building something up for all of them to do, and that is a great thing. It actually amazes me how Dave made it to the merge, when he was always a crappy player. OMG, this is the first review that I did not curse; like at all.