So a monster swims to Pahkitew Island, and Shawn gets scared of the monster because he thinks it is a zombie. He does not want to be with Jasmine though because while he thinks she is the total package, it means he has to look after her in a zombie attack -_-. I am over Shawn's zombie thing.

So Sky tells Dave that she wants to be an olympian and that her sister almost made it on the Olympics team for gymnastics. Dave is barely listening to her, and accidentally insults her and her sister's dream to be a gymnastian since he thinks it is a half sport. He says that he says stupid stuff when he likes someone, and while she wants him too, it does not make sense to have a showmance.  Ella tells Sugar that she cannot sing, so she writes a poem to make it up to her, but Sugar says "Roses are red, manure is brown, GET OUT OF MY FACE". My rendition is "Roses are red, manure is brown, Sugar can shove her fat*** up a cow's a**hole". Topher reacts to Chris' botox, and the host reveals the challenge to them; to bring a dueling stick, and they have to bring back 6 sticks to their team to win the challenge, and they have to hit their opponent in the water. Samey shows concern, and we are forced to suffer from her pretending to be Amy. Everyone realizes Shawn is gone (if he is going to ramble on about zombies, then me might as well STAY away), and Chris says that Shawn will be gone if he does not partake in the challenge, and Jasmine is overly worried to him.

Sugar shoves Ella in the water, as for some reason, she wants to see Sugar in a bathing suit. Max  rambles on with creating an evil plan to Scarlett. Don't care Max. Topher and Dave are up, and he goes on about how he has looks and talent, and they both do not hit one another, which bores Chris. Sugar and "Amy" are up, and they pretend to hit someone they hit; Amy and Ella. Sugar is smacked in the water (thanks Bear) and Samey gives them a point. Scarlett helps and orchestrates a plan for Max, to shock his opponent. He grabs a medal, and Scarlett throws an eel to him, which he uses to hit and shock Ella into the water, which Sugar cheers at. I would cheer if Sugar was shocked.

So we come back from the commercial, and Dave pulls Ella out of the water, and puts her show on, refrencing the moment in Cinderella, and now we have another love triangle. Great. Sky is mad at Scarlett for cheating, and she charges at Scarlett, who says in her own words "She swung too hard, and fell down", giving Scarlett the point. It is Dave vs Jasmine, and while Chris is expecting her to beat Dave's a** down, she cannot help but worry about Shawn, which leads Dave to hit her and to fall in the water (at leas Dave is actually doing stuff in challenges). So Shawn disguised himself as a zombie, and Chef finds his delusional self, and drags him over to the challenge. Team Maskwak catches up, thanks to Sky, who is happy that she is winning fair. Ella tells her "prince" as she touches his arm that she will get a point for him, which makes Sky jealous. She is up against Max (who gets thrown in the water), and she sings to avoid getting hit, which causes Chris to yell at the bear to eat her. The bear comes at Chris, which Topher wants because he reveals that he wants to host Total Drama (and if that EVER happened, I am sure that the show will be cancelled within an episode).

Shawn returns, and everyone thinks he smells and is loony (which he is). Chris threatens to eliminate Shawn if he does not partake and win the challenge, and because he thinks Jasmine is a zombie, he hits her overly hard, while yelling "ZOMBIE". He ain't getting no amazon aussie loving tonight. Anyways, Samey and Sugar are against one another again, and Amy reappears (and my blood pressure rises by times 10). So Scarlett reveals that she knew that she disguised herself as Amy (at least one person is smart), and everyone else but Chris and Jasmine are confused (with Sky STILL not over Ella touching Dave). So Amy is fighting her sister for almost killing her, which causes Sugar to win the challenge (and this insufferable plot point can finish). Max thanks Scarlett for helping him win the challenge, though she contributed "a little bit".

Samey still pretends to be Amy, as she wants Amy gone, and Amy is expecting to be let to return and for Samey to go. Samey and Jasmine are in the bottom 2, since they both blew the challenge, and Jasmine is expecting to go, but he tells her that Samey is gone. While I like her, she needed to go, so this "switcheroo plot" could end. Both of them are shot away. This episode is not the best or worst episode. The jokes were not funny, and a lot fo them were dry, but the challenge was interesting enough.

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